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14 Year Old Robert Ball Wants To Be A Sikh

singhbj singh

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Totally inspirational!! Check this out!!

This is 14 year old Robert Ball from Birmingham, UK and he wants to become a Sikh, He attends the Gurduara to learn Gurmukhi. He started coming to Smethwick Gurduara sahib after a school tour and then attended the Sikh2Inspire Camp at Smethwick. His parents are Christian and drop him off at the Gurduara.

The interviewer asks him WHY he wants to become a Sikh?

He said ''The Gurus have inspired me, I have looked up on a lot of religions and this Inspired me the most..the Sikh Gurus have sacrificed themselves for Sikhs and others''

The Interviewer asked what is your aim in life?

He said ''To take Amrit!!'

Great Stuff!

May Waheguru fulfil his aim!

Watch the whole interview:

Source - Sikhs Helping Sikhs mail

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Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa, Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh Ji


Compare this young gifted child to those born into Punjabi backgrounds that do not understand the value of Sikhi and crave to be 'western'.

Whatever Robert decides to do, his parents can be very proud of their son.

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