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    • parents were talking about wresting control from the trust and going independent if Nick started going down the route of wolverhampton.
    • The Khalsa Academies Trust (ACT) also have a school in Wolverhampton. It is called "The Khalsa Academy Wolverhampton" (TKAW).   When this school was originally set up as the British Sikh School (BSS), by a local partnership from Walsall, they asked for assistance from the Nick Kandola's academy trust.  WHICH WAS THE WORST MISTAKE THEY COULD EVER HAVE MADE. Kandola's trust took the new BSS into their trust and then putting his people on the board of governors isolated the two partners who were most instrumental in setting up the school. The two were outvoted on everything, the original plan for the school was changed from a Sikh-centric platform to a money-making herd acheivements and results platform.   It went to the extent that the two partners who set up the school weren't even informed of meetings. Rumours about them being spread in the school. Being isolated. They couldn't do anything and found themselves resigning. Which handed over total control to the Khalsa Academy Trust - Nick Kandola. Who was the main player behind these scenes at the school? Raminder Vig. After Vig, Mrs Sangha was made head. She disappeared suddenly at the end of one of the terms with no explanation to the children/parents except for "she wishes to spend more time with her family." Which points at something shady happening/happened, which the school has covered up.   The result was that the Sikh-centric platform was edged out slowly. First Sikhs studies went out, it was moved to an after school slot under the guise of enrichment. Then the days of enrichment went from 5 to 4, to 3 to 2, and now to 1. Sikh studies is not a part of it any more. Gatka and tabla etc are offered but now students have to pay when they were to be offered for free under the scholls original plan. The school under the 2 partners wanted to teach Sikh philosophy, Sikh music, Sikh literature Sikh martial arts. They had a plan to elevate Sikhs to higher levels of management on a national and international level. But this has ALL gone out of the window under Kandola's group. They never wanted any of this. They just wanted the school itself.   Sadly the Khalsa Acadmeies Trust now have the school . They, masquerading as a Sikh school have turned promising young Sikhs into virtual athiests. There is nothing "Khalsa" - pure about the TKAW. And thats the sad part really. They are no different for Sikh children than any other state school. The TKAW allowed bibles to be handed out to all its children, yet spent 1 hour on the anniversary of Guru Nanak Dev Ji's birthday to talk about Guru Sahib and his teachings.   He is just making sure he has numbers on his side. Kandola's group has got away with it at wolverhampton. Don't let them get away with it again.   If it's anything like Wolverhampton school there is no Sikhi there to begin with.   The principal at TKAW seems to be the of the same calibre. A yes person.   The guy is not to be trusted beleive me. He is one of the main culprits in denying two people the just accreditation and reward for going through a laborious 3 year program in order to set up the school. He plays the part of a "cheeky chappy fun teacher." It's all an act.   In Wolverhampton the excitement and buzz of having our own school dampened after the first academic year and fizzled out completely in the second. Children going there for years and can't tell you basic things about Sikhi. The two people who set it up, this was the project of their lives, which they had dedicated their future to. To wrest control of it, and turn it into a money-making scheme was just an abominable act.   The churning out of athiestic young Sikhs goes on through this venture.  
    • biologically females have been hardwired and chemically been built to get feelgoods or chemicals compensation for caring for people, however if they grow up in an indifferent or emotionally/physucally abusive home that natural setup gets messed up.  Then as they are growing they do sangat of gorey peers who disrespect and have no love for their folks so then they learn to hate their folks and see them as a meal ticket or ATM only. You have to have a loving mum to be a loving parent yourself no matter what sex . If the father is caring , protective and fairminded the girls will grow up straight as an arrow and have zero self-esteem issues  because they have respect in their folks eyes.
    • There was one Singh who had a joora,  he had baby with  light skin black girl, really pretty tho, they're both were 17 when she had baby..i think they'd broke up now last time i saw and is mona now     
    • they get import duties, taxes such as vat on each level of sale and probably vat on meds, operations , tests done on private patients and of course death duties.
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