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Maharaja Dalip Singh Story (Turban - The Pride Of A Sikh)

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    • These cows even burn the hands of kids with knives and then call it a work of god!    
    • how are you managing to live with her? i thought you didn't like women,  has she not picked this up 
    • There's always a few useful idiots like the "sikhs for justice" khalistan 2020 campaigners who dont know the real picture for Sikhs in pakistan. It is quite telling that alot of hardcore older Khalistani's who fought the indian state once hailed pakistan govt and people now speaking out of the true intentions of the corrupt oppressive islamic regime. - They are witnessing pakistani Sikh civilians getting randomly killed here and there by "unknown" gunmen (muslim zealots). And their murders are often blamed on "fueding" hindu and sikhs which is very dubious.  - Their Sikh daughters and sisters harassed by muslims (egged on by the state and religious bodies) to convert to islam telling them their faith is hellbound and inferiour. - Some muslims who come to pakistani gurdwara's disrespect it by smoking in gurdwara grounds and abusing the congregation fighting with the sangat. - When pakistani taliban and various jihadi mafia gangs entered Sikh area's of NWFP pakistan they enforced extortionate jizya on them in the knowledge they wont be able to pay so must convert or leave their ancestral lands for safer area's - Patriot Pakistani Sikh politicians standing for leading parties sent death threats and killed eventually. - Every attack on Sikhs by muslims is hushed up by the state and media and even pakistani Sikhs themselves for fear of reprisals of muslim mobs - Gurdwara's attacked few times by muslim zealots and mobs, saroops of SGGS Ji attacked and burnt in few incidents - Pakistani drama's often depict Sikhs as murderers of muslims and haters of pakistan or jokers and clowns same as bollywood - Pakistani educational text books feature Sikhs and sikh rule in negative light often making Islam look like a blessing - Pakistani ISI funding in part neo-al-qaeda (islamic state khorasan) jihadi attacks on innocent vulnerable afghan Sikhs   I could go on and on about the oppression pakistani Sikhs face and faced but i think people get the picture
    • The best chance pakistan had to "liberate" punjab/khalistan from indian rule and make it a vassal tributary sikh state for it was in 1984 operation blue star. Had they crossed the border to help the Sikh separatists and those dharmi yudhai who fought valiantly by themselves defending darbar sahib they then would have been supported by the Sikh masses of the punjab countryside and the full blown insurgency + pakistani army would have overun the indian troops in punjab which would have enabled pakistan to take Kashmir much easier. They chickened out or slyly backed out like a snake and let the Sikhs get slaughtered while they watched from a distance laughing and hi5ing each other then getting ready for the Sikh rebel influx into pakistan in which they had already planned training camps for them to hit indian targets. Pakistani ISI played their part to checkmate Indian R&AW who were caught oping and playing catch up. The Pakistani ISI was created by the British m16 in early 1950s whereas R&AW was created in late 1960s with heavy influence from USSR KGB. So pakistan had 10years ahead of the indians and helped with training and tactics by western intelligence agencies against USSR soviet backed Indian govt.
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