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Did Chanakyans Do It ?


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Baba Banda Singh Bahadur was a BRAVE sikh general. He never attacked anyone's religion be it be muslims or hindus. He eradicated the CASTE SYSTEM(which brahmins HATED), he eradicated ZAMINDARI SYSTEM (which rich coward people HATED). A devout muslim would respect Baba Banda Singh Jee for this. I have a strong intution that the chanakanys of early 18th century started to "worship" Baba Banda Singh Jee as kalki avtar of VISHNU. As a result, muslims got suspiciuos of ALL KHALSA.

What chanakyans did in early 18th century COULD BE EQUIVALENT TO :

RSS chief in 1982 ORDERING his COWARD DECEITFUL followers to "worship" Baba Jarnail Singh Bhindrawale as the Kalki Avatar of VISHNU.


RSS chief of 2010 ORDERING his COWARDS to "start worshipping" veer bijla singh or veer singhstah or veer ladli fauj or veer talikhaak as the Kalki Avatar of VISHNU.

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