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Guru Gobind Rai Installed As Tenth Guru/Guru Gobind Singh Ji'S Gurgaddi Divas Gurpurab


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Guru Gobind Rai ascended the throne of Guruship at the tender age of nine. Guru Gobind Rai became the tenth spiritual master of the sikhs.Guru gobind Rai was a spiritual and millitary genius for his age.The martyrdom of guru Tegh Bahadhur Ji infused in his Sikhs a new spirit of scarifice. When Guru Gobind Rai acceeded to the throne of Guru Nanak , he took stock of his strength and set upon mastering arms and other war engines to stand eefectively against the mughal tyranny.

During the installation of Guru Gobind Singh ji as the tenth Guru, Bhai Ram Kaur from the household of the revered Gursikh Baba buddha Ji adored Guru gobind Singh Ji's head with a beautiful plume which was decorated with precious stones.Bhai Ram kaur also presented Guru Gobind Singh Ji a turban, expensive shawl, a pearl necklace, a bow, sword, horse decorated with silver, an eagle and five goldcoins. the holy congregation from afar presented guru Ji with their gifts. Mata Gujri Ji kissed Guru Gobind Rai's forehead and blessed him. The congregation was served with langar .Aurangzeb's policy was to instil fer in the people but the Sikhs of guru ji flocked to Sri Anandpur sahib risking their lives.

Guru Gobind Singh Ji played the mridang, tabla and sirunda very well.At Riwalsar Sahub, Guru Gobind Singh Ji's Sirunda and Kirpan are kept together.

akhar vada ghata bhul chuk maff karnee

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