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Guest mehtab


1984 riots: R K Anand says he’s sorry, recalls 25 yrs ago, Gurbani helped start his car!

Prarthna Gahilote

New Delhi, April 19: The day after The Indian Express reported how Congress nominee lawyer R K Anand defended the Delhi Administration over its alleged role in the Sikh riots, going to the extent of imputing a ‘‘Christian connection’’ to riot relief, Anand said he was ‘‘offering an apology.’’ And claimed that he had ‘‘faith in that religion.’’

Said Anand, the Congress’s South Delhi constituency candidate: ‘‘I offer an apology to the Sikh community on behalf of the Congress party and for my self for the 1984 riots...Our party has apologised to the Sikhs even before but I want this matter to be buried. It happened 20 years back and why should it be raked up again? The BJP is bringing it up again for political gains but they will not succeed.’’

Anand claimed that the Congress would get Sikh support in Delhi as the Sikhs are a ‘‘progressive community and believe in looking ahead, believe in the virtue of forgiveness.’’

‘‘I believe in the Sikh tradition,’’ said Anand. ‘‘My grandfather was a Sikh. I remember stories from my mother about how she used to visit the Golden Temple everyday at 4 am to offer prayers. Everyday a baaz — an eagle which represents Guru Gobind Singh would take a bath at the kund there only after which my mother and her friends would take the holy dip

in the tank.’’

He recalled his trips to Himachal Pradesh, 25 years ago, when belief in the Sikh tradition helped him out. Anand said, ‘‘I used to drive to Himachal very often in my Fiat and those days, it would be difficult to rev up the engine early in the morning. You may find it hard to believe but the engine would pick up right after I would play the Gurbani cassette in the car stereo. I have faith in that religion and do want to hurt the sentiments of the Sikhs at all.’’

Anand added: ‘‘My cousins are Sikhs. They are married in to Sikh families. How can I hurt the feelings of the Sikh community? Even this Baisakhi, I was honoured with a saropa by 50,000 Sikhs at the Majnu Ka Tila gurudwara.’’ Speaking about te 1984 riots, Anand said, ‘‘I regret the injustice done to the Sikhs. But it is the past. Let us bury it. Let us not use it for political purposes. It is very unfortunate that such a thing ever happened.’’

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everything about this anand is fake, his apology is a lie. How can you defend a holocaust then say sorry for it?

An apology isnt going to replace the lost honour of thousands of women, bring their husbands back, children. This apology is a cruel joke.

since where did he establish faith in sikhi? what happened to it when kids were having burning torches shoved into their mouthes while the congress I politicians not only watched but led the mobs?

the matter will not be dead and buried, there is a very heavy lekha to pay 10 000 men women children dont just get burnt, electrecuted, beheaded, amputated,raped, in just 3 days 3 nights for someone to come along and say sorry

he wants this buried? go and jail every single hk bagat lala involved for life, go and give free accomodation, free education, compensation for loss of life, free food and rations to the widows and surivors of the riots even then this will never be buried. You cant bring back somebodies father, brother sister,the lost honour of a woman, her young son who has been taken away. To say anand want this buried is a very cruel joke. Sikh women are rotting in west delhi refugee colonies they have no money no support.

so sikhs are now proggressive when they are meant to forgive a holocaust on a grand scale! I cant believe what im seeing. do the cong really think people are thick?

The final claims are interesting if as per his claims from a mix background of hindus and sikhs then how would he have felt when his party members issued the murder plans to perfection of his own relatives and co religionists? men and women were targetted in the delhi holocaust due to their religious ori

gins through electoral lists. if your own relatives are now being killed by your own party and then its said he supportd the gulukara does his claims make sense? Gurdwaras were attacked all over delhi what happened to his grandads memories then? I find this claim highly dubious it looks like hes found a convenient bridge where he thinks he can walk between sikhs of delhi and the congress. delhi sikhs wont be forgetting the riots. Its not some cakewalk where he can just say sorry.

this man is really making a joke out of everything, there is no serious effort to dispense justice and a lot of trickery going on.

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sangat ji , anand is lieing out of his horns i hope you can all see it, hes trying to say "im sorry, we are one i have been awarded blah blah by sikhs". covering his tracks on the holocaust they engineered on the sikhs. I have read the riot reports, the congress gov candidates not only led the mobs, they planned everything, step by step, gave electoral lists to criminal mobs, they perfected their plan to such a degree it came out how they wanted, narasima rao who later became the pm was the main man at the top. One canadian pm was in delhi at the time over a pipeline deal he witnessed sikhs being massacred from a a distance came back to canada and claimed on canadian tv that "the sikhs are committing terrorist acts in india". One politician with the next, deals political favours.

