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  1. If they aren't the most useless people on the planet, they are definitely up there. What a shame that such an advanced religion which has the cures for what ails mankind has been wasted on such pathetic people. What a shame that they have hijacked all of the Sikh institutions, injected the disease of tribalism into the Sikh community, and set the entire community on a path to irrelevance and extinction.
  2. Guest

    Issues in the Sikh Panth

    How can we deal with issues facing the panth? Ignorant youth is a major one, parents are not putting Sikhi first. So many Sikh youth can't read Gurmukhi outside of Panjab, let alone understanding the message of Gurbani. Sikhs are adopting practices and ideologies against Sikhi, especially overseas. Seeing Sikhs like this is dispiriting for the future of the panth.
  3. https://www.aljazeera.com/news/2021/7/1/interfaith-marriages-trigger-controversy-between-muslims-sikhs Why two Sikh women marrying Muslims triggered disputes in Kashmir One woman was hurriedly married off to a fellow Sikh and the other sent back to her parents, while the two men are in police custody. Sikh politician Majinder Singh Sirsa gestures during a news conference in Srinagar [Shuaib Bashir/Al Jazeera] By Rifat Fareed 1 Jul 2021 Srinagar, Indian-administered Kashmir – For more than a week now, a section of the mi
  4. Haryanvi jaats r showing great interest in sikhi. Can Rajasthani jaats be also brought into the fold of Sikhism?
  5. Lately jaats in haryana hv started becoming sikhs. Sikhs hv close historical ties with jaats. Plz read https://www.thesikhencyclopedia.com/historical-events-in-sikh-history/the-sikh-empire-1799-1839/sikhs-relations-with-jats-of-bharatpur/
  6. The far-right white groups in Canada are $$$ by Indians so stir up 'Khalistan terrorists' and gaslight us...they've done a good job
  7. Most of punjabis Migrate To Western countries for Jobs / good education etc.. But Instead of Western countries punjabis should Migrate to southern india ( karnataka /Tamil nadu ) In south india States ~ education is Good , Good job Opportunities ,good food It will be Good for our demographics in india Too.. What's Ur views ?
  8. Which Gurdwara is This ? And why Sikhs are allowing this ? https://twitter.com/Skenghhh/status/1329444536314105858?s=20
  9. Which side is right In this Conflict ? Jews or Muslims ? On both sides There are Life loss 10-15 died on Israel side ( including One Indian lady ) And 60 -65 died on Gaza side ( unfortunately Many small Childrens ) I see most of Sikhs Supporting Palestine On Twitter /insta and even few are in Protest according to me Sikhs should Not go to any protest ( pro Israel or pro Palestine ) what's Ur views ?
  10. Seekri is Muslim Dominated area Local MLA Support This Criminal https://twitter.com/mssirsa/status/1392319232025583619?s=20
  11. Why some Amritdhari Don't Eat/drink Food /water With Non Amritdhari sikhs ? + I have heard Many Nihungs Don't even Eat food if Some Non Amritdhari Made it.. Why They Follow This Rehit ? And Who Started it ? Bhai Kanhiya Ji Was Sehajdari sikh Who Gave Water to Khalsa Singhs Shaitan Gangu was Cook who made Food For Sikhs
  12. https://mobile.twitter.com/mygovindia/status/1354774423060901895 https://m.facebook.com/gurmatsangeetlegend/ https://sikhbookclub.com/prof-kartar-singh https://www.sikhnet.com/gurbani/artist/prof-kartar-singh
  13. Guest


    WAHEGURU JI KA KHALSA WAHEGURU JI KE FATEH I am Rai(Codename)from sikhs cyber We Are On A Mission To Get All Extremist Pages BAN Which Wants To Disturb The Harmony Between The Common People On Grounds Of Religion SUPPORT US https://www.instagram.com/sikhs_cyber/
  14. These farmers protest makes me so sad angry drives me mad haven't Sikhs suffered enough..why all this injustice?! .......I been having so much anxiety feel so helpless and shouldn't say this but losing faith,..........just makes you question why is this all happening. Why us...Why cant we have Khalistan?! Other is apart from hatred for Hindustanis whether BJP or liberals, how much i HATE BRITISH.they are the ones who created this mess and Sikhs did SO much for British yet they cant even say damn word.......Gosh i HATE THEM...Most ungrateful cretins! Hindutva trad are just most VILE
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