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Found 22 results

  1. Sikhs in the puratan times had many kids but now majority stick to max 2 children. Ideally, how many kids should Sikhs be having to increase our population?
  2. Saw a relative who had a young kid recently, he had one of these for his son. I notice the company seems to have female version in their plans too? https://www.khalsatoystore.com/shop/view/3
  3. Guest

    Marriage problem

    Hi, I was just starting this topic for advice. I was in a marriage where my wife and I were really close and did everything together. We have split up now and has completely changed. She has lied about a lot of domestic abuse that didn’t happen and also lied that I used to hit the kids. She’s turned really manipulative towards the courts. This has resulted in a lengthy court application and now I haven’t seen my kids in nearly 3 years and might be the case I won’t see them again. I’ve prayed so many times for peace. I just don’t understand how she keeps getting away with lies. Is th
  4. Hi I’m trying to compile a list of old school Punjabi names similar to Ajmer, Zorawar, Jarnail, Bani, Bhago, etc no -deep, -preet, -jeet, -leen, -winder -minder -pals please If anyone has any beautiful Sikh/Punjabi names they like feel free to share
  5. Some important points made by a counsellor about parenting in the modern age and how to deal better with the insidious destruction of childhood by porn . Put lajja to one side and educate your kids before the kids get taught by school and porn.
  6. Answer, with the following prompt ... - can there be a gay anand karaaj in a gurdwara? is it only to have children, and overpopulation is happening so whats the point? is divorce allowed? polygamous marriages?
  7. Greetings, I am new to Sikhism (about 4 months) of reading and practicing as best I can. One of the aspects I like a lot is the encouragement of family life. Up until this point, I had been a practicing Buddhist for the past ~11 years. Having recently had a child and starting a young family, the strong teaching of renunciation of family life is one of the things that made me turn away from Buddhism. For me, religion/philosophy/way of life, is about support to keep being a positive and good person no matter how challenging life can become. I think that having a family is difficult and Sik
  8. Guest

    Kids I Hide I Kaam

    WJKK WJKF Sadh sangat ji. My quaestion is how you deal kaam or sex thoughts with your children. today scenario is completely change. Today kids and children talk about sex with each other. like for example : - talk about sex etc etc because now days its very difficult to control over there because of facebook, whatsapp and youtube. but my quastion is how you people or parent teach your child according to gursikh amritdhari and khalsa need your help. regards, Gur sangat kini khalsa
  9. Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa, Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh. I was just wondering (after spending some going through the pages of some Sikh Organisations/personalities on facebook and instagram) that what exactly does it take for a person to become a Sikh Parcharik. In the modern day, we have, sadly, limited young parchariks who are truly dedicated to Sikhi (in and out) and can set as role model to the panth themselves, especially the younger generations outside India. Anyway, I found many who do regular kirtan are not following rehat (not hating, no worries) even though they sing bani beauti
  10. New Free online course announced by Sikhri on Sikhia from Barah Maha: http://www.sikhri.org/barah_maha_sikhia introduction video by Jasmin Kaur: http://fast.wistia.net/embed/iframe/kwq56b39e4?autoPlay=true&controlsVisibleOnLoad=true&playButton=false&playerColor=F36F36&popover=true&version=v1&videoHeight=360&videoWidth=640
  11. Guest


