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Found 17 results

  1. As more and more of these rich 'secular' Hindus come into power in the west, I have a bad feeling in my stomach for Sikhs everywhere... we have no influence in comparison.
  2. BJP harlot Kangna has finally been blocked by twitter. Didn't read the whole article but I think she was saying offensive things about Bengalis and Mamta Banerjee. A few weeks back she posted a tweet about the farmers saying that the cancer(sikhs) has been identified and needs to be eradicated. She was basically calling for genocide. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-9541329/amp/Bollywood-actress-Kangana-Ranaut-accuses-Twitter-racism-account-suspended.html
  3. Twitter has removed tweets criticising the Indian government. India looks like hell atm, they've turned parks into cremation grounds, dead bodies flying out of ambulances etc "The removal of dozens of tweets seen to be critical of the Indian government's handling of the coronavirus pandemic is putting people's health at risk and quashing dissent, lawmakers and human rights activists said on Monday. Twitter withheld some tweets after a legal request by the Indian government, a company spokeswoman told Reuters on Saturday. These included tweets from
  4. Rihanna the international music star has done more in 1 tweet with a few words highlighting and raising awareness of indian farmer issue than all of major news broadcasters in the west and bollywood stars who been silent on the issue or against the farmers. https://twitter.com/rihanna/status/1356625889602199552
  5. Not sure if you know but yesterday there was a lot of angry Hindus on Twitter. A Ex Muslim Armin Nawabi uploaded inappropriate images of Kali Mata in s3xual positions and winking etc Hindus in return are doing their usual thing and sending him threats and insulting the guys mother etc. The guy is Iranian and had uploaded a photo of his mothers appearance before and after the Iranian islamic revolution and Hindus have photoshopped his mothers face onto porn actresses etc. Most Christian channels and ex muslims have a big % of Hindu followers and fan boys. A lot of these Christian channels
  6. I'm here because I now feel that either the teachings, teachers, interpretations or the followers of Sikhism themselves are in the wrong or being guided with malacious intent. My use of word malicious is intentional because I have started to feel the maliciouness. My childhood Sikh friends have closed "Only Sikh" chat groups where they share Hindu jokes about coward Hindus, impotent Hindus, Hindu whores etc. I got to know as a misdirected forwards got sent to our common group. I've stopped going to gurudwaras because I hear and feel a common theme of country of Hindus, government of Hindus, co
  7. I'm monitoring twitter right now and look what we found here. Imagine if they or any political party in the western democractic nations posted this about jews or muslims or any other minorities.....the outrage it would cause.
  8. Digital heroin emerging major threat among mobile crazy youth Yudhvir Rana | TNN | Feb 24, 2017, 05.09 PM IST AMRITSAR: Not only the substance addiction is taking lives of Punjabi youth but with the vast popularity and unabated use of internet, the screen addiction has also emerged as a potent threat for people of all age groups using mobile phones, which is causing major behavioral disorders as well as impotency. "There are over a dozen patients, with majority of young girls undergoing treatment of behaviour disorder in our internet d
  9. https://twitter.com/amiiidonalon This rat has been using al-taqiya (deception) very slyly he operates a few "british asian" facebook pages where its all pro-islamic propaganda and jokes against non-muslim religions. If you analyse his tweets he has been following hindu and sikh girls on twitter for a 2-3years and pretended to be a Sikh chatting dirty to girls and then all of a sudden start of last year he started to show his true colours and islamification agenda by posting pro-islamic tweets pretending to have "reverted" to islam. We need to make Sikh girls aware of such tactics.
  10. so instead of #sarbatkhalsa2015 being trending all of india is tweeting #iSupportAkalTakht ##RejectRadicals . most of the names are hindu names who are tweeting this. this is pre planned by indian govt and rss to trend this instead of #sarbatkhalsa2015
  11. Lots of Sikhs and non-Sikhs ate tweetings #Sikhlivesmatter hashtag on twitter bascially give a 1 finger salute to british/western mainstream media for not covering the killings of peaceful protesters in india.
  12. I was looking across twitter and analyzed which community made the most anti-sikh remarks and found the vast majority of anti-sikh material is coming from muslim twitter users of desi asian decent and in the teens to 20s age range. I was wondering do you guys find these guys anti-sikh, racist and offensive? Or do you find it acceptable or tolerable? What should be the right response to these people? Get the authorities involved or post muslim jokes and make their Muslim identity made fun off?
  13. Has anyone else come across the Ravidassia Times account on twitter? Recently one of their posts have been outlining the rise of "Khalistani Sikhs" and how the "Ravidassia Community" is in danger from such "fanatics". One of their tweets is below: Ravidassia Times ‏@RavidassiaTimes Why we dont support Khalistan? the Sikh Taliban are on the rise - WATCH - Imagine our people's treament? http://www.liveleak.com/view?i=62e_1356288681 … via @liveleak
  14. Samiraa Miller currently studies Law at Leicester University
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