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Panj Piares And Amrit.


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The Panj Piares were Sikhs before becoming amritdhari so what was the change in them after taking amrit? What was the difference in them? How do we turn different after we take amrit?

Heres the original question asked on facebook by a nindak of Guru ghar.

Amrit Shakan to Pehla Punj Pyarian da religion ki c te Amrit shakan to baad Panj Pyarian da dharm ki c? J oh pehla v sikh san ta Amrit shak k ki farak pai gya? te jo oh Amrit shak k sikh bane ta ki oh sare lok jina ne amrit nahi shakya c ya hai(Including All Gurus) ohna da dharm ki hai ya C?

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Yes the Panj Pyaaray were Sikh before becoming Amritdhari. However, there is "jameen aasmaan ka ferq" between the Sehajdhari and Kesdhari Sikhs that comprised 99.99% of the Sangat on the day of Vasakhi 1699 and the Panj Pyaaray who became Amritdhari.

Amritdhari GurSikhs ie the Khalsa are those who, as you well know, vow to sacrifice their own life in order to uphold the rights of the downtrodden and oppressed and treat all good human beings with unbounded pyaar.

Non-Amritdhari Sikhs do not make such a commitment, though of course we should strive to become Amritdhari when we are spiritually ready to meet the challenge of the true higher standards expected of us by our Guru.

Furthermore, whereas Sehajdhari and merely Kesdhari Sikhs may regrettably hold to a so-called background ... with the purest of the pure all their erstwhile backgrounds are erased upon becoming Amritdhari.

I wish I could explain the difference in more detail but the simpleton's questions are so pathetic that it doesn't merit giving much more of an explanation in the difference beyond this. As I doubt he will be satisfied by that.

And don't trip on one joker asking a nonsense question ... just gain spiritual energy in your own mind from the wonderful occurence that was Vasakhi 1699.

It's not about being born into one religion or background that counts.

What distinguishes between human beings are our actions alone and the Panj Pyaaray proved that.

Don't forget to point out to our joker pal that ... on Vasakhi 1699 after the first two Khalsay had stood up ... Guru Gobind Singh Ji Maharaj (the sixth Khalsa) gave three more calls ... and despite a majority of the Sangat being Punjabi ... Mohkam Chand, a Gujarati calico printer/tailor from DwarkaNagar, Himmat Rai, a water-bearer from Jagannath Puri in Orissa, and Sahib Shah, a barber from Bidar (south India), stood up one after another and advanced to offer their heads for the protection of the meek and oppressed.

As the fool will probably accuse Sikhs of only being Punjabi next ... remind him a minority of the wider Punjabi community is Sikh ... most Punjabi's are actually Muslims and there are more Hindi speaking "Punjabi's" in the historic parts of pre-1966 Punjab ... and the ancestry of our bravest of the brave Punj Pyaaray says it all really.


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