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Guest DustOfTheSaintsFeet

Lol I already indicated that culture sadly still defines the majority of Us fools, i.e you and I, if we were not fools we would be sitting in His court right now- anything other than gurbani is defined by culture- i.e manmade manmukh views/practices of society.

Your opinion that divorced women remarrying are not in conjunction with gurbani, so where is it derived from?

The bhagat has no opinions, just gurbani.

In this worldly experience I have seen with my own eyes many indians frown upon divorced women remarrying, but the fact is that gurbani repects women and those with children. If our gurus stopped women from burning themselves on the funeral pure with their husbands, do you not see that their message was clear and wider, that women should not not put themselves through such hell for the sake of their spouse.

They encourged women to remarry after their spouses passed away- to get up and move on.

If they taught us not to tolerate injustice and to live true and to always do the right thing, do you really think they'd preach for a woman to stay with an an intolerably abusive spouse esp. when one has children? Our guru was said himself to have been married twice.

We are Spiritual and physical warriors, we fight off the rubbish, we gracefully accept hukam and the lessons put forward to us in the khel and we carry on down the path.

When in doubt, we sit back and contemplate the Guru and what they would do. Their lives and teachings are our gospel.

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Dust of Saints feet,

Firstly Sikh Sangat as the name suggests is a RELIGIOUS forum.

So only the stupid will promote punjabi or western culture over here rather than Sikhi !

And for you trying to gain support for divorcee's by giving excuse from Sikh History, is misleading.

Reason being, Guru Sahiban's were in favour of WIDOW remarriage and against Sati system.

Never did they propagate Divorce !

''Everyone has to pay for their karma or actions" it is useless to blame others for your own misfortune.

If you are divorcee why don't marry another divorcee, Why are you looking for a first timer ?

Isn't this called hypocrisy !

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Don't know whether Complex Explanation will make readers more sensible but will give a try.

''War is won before it is fought'' - Sun Tzu

Similarly fate of marriage is decided before the wedding.

Strategic Decision of whom to marry determine's that !

Ask yourself a question whether Mr Loin and Miss Donkey or a <removed> make a good match ?

Therefore Compatibility of a couple is of utmost importance in long term relationship like marriage.

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