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Found 8 results

  1. The RSS BJP Hindu Mentality on Social Media The RSS BJP Hindu Mentality is quite simple, if you want me to put it in short terms, it's this: Be stupid, and spread misinformation to cope, also if you don't have the time to read this, just know they're advocating for another 1984, another Sikh genocide on social media, we are only their friends when we don't speak up for our rights, or when we don't protest, they want us to be subjugated and to remain put while they step all over us, only then they'll ever see us as "friends" Currently these Hindu's are trying to state that Sikhism is
  2. Is social media presence a factor to consider for choosing a partner? I’m security conscious and don’t trust social media because any weirdo can spy on you. I think loads people are naive and post to much personal life. Like they post their going for a day out. But what you actually posted is your house will be empty all day so I can break in! There’s gursikh girl, amritdhari with dastar very sweet. Her dad asked me last year if I thought about marriage yet and I said not yet. I like her secretly but she posts every detail of her life on Instagram. She even record stories while drivi
  3. How do we stop Sikh youth from looking up to the black culture? For instance there is a girl called Lilly a punjabi girl on youtube. She promotes the whole black culture. Many punjabi women look up to her. She talks and act like a typical ghetto black girl. Looks like us Panjabis are struggling with an identity crisis. Many of the young punjabi boys look up to rap stars and dress like pure black people. Why are we not strong in our own identity and need to latch on to the black culture - Such as dress sennce, music, dread locks in hair. If it aint blacks then we latch on to t
  4. Today I was sent a very disturbing video via WhatsApp, where 2 Singh's are being attacked and beaten by a mob. There are no further details that I can find, what the reason is behind the attack and whether the mob are right wing Hindus. http://dailysikhupdates.com/viral-video-mob-beats-throws-sikh-man-onto-fire/
  5. Digital heroin emerging major threat among mobile crazy youth Yudhvir Rana | TNN | Feb 24, 2017, 05.09 PM IST AMRITSAR: Not only the substance addiction is taking lives of Punjabi youth but with the vast popularity and unabated use of internet, the screen addiction has also emerged as a potent threat for people of all age groups using mobile phones, which is causing major behavioral disorders as well as impotency. "There are over a dozen patients, with majority of young girls undergoing treatment of behaviour disorder in our internet d
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