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In Praise Of Baba Sheikh Fareed - Nfa Khan

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Here is a qwaal from Ustad Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan in praise of Sheikh Fareed Shakar Ganj - It has always been a favourite of mine - I love the use of Language and the way it builds up - wonderful !

It's from the Eid Concert held in Small Heath park , Birmingham UK in 1989

Mangabat-i-Fareed - in Praise of Fareed


If you like this you will love the complete concert - it was shown on BBC 2 in 1989 - The video includes a brief intro about Sufi and qwaali - including a brief glimpse of Ajmer Shareef - and some great footage of devotees in 'Mastt'. The concert includes 'Allah hoo' , 'Mangabat-i- Fareed' , 'Mast Qalander' ,'Mast Nazron' and 'Nit Khair Mangan'.

An interesting fact in the interview is that Nusrat Fateh ali Khan's family originally came from Afghanistan and then came to live in Jalandhar Punjab - so he is a fellow Doabi !

a great Concert !


Enjoy ! It's an amazing concert - I never get sick of watching it and I've had it for 18 years !

Here are some pictures ( I like to give 'value for money' in my posts !)

Here is the 'Chilla' of Sheikh Fareed in Faridkot - which owes it's name to Baba Farid - there is a legend that says that when Mokal the Bhatti rajput Chief was building the Fort, he forced the masses to do 'begar' free labour - Baba Fareed was also forced to do hard manual labour - however when he carried a basket of mud it floated above his head - when the chief found out - to atone for the sin of putting a saint to work he named the city 'Faridkot' . The Chilla commemorates this.

The Chilla


a painting of the Legend


The Dargah of Sheikh Baba Farid - Shakar Ganj - Pak Pattan Pakistan


For More Info try here ;


Ranjit Singh 'Freed'

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    • I think this is due to the big improvement of regional cinema industries. I remember watching punjabi movies 10-15 years ago. They were very inferior to bollywood movies. In terms of story lines, special affects and general quality of production. This was understandable though as Punjabi cinema was just starting to come good and was not well fincanced .Many of the early punjabi films were just about some macho punjabi guy acting like a gangster with big mucha lol. I think those days are gone we are now seeing some good story lines and productions instead of those stereo typical films that were made in the 80's and 90's. Poeple can relate more to their own cultual language films more then the hindi type nonsence films. That glorify khans and muslims.Punjabi films can promote Sikhism and Punjabi language and do much good for punjab and punjabis by making good moral films to adsress alcohol and other issues affecting us. What we need is better actors, directors and producers to steer punjabi cinema to a bright future. Maybe it can become a global force? Tamil film industry is huge and they do good at promoting their language, culture and faith.
    • i was just saying that they have created some of the most beautiful architecture and art work   even if the ideas were stolen.  Raphael, michaelangelo etc are some of the greatest artists ever   
    • Why is the comparison wrong?  I am not asking this question as atheist, I am just wondering if there was any reason we had so many Gurus?
    • Punjabi movie industry is gd. Many Punjabi movies are really gd. Most Punjabis i know now only watch Punjabi movies and not Hindi movies, even pakistanis watch Punjabi movies. Punjabi movies are cultured and many have a Sikh theme, hindi movies on the other hand is just full of kanjars and kanjris stripping on screen and doing dirty scenes  you can't actually sit with family and watch hindi movies. Last few yrs there have been many Sikh themed punjabi movies and movies focusing on issues in the punjabi community. The movie Ardas is really gd and is about faith in waheguru and other issues in the punjabi community. Movies like rab da radio, daana pani are really good and about families and breakups. Some Punjabi film makers are also making art house movies   like anhay gore da daan  which is about poverty in the dalit community and chauti koot about a family caught up between the karkhu singhs and army.     Punjab 1984 was good really gd for the 1st half but the 2nd half was not that gd!     Shareek was gd too 
    • People are turning off Bollywood in droves and Punjabi cinema seems to be booming. What you are seeing is the burgeoning of regional cinema, localism seems to be the priority over the centralised Hindu speaking media. So much that the Hindi speaking Mumbai Punjabis in the Bollywood film industry have suddenly discovered their Punjabi roots. 
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