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Found 20 results

  1. Waheguru Ji ka Khalsa Vaheguru Ji ki fateh To the Singh's: What Questions would you ask your ("future"?) Wife before marriage? What questions should be asked? Vaheguru Ji ka Khalsa Vaheguru Ji ki fateh
  2. Now that villains with long beards and turbans are once again dominating the American news cycle, I think singhs who are living in America need to be on guard. The backlash is coming. Stay safe brothers.
  3. There was a discussion here a few days ago...I think it was in the wedding photo thread...about Sikh / Punjabi fashion. I was never terribly into fashion myself...to the great disspointment of my dad who to this day still has his bon marley stylee Gabbicci knit-ganzee cardigan hanging in his wardrobe. But the internet, Joobie tube, instabook, face chat, snap crack and popple are absolutely jam-packed these days with Singhs and Kaurs displaying their 'style'. We're overloaded with dastar wearing girls posing in shots showing how stylish and fashionable they look and it seems a Singh can't be a proper singh and get his picture on the world-wide web thingy these days unless he's laying on the dapper style with a cravatte, sporting the world's biggest turban or playing tonsil tennis with a transvestite. But what do i know about fashion ? Not that much really. I know uncles from Birmingham and the Midlands have a penchant for wearing cheap trainers with their suits and ladies from India will wear extraordinarily lovely gear from the top of their head to their ankles but will round it of with either the most horrible shoes or cheap nasty looking grey socks....under which are the hideously deformed feet that almost every female from India has. But apart from that, what do I know. The answer is nothing. I know this picture coming up below is meant to be really fashionable but to me looks like 3 extremely effeminate fellas heading off to the kusra convention: I know this Singh needs to re-think the whole length of the beard approach in order to make this work: I know the less I say about this Singh the better: I know in a few years Diljit's gonna regret ever being seen in public wearing this monstrosity and MC hammer pants: I know she doesn't look half as good as she thinks she looks : I know I'd like to punch these 3 in the face : I know given the chance I probably would; and i know if its cold enough to require a scarf and gloves you should at least give some thought to perhaps wearing a jacket or coat. but other than that.....I don't know much about fashion at all.
  4. Hi, I was wondering are there any singhs that go swimming ? I used to swim when I was a kid and then stopped when I got older. Right now I am 20 and I want to go swimming but its just that many men swimmers you see shave their whole body. I know as a sikh its wrong ( and I would never go there !!) but I was wondering if I should give up on swimming. Its that you don't see swimmers with hair on their body or have beards !
  5. WJKK WJKF, thought we could appreciate some work from our brothers/sisters. this is the first writer, the name of the writer is unknown and some beautiful work below! (Should we start a series for the purpose?)
  6. Anyone looking for a job in Auckland, New-Zealand? We are offering a 48 hour week (12 hours, 4 days); you will be required to load, stack, optimize and convey timber for a frame and truss company during this time. Physical fitness is a must and a knowledge of IT a bonus. This is a hands on job which requires concentration, dedication and a good work ethic. If interested please PM me and we can go from there. Competitive pay rates are part of the package and progress equals a pay rise. One Singh already works in the factory. More are required.
  7. It is time to sign up for our 6th Annual Toronto Singhs Camp on June 22 to 26th! *NOTE* - this year the camp is right before the annual AKJ July Toronto MAIN Smaagam! NEW Location, speakers, activities!! Interactive Workshops, Competitive Sports (including PAINTBALLING), in depth discussions, meet new inspiring sangat and MORE! Keep engaged on our Social Media accounts of Facebook, Instagram and Twitter for more information on our speakers and related camp info. Early Bird Fee is $180 (Fee goes up June 1st!) REGISTER NOW CLICK HERE! Vaheguru ji ka khalsa, Vaheguru ji ki fateh! FACEBOOK INSTAGRAM TWITTER
  8. Did any singhs you were fighting along side sant ji and others survive ? I know of some but cannot find thier accounts of what happened anywhere Anyone know ? Esp of any singhs who were in akaal takat sahib with sant jarnail singh JI during the attack
  9. (ADMIN PLEASE LEAVE IN GENERAL SECTION FOR APRIL) EARLY BIRD DISCOUNT REGISTRATION IS NOW OPEN!! CLICK HERE LIMITED SPOTS!! 5th Annual Toronto Singhs Camp Wednesday, May 27th - Sunday, May 31st, 2015 Camp Kintail, Goderich, ON (BUS SERVICE PROVIDED WEDNESDAY, MAY 27th @ 5:30PM) PROMO VIDEO CLICK HERE FACEBOOK EVENT International Speakers Including: Bhai Manvir Singh UK Bhai Baljeet Singh UK (Sikh2Inspire) Bhai Simerneet Singh (Chicago) And ONE SURPRISE SPEAKER!! Need information about camp speakers, workshops, themes, topics and other activities? Follow one of our social media links below to stay up to date! Vaheguru ji ka khalsa, Vaheguru ji ki fateh! - Toronto Singhs Camp Sevadaars FOLLOW, LIKE, SUBSCRIBE BELOW!! Facebook: /torontosinghs Twitter: /SinghsCampTO Instagram: torontosinghscamp YouTube: /SinghsCampTO Website: www.singhscamp.ca
