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  1. I was asking this to know what is the best alternate from meat to get sources of Protein? Is it multivitamins, or real food, or some protein shakes and whatnot+
  2. Guest

    Amritdhari & Massage

    So I'm going to the gym and i've found my body is stiff and sore especially the shoulders. As a Amritdhari, are we allowed to have a massage? If we are, I'm confused on how they will react with the kirpan. Not sure what to do on this.
  3. How many of your Singhs and Singhnis out there like to grow your own vegetables. My neighbours on either side both their own vegetables and sometimes I feel I should do the same but I am too lazy. Went to the local supermarket and bought some Spinach and green beans, when I looked at where they were grown one said Kenya and the other one Spain. Unless you are buying something like pineapples and bananas, why does vegetables that can be grown locally have to come from so far away.
  4. Non Stick tawa and fryers do come cheaper than normal iron or sarbloh iron. They can easily be washed from stains compared to normal iron. Unfortunately, they are indeed toxic to the health. Does anyone have anger issues or feel super/ psycho unpredictable? But it's common? First thing, GET RID OF NON STICK APPLIANCES! Replace them with normal iron. From experience, nobody ever told me about this. But my wife got normal tawa and fryer to use. I noticed it's been a month since I did not get my usual internal anger. Now it's two months. But only last week Someone mentioned about the
  5. Vaheguru Ji Ka Khalsa Vaheguru Ji Ki Fateh to all sadh sangat. I'm proud to announce and make a statement to parents globally to teach kids in their early stages of childhood phase of life, the tools of cooking which are desired to be equipped with these sort of skillsets that will come handy when they nurture and evolve. Please go ahead and subscribe to my nieces channel for more video content material that is desired to be posted. Stick around and a have a glorious experience. Just a Small YouTuber who wants to enhance and polish her public speaking attributes. Here is the link:
  6. Sat Sri Akaal. Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh. This video depicts and portrays the complications and hardships I've witnessed and experienced throughout my life. Moreover, I'm oblivious and wary about how majority of the sangat beholded and contemplated these issues during their schooling years and in a nutshell in life. I'm not solely the only one who underwent these problems and even in a working environment it is these prevalent situations where institutional racism occurs due to 9/11 attack on Twin Towers in a western nation. Therefore, this is just the commencing of my Yo
  7. https://nehkevalsingh.medium.com/how-to-stay-healthy-and-young-till-you-die-4838ffe88fc7
  8. A little random, but I'll post it anyway People in older days seemed to be fitter and healthier ; I mean, they generally walked more, and ate less rubbish. They were forced to be more physically healthy by way of life. They likely had better mental health, as they would not have been using technology like phone/PC/TV/audio/whatsapp to fill their minds with rubbish like most of us do, and which has driven materialism to extreme levels They would have had better diet with fresher food, less ready-made foods and less junk snacks and drinks. They would have eaten food in peace with
  9. Go through this motivational channel for counselling Channel link https://www.youtube.com/c/LifeCoachGurpreetSingh Some Quick links for your reference Life coaching explainer https://youtu.be/mrTApyRA4fk Mental Health awareness playlist https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL6tAtaoa5Av0u92r9rcnvi-AtyzsZhgSi Webinars Playlist https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL6tAtaoa5Av3-RbcN1pGKhFg7IihXVmIn For more info visit website www.lifecoachgurpreetsingh.com
  10. Guest


    What is the optimal nutritional regime for health & longevity? (this is not a vegi vs meat topic or anything like that, so dont start) I believe in Gurbani it says to talk little, sleep little and eat little. Is this just from a spiritual perspective so one can concentrate on bhagti or is this also best for optimal health? I know that intermittment fasting is popular these days and caloric restriction studies have shown positive effects on health and longetivity. I've heard in some samparda's they eat only twice a day, is that true? Can anyone shed further light on this that may
  11. https://www.msn.com/en-gb/health/familyhealth/meet-the-73-year-old-skipping-sikh-making-daily-exercise-videos-to-raise-money-for-the-nhs/ar-BB12M9SC?li=AAJt1k3&ocid=mailsignout Hope I have scooped this before BJ Singh. I have also purchased a jump rope :) A 73-year-old raising money for the NHS by posting inspiring daily workouts online is gaining a following on social media as the 'Skipping Sikh'. Rajinder Singh, from Slough in Berkshire, says many Sikhs are suffering in isolation following the closure of the Gurdwaras due to the virus outbreak. To help alleviat
  12. Turmeric Water https://food.ndtv.com/food-drinks/turmeric-haldi-water-5-benefits-of-this-desi-detox-water-and-how-to-make-it-2118885 Turmeric Milk http://www.verka.coop/blog/post/health-benefits-of-having-turmeric-milk-everyday
  13. Wjkk Wjkf Sangat ji this post was better suited for the Health section but since I don't have an account I'm posting in Gupt. I know how Sikhi regards fasting as a waste of effort and of no use. But this is in relation to bhagti. What about the health benefits of fasting? Do Guruji say anything about the health benefits of fasting or intermittent fasting? Second, do Guru Maharaj tell us anything regarding what should be our lifestyle like in order to stay healthy? Other religions like Jainism and Hinduism have some specific suggestions in these regards, but not really Sikhi. (Pl
  14. Is it better to cut out diary and butter and milk as these are extremely high in cholesterol and cause heart disease, in favour of just vegan diet?
  15. Hi all, Masturbation is healthy every week or so, I think, and reduces prostate cancer, so how do Sikhs view this, because I was always taught it was wrong, but surely the scientific health benefit is more important? Maybe, similar to sex, which also releases good hormones in the, but also banned by people I know. If it does in moderation and lovingly, then is it alright, with God's kirpa?
  16. Guest

