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    • That's how it started off. All these Kalyugi groups Gays, Lesbians, Trans, feminists joined together to destroy the moral and ethical fabric of society. But now that they have largely achieved their goal of dominating society with their sinful ideas they are turning on each other. Gays and lesbians don't like each other. Both Gays and lesbians don't like Trans people. And feminazis don't like trans people since trans are basically men pretending to be women and are beating real women in sports like MMA. Trans athletes are ruining women's sports.
    • A russian doctor who was teaching us biology said yes theres a lot of studeies saying alcohol in moderation is healthy. But he says if u can ever avoid starting alochol its best. I think the moderation key is for alcoholics. For example, imagine the study is done in France. Where lets say everyone drinks alcohol. They find out ppl who drink only 1 glass ornless are the healthiest. So they start saying alcohol in moderarion is very good. But what if, its the least amount of alcohol thats good. So i think the studies are trying to day drink in moderation. Not to start drinking.  But this is all assumption. I would need to look at the study methods.  Plus i have only heard red wine is good. And that because it uses red grapes and so has antioxodanta. Which u can get from the grapes itself. Otherwise alochol is a posion our liver has to detoxify. And thats why most ppl get hangovers from excreting the waste, which wastes water.
    • Whelp it's an excuse to normalize kurehit, and the Gurus knew exactly the nature of that foul poison so I guess ayurveda needs updating. 
    • oh yeah i remember now! i think Kholi said something about Sikhs or gave his opinion on Sikh matters and someone from BOS said they had a word with Kholi and asked him if he believed guru granth sahib ji is above everything and he said no, and then they asked him if he keeps his kes and he replied no. But he said he still identifies as Sikh   I don't remember the radha soami part though lol Kushwant Singh was another man who had creepy vibes, he also was a atheist had his daughter married off to a Hindu and still identified as a Sikh, makes you wonder how many more out there that are not actually Sikh but still identify as Sikh Capt Amrinder also gives off very strong atheist vibes!    
    • Its hard to predict.  On one hand, sharam is the basis for dharam. And sharam is completely absent in the western liberal mindset.  On the other hand, if sikhi is to become global and to have an impact, we need to get with the times.  Western sikhs have more of an impact and reach. Like bhai jagraj singh and 3H0 and sikh awareness society. They can provide solutions to modern problems like depression/ill health (yoga) and grooming (awareness) and relate to younger audiences. While the old sharam dharam ppl are barey surviving, can barely keep their families on the right path and are sanctamonius and judgemental. Have the keep to urself attitude and are always in a defensive position. Not ppl u can rely on jn panthic matters like grooming etc. But at least the parents are doing their duty and raising kids who can speak panjabi and are dharmi (moral)  
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