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There are several different type of "jangi" karas eacj has different purposes and uses. I dont personally know much about them first time I ever saw or heard of a Jamdhar Kara was in Niddar Singhs SV videos on youtube, few years ago when I last attended a few SV classes I saw some techniques demonstrated with a jamdhar kara being used for strangulation i.e: using the spikes to apply pressure to the throat. Can also be used for weapon disarms etc..

There are other types as well like Chobadar i think it's called with a single big spike on it. There are also large heavy types with rounded inner edges and flat chakkar like outside edge. There are karas used for loh mushti "iron fist boxing etc.

I dont think you will find jamdhar karas mass produced for open sale you will have to get them custom made. I heard only those with mastery of the combat arts or those of a certain skill level are allowed to wear Jamdhar karas. But like I said I can only go by what I've seen and read. There doesnt seem to be many people out there with the historical knowledge of purataan shastar and their traditional battlefield uses and history.

a lot of modern day Sikhs dont even acknowledge or agree that a Kara was used as a purataan shastar despit it being reference in Gurbilas Patshai 6 as a "beeni ka shastar" weapon of the the wrist...

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