    A quick question. Having recently gone through divorce and seeing that lots of people are getting divorced these days, is there still a stigma attached to divorce? Also is it worse for men or woman. For all going through this unpleasant life event, have hope and remember that no good marriage ever ended in divorce. There is always something better just around the corner, it takes time to heal but time really is the key. Me personally have chosen to remain single and avoid relations with woman is a new phenomenon called MGTOW men going there own way. Men historically have always gone their ow
  12. I have been married to my life for almost ten years now and cant seem to escape the pressures of her family. I have now moved back home 200 miles away from where she is originally from. She has two brothers both younger by a few years, however, one past marriage age Her mother is always calling and texting which i have no issues with or coming to visit, however, I experienced a lot of interfering when we had our first child and disagreed with a lot of what she was feeding into my wife. My wife always seems to take her side, yet I say nothing. Just recently we have had a second child. My
  13. A while ago I was criticizing the notion that the elderly ought be thought of as wise because of their decrepitude. I've been considering the other age demographics and I think the notions surrounding children are just as rife with misrepresentations and fantasies as those hovering around their grandparents. I'll admit to some apprehension here, knowing that a lot of people here are probably parents, and how defensive parents can be where their offspring are concerned. I've noticed that a lot of parents are totally delusional about the extent of their childrens' intelligence or ability. A l
  14. Hi there, I am a freelance journalist looking into the issue of CSE in Slough. I am seeking anyone who has experienced this or knows of someone who has experienced this, and who wants to get their story out to help other victims at risk or in the same situation. It can of course be anonymous. Also, if you live in Slough or know more about the issue, please do get in touch. Thanks, T
  15. Waheguru ji Ka Khalsa, Waheguru ji Ki Fateh Piare Sangat ji A simple request for help finding resources, I would like to study and also teach Patti Likhi as a first Sikhia to my daughter and Sons when they start studying Gurmukhi again this time. I have found a site with translations etc. but I would love to know if there is Katha recorded online and perhaps Kirtan rendition to help absorption into Mann. Please Help and also give guidance how best to proceed introducing banis to them . Thank you Gyani Sant Singh Ji Maskeen. PAANDHA JI ne GURU NANAK nu patti ute likh k ditta "URRA" ate ke
  16. In the memory of the supreme sacrifice of the Sahibzadas a special Children’s programme will be held here at The Sikh Missionary Society’s Premises on - Date: 28th December 2014 Time: 12.00 (noon) - 3.00 PM Location: Sikh Missionary Society U.K. 10, Featherstone Road, Southall UB2 5AA United Kingdom Featuring Kirtan, Gurbani competition, poems and lectures. Prizes will be given to all participants. Langer consisting of Chips, Beans, Pasta and Fruit dishes will be served at the end. http://www.sikhmissionarysociety.org @sikh_missionary
  17. Guest

    I Don't Want To Have Kids

    Okay. I have been thinking about this for a while. I am at an age where my friends are getting married and I am thinking about my future in terms of married life. A little while to go and my parents will start pushing it! But for some time, I've been consciously thinking about how much I do not want to have children. What does Sikhism say regarding this? I know Guru Nanak Dev Ji said we should live among the world and part of that includes having kids and teaching them about Gurmat. What if I take the time out to teach other children Gurmat, at the Gurdwara perhaps? I am still teaching kids,
  18. Tomorrow GTA 5 will be released - its an 18 rated game but i am still shocked at how many parents let their under-age kids play games like this and games like Call of Duty. the ESRB has stated the reasons for its Mature content classification as Now i'm not against games, i am an avid gamer and have pretty much played every major game to be released within the past 15 years, but i find that these games are really unsuitable for young children. When i was younger my parents didn't know anything about games, they just thought it was donkey kong and line tennis. So when games got really real
  19. sat sri akal sangat ji i was wondering if anyone remembers something funny from their childhood. i remember when i was a kid i used to think that everything is a dream and whatever is happening is in my head and one day i will wake up and there will be no more school and anything... does anyone remember anything of the same sort because i am trying to figure out if children think alike or any other funny incident will do...just for some fun
  20. http://www.littlesikhs.com/
  21. Gurfateh Sadh Sangat Ji! Are there any schools near Great Barr in Birmingham which have a large popularity of Sikhs? like west bromich, smethwick? Any Secondary schools near Great barr? Gurfateh ji!
  22. I just wanted to know about the local kirtan classes around the southall area, basic information like when are they on, how many in a class. Also if anyone has been to these classes, what are they like and do you learn. Because I've attended one before and didn't really learn much. Thanks for any replies in advance.
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