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    • Just to give you an example of Iceland where everyone has to scrub themself before using their hot springs. The reason Icelanders are so adamant is, in fact, purely hygienic.
    • Guest harleen
      the first time I took Amrit, I was 5 years old. After plenty of mistakes and growing I had taken it again at the age of 12 from pressure (not all of it was bad but some auntiyan were really urging me to just do it even though my family was warning me of all my responsibilities) and just pure desire to want it. It was at a camp and they really motivate you well. I kept it up for a while and ended up doing many wrongful things afterwards. I’ve plucked my eyebrows because I started getting insecure and ashamed, and just some of my facial hair in general after I got judgemental comments even from my own mother who is Amritdhari, I’ve removed a small amount from legs a couple times where my leg was exposed, once even because I childishly wanted to see what a razor feels like (not sure if this was before or after I took it again). But I’ve had my fair share of mess ups. I kissed a boy and once he took Amrit we never did again and are on a better path now where we don’t even see each other in real life. I feel like I have to confess to that and I’m not sure how. The worst one for me is confession removing pubic hair a few times for comfort purposes especially during period a few times. I just can’t find any way to do that so simply. I know I have to confess everything I can remember because if I don’t then I will be punished after I leave this world so I might as confess now and take the tankha especially because I do very much feel guilty for it all. I don’t know what I was thinking. But I’m terrified of how to say all this. Like wording-wise and just bringing it up in general. 
    • Guest guest
      you sound hysterical.   again, why do you keep mixing brown with blacks? - if small pox was stolen, why did they record where they originally got it from?  i don't think you understand the concept of theft.  immunisation is not the same as variolation.  its an improvement upon it.  would you rather receive variolation or immunisation. -picasso did not "steal" his art.  its well known he was influenced by the african masks he saw at the paris world show. so if an african plays guitar, does that mean he 'stole' the instrument from the west?  stop being stupid. i think you should look up the world 'steal'.
    • Guest guest
      the concept of zero is an intellectual idea.  why should they pay for it?  do you seem modern mathematicians 'patenting' their work? they got via the arabs anyway.
    • Guest guest
      they left india over 73 years ago!   thats not an excuse for todays poverty.   what have punjabis done?  just laced panjab soil and water with toxins to make money, imported foreign livestock and run off to europe/north america en masse? yes theres ALOT of bad stuff.  but what about good stuff?  you can research infant mortality before and after to get an idea.  or deaths from diseases like malaria etc  or number of women forced into sati against their will.   who exactly should feel remorse or shame?  how many of these people were actually there at that time?  why should they feel remorse or shame for what their grandparents did? "take em for wat u can get. they deserve no sympathy." ^this sounds like the kind of cruelty you accuse them of.
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