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Guest kinda

Remembrance Program In Wolverhampton 15 June?

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Guest kinda

Just seen an advert on Sikh Channel for a Remembrance program in Wolverhampton by a 'Sikh Forum of Wolverhampton'.

Raising awareness of 1984 and Khalistan is positive always.

However, if I am not mistakenly informed by contacts in the Midlands, but that forum is run by some people who have for the past 10 years opposed anything to do positive Sikhi parchar and 1984, including questioning the taking of coaches by Gurdwaras to 84 remembrance rallies.

Some of the people heading this group are in fact anti Sant Bhindranwale.

What is their agenda now to arrange this remembrance program?

I have no idea why what sounds like Dr Sadhu Singh is voicing the promo, who being a local leader and knowing exactly what problems the individuals involved have been causing local naujawan.

Please be aware of the facts and find out who is behind these organisations which are now springing up in many towns and cities up and down the country.

Please be on your guard else we will be seeing snakes hidden in our midst for another 30 years.

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Guest Gupt

Good advice Mr/Mrs Niyang.

perhaps Niy4ng you should get off this forum & do the same.

Btw niy4ng sharing information is not nindya.

Asking questions is also not nindya.

Asking fellow Sikhs to ask questions and to be on guard is also not nindya.


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Guest anjaan

This is a remembrance programme raising awareness of 84 full stop. Attend if you want to be involved or don't if you don't want to. Your choice. But stop putting negative comments on here about things you don't know or understand. There are two sides to a story. The sikh forum are for sikhi and want to raise awareness of 84. They are against corruption and committees using gurdwara funds inappropriately. I suggest you contact a sikh forum member to get more info. Fateh!

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Guest Singh

I am involved in organising this event. Not sure what you are on about????

Wolverhampton Sikh Forum is a new initiative recently setup with West Midlands Police.

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Guest Kinda

Are there two Sikh Forums in Wolverhampton ?

One set up by police - organising the 84 remembrance programme.

And another set up by individuals who say they looking at issues in Gurdwaras, but according to their website only seem to be looking at issues at 1 Gurdwara and ignore the 9 or 10 other Gurdwaras in Wolverhampton, so perhaps they are not a Wolverhampton Sikh Forum but a '1 Gurdwara Sikh Forum'.

And one core issue they seem to want to address, according to their website, is putting chairs in Darbar Sahib, against the ethos of the edict from Sri Akaal Takhat Sahib.

Who are the contacts for this Sikh Forum - there are none to be found on their website.

Why are they so secretive? They have even blurred the pictures on their website.

Why would any transparent good to do organisation be so secretive?

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