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Vjkk Vjkf Ji,

I want to know if sangat know the bania stories ; why the banis were recited (I know but sakhian behind them) I.e. JapJiSahib- I think was a conversation with sidhs also sidh gosaT, so if pyaaree Saadh Sangat has any gyaan on this topic please don't hesitate to 'colour' us in with the gyaan

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Anand Sahib Uthanka:-

A jogi aged 1000 years came to Guru Amardas ji at Goindwal and did benti that he could not attain "anand" after going through so much of tapaseya. Please bless me with the daat of "anand". Guru sahib asked him to take birth as his grandson, as Baba Mohri ji's son as his age was too much now, then you'll be blessed with anand. So Jogi surrendering himself to Guru sahib's bachans left his body and took birth as Guru sahib's grandson. When the new born child was placed in Guru sahib's lap, Guru sahib did bachans " aa gaye anand ji, anand lain vaste" . Guru sahib started uttering "Anand sahib" path and named the child as "Anand". Guru sahib asked sangat to sing this bani aloud at that time.

Sahib Sri Guru HarGobind Singh Sahib ji called Baba Anand ji in paalki by saying that we have not done any service of Guru Amardas ji's generation. While baba Anand ji was coming in the paalki (covered from all sides), Guru sahib came and took one of the paalki sahara on his shoulders and asked others not to say anything. But baba Anand ji was brahgyani, so he came to know about this and jumped out of the paalki and threw himself to Guru sahib's charans.

Giani Thakur Singh ji - Katha Anand Sahib

Giani Ji said if one is feeling sad or gloomy, should do or listen to "Anand Sahib" bani continously. It'll give immense happiness and saroor.

This is the only bani that is read on all occasions - birth, marriage as well as death.

Bhul chuk maaf

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