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    • Wonder who the 'street racers' are?    https://www.mylondon.news/news/west-london-news/hundreds-sikhs-gather-outside-west-21138103 'Hundreds' of Sikhs gather outside West London temple to confront ‘street racers who threatened them’ The Met Police are 'aware of anti-social behaviour associated with car meets' A video shows 200 members of the Sikh community gathered outside a temple in West London to confront "street racers who threatened them". The community came together outside the Garib Nawaj Ji Gurdwara Sikh temple, on Springfield Road in Hayes, on both Friday and Saturday night (July 23 and 24) after experiencing issues with local street racers causing disturbances to prayers. According to one of the attendees, street racer groups in London threatened to return to the Gurdwara last night (Saturday, July 24) so the community wanted to be there to make sure nothing happened. The Metropolitan Police issued a Section 35 Dispersal Order in response to what they described as “anti-social behaviour” as a result of "car meets in the vicinity." READ MORE:'We planned to have a funeral today': Southall residents devastated after Sikh temple fire The Dispersal Order was been issued from 4.30pm yesterday (July 24) until 7am today (Sunday, July 25). Amarjeet Singh joined approximately 200 other men yesterday evening (July 24) to protect the temple and protest against the presence of the street racers. Police officers were also present. Amarjeet said that the Gurdwara had logged multiple complaints with police and local authorities.   Roughly 30-40 cars reportedly arrived at Springfield Road on Friday despite complaints by the local Sikh community He explained: “On Thursday night (July 22) all of a sudden [street racers] were racing up and down the road. One of the Singhs [a Sikh man who was praying in the Gurdwara] came out and nicely spoke to them. “Five minutes later they came outside and properly made a point of doing handbrakes, turns, everything outside the Gurdwara." The picture below shows members of the community gathered outside the Gurdwara on Friday to protest the car meets. Roughly 100 Sikhs arrived at the Gurdwara on Friday (July 23) (Image: Amarjeet Singh) According to Amarjeet, 40-50 cars came to Springfield Road on Friday July, 23, as an estimated 100 men arrived to protect the Gurdwara and protest their presence. Police officers were also present at the time. He said: “We didn’t cause any trouble, we just want them to stop them. “They get here in the evening and they make a racket.” A spokesperson from the Metropolitan Police said: “Officers are aware of ongoing issues of anti-social behaviour associated with car meets in the vicinity of Springfield Road and are liaising with the local community. “Officers attended the location and dispersed a number of groups."
    • and of Course Baba Buddha ji trained Guru Har Gobind ji in shastra vidhiya  
    • The cracker method is in full force. 
    • I've had a lot of that over the years. Be careful. These c**ts try and break bodies down over time. I think they learnt and developed the strategy/techniques on plantations myself. 
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