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    • Her mum was on the radio appealing to all pray and hows she's good girl never done drugs alcohol etc...and does her paath and been feeling depressed of the lockdown etc and many elders was doing ardaas for her. Her sister were like she very close to her tell her everything etc Obvs know how hard its for parents to accept her bf, and is understandable they'd do anything to protect her daughter but they cant get away with this in this age..shes also grown adult.. Really sad situation...but its become so viral..  
    • Well there you go lol  Her family should of accepted her boyfriend and let her date him, or should of put their foot down and told her to pack her bags. Now its all coming out ...    they were not honest to their own community, i saw a video of the KTV lot and Singhs looking for her everywhere, Singhs doing Chaupai Sahib paat for her! etc I wonder if the black lives matter lot will make this into a headline lol  
    • @puzzled  @MisterrSingh @Ranjeet01 @dallysingh101 @Jonny101 
    • I don't think it is appropriate in today's day and age. Alcoholism is a huge problem in many communities. Here in the UK is is a massive problem and in India it is a huge problem as well. Alcohol is very addictive, even if someone might start drinking with "moderation" it will eventually get out of hand. Its like a drug. I think i read somewhere how in he UK one of the biggest causes of road accidents is actually alcohol. Even alcoholics started of drinking with moderation and then it just spirals out.  I'm pretty sure government makes a lot of £££ out of this business. 
    • This is exactly one of the reasons why I decided that I will never marry a Sikh woman. Even my parents have accepted my decision despite we all are amritdhari. I think deep down in their hearts they also realise that the current situation of sikh women is pretty much messed up. I feel sorry for those sikh men who went for arranged marriages thinking that they are marrying a "gursikh" woman from a gursikh family, little they realise that their so called "gursikh" wife has been used by hindu, sullay and Christians and she is only marrying them for money/property or to please her family. Dear Sikh men, its a humble request, always RESEARCH before saying yes to an arranged marriage to a Kaur. No matter how much parents are gursikh and pious, there are kaurs that are tramps and have done a phd degree in deceiving parents. You want a wife who has high moral values and character, trust me there are countless hindu/muslim women that fit this criteria. 
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