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before the riots sikhs used to live all over delhi, after that horrible period sikhs collected up to live in homogenised communities in parts of west delhi which is divided between the affluent suburban sikhs and poorer sikhs in ghettoes.

I went to one village the living conidtions of the sikhs were like refujees it was not good, the pain was written on their faces. One old couple we knew came to my grandmother and just broke down their only son had been killed in such a cruel way, their tears and emotions i wont forget.

this is why when the cong come back and try to apologise i dont understand it, i cant make sesne of it. what use is a sorry? its just beyond anyone to even think what was lost and one sorry one act will make everything ok? anand has shown in what value 10 000 lives of men women children are to him.

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Guest Daljit singh

:T: Waheguroo Jee Ka Khalsa!

Waheguroo Jee Kee Fateh!

NEW DELHI, India -- India's marathon general election is under way, with as many as 650 million people set to cast their votes over the next three weeks.

Considering this event it seems that Anand is trying get some support for his party :T: :umm:

Waheguroo Jee Ka Khalsa!

Waheguroo Jee Kee Fateh!!

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    • Net pay after taxes. If you don't agree, think about this: If you were a trader and started off in China with silk that cost 100 rupees and came to India, and you had to pay total 800 rupees taxes at every small kingdom along the way, and then sold your goods for 1000 rupees, you'd have 100 rupees left, right? If your daswandh is on the gross, that's 100 rupees, meaning you have nothing left. Obviously, you owe only 10% of 100, not 10% of 1000. No, it's 10% before bills and other expenses. These expenses are not your expenses to earn money. They are consumption. If you are a business owner, you take out all expenses, including rent, shop electricity, cost of goods sold, advertising, and government taxes. Whatever is left is your profit and you owe 10% of that.  If you are an employee, you are also entitled to deduct the cost of earning money. That would be government taxes. Everything else is consumption.    
    • No, bro, it's simply not true that no one talks about Simran. Where did you hear that? Swingdon? The entire Sikh world talks about doing Simran, whether it's Maskeen ji, Giani Pinderpal Singh, Giani Kulwant Singh Jawaddi, or Sants. So what are you talking about? Agreed. Agreed. Well, if every bani were exactly the same, then why would Guru ji even write anything after writing Japji Sahib? We should all enjoy all the banis. No, Gurbani tells you to do Simran, but it's not just "the manual". Gurbani itself also has cleansing powers. I'm not saying not to do Simran. Do it. But Gurbani is not merely "the manual". Reading and singing Gurbani is spiritually helpful: ਪ੍ਰਭ ਬਾਣੀ ਸਬਦੁ ਸੁਭਾਖਿਆ ॥  ਗਾਵਹੁ ਸੁਣਹੁ ਪੜਹੁ ਨਿਤ ਭਾਈ ਗੁਰ ਪੂਰੈ ਤੂ ਰਾਖਿਆ ॥ ਰਹਾਉ ॥ The Lord's Bani and the words are the best utterances. Ever sing hear and recite them, O brother and the Perfect Guru shall save thee. Pause. p611 Here Guru ji shows the importance of both Bani and Naam: ਆਇਓ ਸੁਨਨ ਪੜਨ ਕਉ ਬਾਣੀ ॥ ਨਾਮੁ ਵਿਸਾਰਿ ਲਗਹਿ ਅਨ ਲਾਲਚਿ ਬਿਰਥਾ ਜਨਮੁ ਪਰਾਣੀ ॥੧॥ ਰਹਾਉ ॥ The mortal has come to hear and utter Bani. Forgetting the Name thou attached thyself to other desires. Vain is thy life, O mortal. Pause. p1219 Are there any house manuals that say to read and sing the house manual?
    • All of these are suppositions, bro. Linguists know that, generally, all the social classes of a physical area speak the same language, though some classes may use more advanced vocabulary. I'm talking about the syntax. That is, unless the King is an invader, which Porus was not. When you say Punjabi wasn't very evolved, what do you mean? The syntax must have been roughly the same. As for vocabulary, do you really think Punjabis at the time did nothing more than grunt to express their thoughts? That they had no shades of meaning? Such as hot/cold, red/yellow/blue, angry/sweet/loving/sad, etc? Why must we always have an inferiority complex?
    • I still think about that incident now and then, just haven't heard any developments regarding what happened, just like so many other things that have happened in Panjab!
    • There was a young Singh from abroad who went to Anandpur Sahib Hola and got into a fight with some Punjabis who were playing loud non-religious music. He had bana and a weapon or two. There were more of them than him.  He ended up losing his life. Don't be like that. Not worth it to fight manmukhs. @californiasardar1 ਮੂਰਖੈ ਨਾਲਿ ਨ ਲੁਝੀਐ ॥੧੯॥ Argue not with a fool. p473
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