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Swa Lakh Mool Mantar

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Guest HumAkaali
On 6/20/2016 at 1:19 AM, sikhni777 said:

As with everything, practice makes perfect. A mala is hard to start using as you sometimes forget to turn the bead or find you have turned too many and not done the path. This happens when you are tired and not concentrating. What helps if first you get the mool mantra rhythm without mala. Then when using mala train your mind and fingers to only go tothe next bead when you come to saying ik... one bead one God.

Otherwise using an alarm clock to keep time like sitting for an hour or twelve minutes allows you to concentrate purely on path alone and works super too. Leave the individual counting to anterjami God, while you enjoy the ras. The more you do the more you will know what method suits you the best.



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