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Found 12 results

  1. This is really interesting. Gives another take on western feminism. You know sometimes I think apneean are well behind the curve on this. I talked to one (very well educated and successful) British-African women about this a while ago and she was telling me about how she doesn't support 'feminism' because she thought it was a white women thing, and how it totally ignored racism by white men against other non-goray males - in effect negating the experiences that her brothers, nephews or sons might have. So she was talking about 'womenism' which was distinct from feminism in that it recognised t
  2. Isn't this hypocrisy ? no wonder today's punjabi and sikh females are so spoiled . Feminists spoil everything
  3. this bulsh1t is only gnna spread more in the future. Media is ran by gays, PCs, and feminists save your boys from this brainwashing
  4. Some Christian mother is left furious after her son had to take part in some "gay pride parade" event held at their primary school. Would you let your child take part in a gay pride event at his primary school? I would NEVER let my kids take part in anything like that. These schools are now telling our kids what lifestyles are acceptable and what are not. Kids no longer are able to decide for themselves what they agree with and what they don't. There is no such thing as debate. They are being fed with all that feminists, leftists liberal crap which is being forced down our kids. What if
  5. What are the views on it? Is it right? Or is the wage gap not real?
  6. Guest

    Five River Flow

    This girl wrote a article about men and the Khalistan stuff. Shes saying that women have no chance and shes just slagging off everything. Ive added the link to her words http://www.sikh24.com/2018/06/29/op-ed-misogyny-in-the-khalistan-movement-view-of-a-kaur/#.WzZN2BJKjGI
  7. WJKK WJKF, below is an account on Instagram I found, that belongs to a "caur". *edited* It is not the art that bothers me but the artist herself. tbh: what is happening?
  8. Hello, I am a Sikh, or at least i think i am. I followed Guru Nanak all the way. I followed the 10 teachers who never taught hatred, but when the last teacher trusted us to carry on our own, i found hatred as my companion in all the upcoming years. I cannot bear someone arguing with me. I cannot be a SIKH who learns, teaches, inner peace. I am tinier than the tinniest particle when compared to the vast universe around me. My gurus showed me the scope of things but i chose to be arrogant and full of ego ignoring my small place in the universe. This could have stopped me from actually expanding
  9. I personally believe feminism is an anti-sikh atheist concept, which is dangerous ideology to any religious community that allows for it to grow. Atheists in governments obviously have a vested interest in seeing it flourish because they want religions destroyed and few people in power in government being everyone's parent. However If your a person of religion you can not reconcile being a feminist with being religious. As most of the worlds biggest religions have scriptures that dictate or guide on gender specific behaviours and roles. As the ancients realised before religion, if you cant co
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