  10. WJKK WJKF My freind showed me this video today does anyone know how i can get in touch with these Singhs? and r they amritdharis? plzz tell .. i reckon they are doing something good we should try show them our support.. plzz if yous know about them .. please tell me really want to get in touch with them https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K4DsYARpzzA
  11. My father-in-law passed in a tragic accident involving an 18-wheeler. He was dropping passenger(s) off at Newark airport when he slid on black ice from a previous sleet/snow storm. After the car came to a stop, my father in law checked on the passengers to make sure everyone was okay. After that he proceeded to exit the vehicle to put proper flags, caution lights, etc. out to warn any oncoming traffic. Keep in mind he lost control on an exit ramp leading to the airport. Within minutes, an 18-wheeler came barreling up and around the ramp. Losing control because of speed and other unknown reasons, the truck spun out of control. After the sheriffs arrived to the scene and began to check on everyone involved in the accident, they realized the driver (my father in law) was missing. An officer then went to investigate the surroundings in search of my Parminder. A bit later, he was discovered under the truck. He was covered in snow. After removing the snow, it was obvious he passed of blunt force trauma to the head, neck and body. He was pronounced dead at the scene. My father in law loved to give. He would give you the turban off of his head, the shirt off of his back or the very last dollar in his pocket. He was very involved in the Sikh community here in NYC and loved to make a difference. He loved everyone he met and never stopped laughing. He helped anyone and everyone he possibly could. Pleas visit the page below and donate or show your support by helping us spread the word. www.gofundme.com/SupportTheSinghs
  12. Please suggest books that reveal the lifestyle of puratan singhs and their lifestyle. Especially the ones time of 10 th Guru.
  13. Can anyone, with a blog/website/both related to Khalistan, explain something to me? A few years ago I heard about the case of a man whose family was detained at the Indian airport because he was involved in some pro-Khalistan group overseas. To my brothers who are involved in such groups what happens when you go to India or need police clearance from there? Do they detain you on the basis of the organisations you support, webpages you make and comments you put on fb? Is it entirely random or they do it to people who illustrate an intent? Can we say there is a degree of discrimination involved or is it the effects of an inept bureaucracy?
  14. 4th Annual Toronto Singhs Camp Wednesday, May, 28th, 2014 - Sunday, June 1st, 2014. Location: Camp KINTAIL on the beautiful shores of Lake Huron. This new site will have Canoeing, Kayaking, Zip line and High Ropes course. Amritvela Kirtans, inspiring workshops, guest speakers and much more! Early Bird Registration will open in April, 2014. PLEASE BOOK OFF YOUR WORK OR SCHOOL NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  15. Sangat ji, if you care for Sikhi and the Singhs who are illegally behind bars despite serving their jail terms, share this message as much as possible on your social networks; facebook, twitter etc Today December 2, panthic Jathebandis have decided to hold a KESRI MARCH in Support of Bhai Gurbaksh Singh Ji Khalsa to be taken out on Wednesday 4th December 2013, from SRI AKAAL TAKHAT SAHIB TO GURUDWARA AMB SAHIB MOHALI, where Bhai Sahib is holding his fast-unto-death for the release of Sikh prisoners. SANGAT is requested to join in this Kesri March. Route: Jalandhur, Ludhiana, Samrala and Morinda edit (thanks to Jivan76) : There will be a demonstration outside Indian high commission in Birmingham Tuesday 3 December 1pm-3pm.
  16. Wahreguru Ji ka Khalsa, Waheguru ji ki Fateh, Does anyone know who these singhs are?? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IaQheogQPWs
  17. Guest

    Inappropriate or not?

    Hi there, Have just stumbled across a little finding online. There is a new(ish?) restaurant in Nottingham which goes by the name of Singh's www.singhsnottingham.co.uk However if you take a look at the website there appears to be a singh(or two) playing the harmonium and tabla. Is this just a cheap show of kirtan? (if so this is very unfortunate) Whilst serving none vegetarian meals and alcohol? Is this really appropriate? Flick through the reviews..there is a comment along the lines of the tabla playing adding to the ambient atmosphere... I'm wondering if anyone can shed any more information on this?
  18. How do we get our shaheeds back? How do we tell the truth that Baba Banda Singh Ji and Haqiqat Singh Ji were Sikhs and not Hindus. What historical sources and arguments can we use? I don't know about others but personally I am tired of Hindus (not that I have anything against them, mind you) saying Banda Singh Bahadur Ji and Haqiqat Singh Ji were Hindus originally and Khalistanis are flasifying facts and calling them Sikhs. Ideas anyone?
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