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Can anybody help me with this. I recently drank Aloe Vera juice. I didnt read the ingredients? One of the ingredients were calcium lactate? Im not sure about this ingredient. Can anybody tell me if it is animal based or plant based. I need to know because im amritdhari? Do I go pesh for this or no?

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What is calcium lactate? Is it vegan?

It should be a vegan ingredient. It is a calcium salt of lactic acid. According to our research, domestically made lactic acid is produced without

whey as the fermentation medium. It is typically vegan. Archer Daniels Midland Co. reports that they use only hydrolyzed cornstarch as the

fermentation medium. Purac America Inc., says that they use only beet sugar. However, with imported products, such as some olives,

the source of the lactic acid is unknown.


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