    Please translate

    Wjkk, Wjkf sangat ji, My siblings and I sat our parents down for a serious conversation about their health. They’re getting older & they need to be eating healthier. My dad said that his body isn’t healthy if his food has ਬੈਅ. My question is.. ** WHAT IS ਬੈਅ? Pronunciation: B with short A sound [ back without the ck ] It would be great if someone could let me know what this translates to in English, please. That way, we can do better when we prepare our parents meal plans. As of right now, my parents & other uncles/aunties have given vague explanations of the w
  17. Guest

    Food of the Ancestors

    Hi i was wondering if anyone had information on what people from the wider Punjab (india and Pakistan) originally ate? Has the diet changed much from say great-grandparents? I’m trying to figure out if we in the western world should still primarily and only consume the same food of our ancestors? Given that we have access to so many other cuisines should we not be still only consuming what we need based on our make-up (DNA)? General rule being if your grandparents or great-grandparents wouldn’t recognise it, don’t eat it?
  18. Guest

    What if bentiyan don't work

    Waheguru ji ka Khalsa, Waheguru ji ki Fateh. I've come across many videos on youtube, that its not a good thing to take stress. And well it does make sense even outside as well as inside Gurmat preaching, to not stress about anything. Stress comes and goes in life, and what's more important is to live in the present and jap naam, to purify yourself from the inside and live a life full of pure actions. And if someone has ever seen videos of the channel Nanak Naam (on youtube), they do great parchaar of Gurmat, and I've even had them say (preach according to Gurmat) that there is no
  19. https://www.nhs.uk/news/cancer/ultra-processed-foods-linked-cancer/ I think most of us would not be surprised by this, but definitely a good reminder to avoid unnatural foods Ultra-processed foods linked to cancer Thursday February 15 2018 Examples include mass-produced breads and cakes, snacks and sweets, fizzy drinks, and ready meals. Researchers in France studied the diets of more than 100,000 people for 7 years. They found small increases in the overall rate of cancer and breast cancer after the menopause in those who had the highest proportion of ultra-processe
  20. DESCRIPTION SOCH is a grass roots mental initiative aimed at starting the conversation about mental health to first break the stigma surrounding the subject matter and second to empower our community with the knowledge and skills to better manage their own mental health. This event is our first gurdwara workshop where we will be having an open discussion with the Sikh community to break the stigma surrounding mental health, while discussing warning signs and available resources. We encourage you to attend this event with your parents, grandparents, relatives, and friends.
  21. It's a well known fact that a correct diet ensures longevity, long life and resolves health issues. Youtube "Okinawa long life" and "Japan long life" for evidence. Over there since no pollution and junk food exists people aged 80 to 105 live lives like they're no more than 40. Even Gurbaani states "My appetite is simple daana paani" (simple cooked food like rice, steamed saabjia and water) or nature grown food. However, it's interesting to note that education fails to teach us of healthy living and benefits of it like after aged 80 the effects.The consumption rate of unhealthy food is hi
  22. If you or you know loved ones ill on health it may be ideal to try Swami Ramdev, a well renowned Yoga master (yeah yeah we all know him) in India. The Vilaum nirom (think it's called) is a form of breathing exercise where you close one side of nose, inhale deeply, then press other side of nose and exhale. Then inhale again before exhaling by pressing other side of nose. This should be done for 20 mins before breakfast and again in the evening after 2 - 3 hours gap if eaten anything. Also, food is important! Giving up fizzy drinks and only drink water, fresh home made fruit juices and milk
  23. Guest

    Alternative cream for joints

    VJKK VJKF, just quick question. I am a semi professionall athlete for my local running club. Im a amritdhari who regualary suffers from joint pain during long distance races and training. Recently, I started using a new external cream for my skin and joints which contains glucosamine, aloe vera, coconut oil and other healthy ingredients. . However after using it I found out that another ingredient within the cream called MSM contains a certain amount of shelfish amongst other normal ingredients. I am coming to the end of this small tub and want to ask sangat if theres any suggestions for a
  24. Guest

    Health Issue

    Please pray for me
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