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Early Childhood Of Guru Gobind Singh Ji


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Guru Gobind Singh Ji's early childhood

Bhikhan Shah or Bhikh Shah was a well revered Muslim Mystic fakir from nagar Siana. He was absorbed in deep meditation when He became aware of the incarnation of Guru Gobind Singh Ji at Patna Sahib.Bhikhan Shah today bowed towards the direction of Patna Sahib instead of Mecca.This act was considered by his followers to be contrary to the way of Islam but nevertheless Bhikhan Shah remained steadfast in his beliefs that the Son of God had today taken physical birth at Patna Sahib today.Bhikhan Shahwas born in 1637 at village Siana in Kainthal district Karnal but chose to reside at Thuska. Hr received Thuska as a jagir from the Mughals.

Bhikhan Shah being a Sayyd Mir was also known by the title of Thuskha Mir Ji. Bhikhan Shah's mother Shah Mira Bhikha was from Sadaura.Rosn Oud Daula had given to Bhikhan Shah 24 villages.Bhikhan Shah at once left for the city of Patna to take a glimpse of the child Guru. Pir ji was anxious to find out ofwhich , Islam and Hinduism Guru Ji favoured.. Pir Ji placed before the child Guru three earthen pots filled with water, milk and indian sweets respectively.The water symbolised Islam,;milk symbolised Hinduism and the sweets righteousness. Islam was entangled in narrow mindeedness and strict religious laws, hence the water.Water is only of use when enclosed in a container.Hinduism lay stress on pure actions hence the milk.

When Bhikhan Shah arrived in Patna, He took a glimpse of the child Guru and placed before the child Guru two earthen vessels containing indian sweets. Bhikhan Shah subsequently placed before the child guru , the earthen pots containing water and milk.Guru Ji knocked both of them empty with his gentle feet. Everyone looked dumbfounded and Bhikhan Shah stepped forward and issed Guru Ji's feet. Bhikhqan Shah became convinced that Guru Ji did not favour either Hinduism or Islam but instead defended righteousness.

Guru Gobind Singh Ji explains in one of his compositions taken from his writings Akal Ustat or Utterings of Praise of the Almighty that the temple and mosque are the same.

The Child guru would visit the River Ganges and bless it with his feet. Guru Ji would playfully empty out the pitchers of those taking bath in the River Ganges.Guru Ji stressed that the water of the ganges was of no use for the cleansing of the soul. Guru Ji further explained that superstitions and rituals had taken man very far away from true religion.Guru Ji offered a coin given to him by his mother to the water.

A blessed soul with the name of Shiv Dutt saw in the guru the very image of the Hindu Avatar Sri Ram Chander Ji. The people of patna were very convinced that the child Guru was an incarnation of the Hindu avatar Sri Ram Chander and that the child guru was responsible for the death of the evil king Ravan.

Wherever the child Guru stood in the river, The River Ganges would rise up and touch the feet of Guru Gobind Singh Ji. Guru Ji would organise mock battles between the children. Those victorious were awarded prizes by the Guru's mother and maternal uncle. Small arrows, swords and shields were prepared specially

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