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Fateh Chand Maini

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Fateh Chand Maini Gotr was a jagirdar.He was respectfully known as Raja Fateh Chand Maini. He had a large garden, which the the child gUru Gobind Rai Ji often visited with other children. At first, Fateh Chand Maini Gotr's wife would reprimand children passing her palace but she soon became fond of the child Guru's radiant face .She longed for a child like Gobind Rai. One day the child Guru and his accomplices entered her palace and Guru Ji sat in her lap requesting her to serve them with whatever food she had prepared.The Rani asked Guru Ji for any dish which he preferred. Thee child guru requested that bolied gram or chick oeas be served. Ironically, this was the very dish which the rani had prepared. The rani dished out boiled chick peas to the child Guru and his accomplices.From that day onwards, she would serve boiled chickpeas togeether with milk and puri to the child Guru and his accomplices daily. When Mata Gujri asked the child Guru , How is it that you manage tp play in the lap of two mothers? Guru Ji replied, " just as one vision in two eyes, one moon in two rivers". Sometimes the child Guru would visitthe house of Jagat Meth Rea Seth.There was one leper ghuh Mal Khloda and Guru Jee would serve and bless him so that He became ailment free.

In the havrli where the child Guru stayed, there was a well where women would fetch water in earthen pitchers.Guru Ji would aim pellets at these pitchers and break them. The child Guru's mata would replace those broken with metal pitchers to reimburse the pitcher women for their damage. Guru Ji pierced the metal pitchers with his bow and arrow. The child Guru's mother fed up with this daily occurrence prayed that the well should dry up.Consequently, the well dried up. Jagat Seth became an ardent of the child Guru. Nawab Bakhsh also became a devotee of the Guru. Hindu, Muslim, King, Citizen, Nawab or Pir saw the divine light of the Almighty God in the child guru.

THe news of Guru Tegh Bahadhur Jee's arrival in Anadpur Sahib was cuopled with the request that the child Guru Gobind Rai Ji be brought to the PUnjab.

The news of the departure of the child Guru, Gobind Rai Ji was received with tears by the inhabitants of Patna Sahib.

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Jagat Meth and Rahim Bakhsh begged the child GUru not to leave but Guru Ji replied that He had made preparations to leave for Sri Anadpur Sahib.The wife of Raja Fateh Chand Maini asked the Guru how she would receive a divine glimpse of the child Guru once He had departed.to her humble request, Guru Gobind Rai Ji blessed her with a sharp double edged sword, sword and garment.He alspo uttered that whenever she would serve the children of Patna boiled gram, milk and pooris she would infact be serving the child guru.

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