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She lost her beloved

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Vaheguroo jee ka khalsa Vaheguroo jee kee fateh!

mithra piaaraa naanak jee mai shhadd gavaaeiaa ra(n)g kasu(n)bhai bhulee ||

I abandoned and lost my Beloved Friend, O Nanak; I was fooled by the transitory color of the safflower, which fades away.

tho sajan kee mai keem n poudhee ho thudhh bin adt n lehadhee ||1||

I did not know Your value, O my Friend; without You, I am not worth even half a shell. ||1||

I got this story from a bhainjee.....


Something so peculiar has happened that I must write it down while it is fresh in my mind.

I was out for a stroll today, when I came upon the oddest caricature. An elderly woman of indeterminable age was sitting close to a gate and mumbling. A strange light gleamed from her eyes and she seemed quite mad. She was attired in assorted raiment of non-descript garments covered with filth from which could be seen protruding scraps of the finest materials. The colour, worn and faded, must have at one time shone with luster. There could be no doubt that these were her own, as the fit was impeccably tailored to her frame.

More over the locks of her tresses were bound up as a married woman, but she wore no ring as befitted a former bride, nor for that matter jewelry of any kind which might be expected in one of her station according to the remnant of her fine clothing. On her wrist was a rusted bangle, and a dagger strung at her hip.

I bent forward to hear what she might be muttering. It seemed as though she uttere

d just one plea over again and again. I made out one word “waheguru”. Interspersed she would cry aloud “hamaree pyaree AMritdharee”. I could make no sense of this. But I was moved by the earnest expression in the bearing of her countenance.

I knelt in front of her and made and inquiry of sorts. “My Dame, you seem is some sort of distress. Might I be of any assistance?”

It took some insistence on my part before she recognized I was there. Then she reached out and clutched my coat. “I’m lost, I have lost my beloved,” she lamented. There was urgency to her voice. Before I could reply she hurriedly continued. “It’s my fault, all my fault”. Tears starting from the corners of her eyes slid down her wizened cheeks. “I had the most wonderful love, a treasure beyond compare. I laughed, loved, and lived in unutterable beauty. Like a butterfly on wing sipping nectar from rose petals, my days were then. But alas, I let it slip from my grasp by sheer ingratitude and neglect. I was so contented I took it completely for granted. When I woke from the stupor of my intoxication I was left thus.” She spread her hands helplessly. “One day I was queen, and the next, a beggar. Oh there are some shreds of my passion remaining;” she assented, fingering her former finery. “But the essence has trickled away. Like golddust spilling from a hole in the pocket, all that remains is its glimmering leavings. But my fortune is lost…” Her voice trailed off. “I was a silly girl. I reveled in my moment but forwent my opportunity of everlasting quintessence. Quite simply I wandered in to the world and lost my way. The track to my beloveds abode and been paved over. I only know it lays somewhere through that gate. She pointed a finger looking after it hauntingly. I’m too feeble to go alone. I must find the way. Can you help me?” she pleaded, seeming to crumble even more in to her crumpled visage.

I know not the ways beyond that gate my Dame,” I replied confoundedly. “I hold not the key nor do I know any of its attendants. I’m v

ery sorry. I had hoped to be of service. But it seems I am useless in this affaire after all.”

“Oh, but such wealth awaits, as you can not possible imagine. My beloved is unchanging His love so incomparable and vast more than either of us should ever know otherwise. We could search for him together.” she whispered conspiratorially. “But I am aged and weak and cannot walk alone. I need your strength to uplift and support me.” She grasped my hand tightly pulling me close. “Will you help?” She searched my eyes with her own piercing through to the deepest part of me, I found my self responding but to what I knew not. “Waheguru” she whispered, “Waheguru.”

Her intensity frightened me. What was I getting into? Who or What was this Waheguru. “I…I don’t know how.”

She smiled through her tears, the corners of her mouth turned up disappearing into the folds of her cheeks. “Do not you worry, the way lies through there. You will never have any regret unless it is of not exploring the prospects of the unimaginable affluence of abiding love. Please please say that you will take me through the gate...”

I felt compelled, how could I not, and so I gave her my promise. She told me “Go now and make your preparation. Return before first light when the gate will open and together we shall enter…”

I’m trembling now as I write this…What is before me, what awaits, I know not, but I deem that it is riches not of this world…

waheguru ji

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