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    • Gotta agree with this. It's not ideal, but we need a strong "street" presence away from the lily-livered, soft intellectuals in the diaspora quom who've aligned themselves with factions that serve us no purpose or benefit, or in extreme cases serve to do us serious harm under the guise of friendship and tolerance.  Invariably, these guys are going to end up rubbing some people up the wrong way because they don't temper their strength with spirituality, but at this point in time we aren't in a place where we have much of a choice. Perhaps in the coming years we'll be blessed with more rounded personalities who are in-line with the full gamut of Gurmat values, but for now let's think ahead a little bit. I just wish we had more Sikhs with the spirit of warriors but also the unwavering loyalty for Sikhi and our people, coupled with cunning and knowledge to deal with the wolves in sheep's clothing. Any so-called educated or intellectually minded Sikh who doesn't identify with the thug lifestyle seems to gravitate almost as default to the side of our opponents. There's no sense of rajneeti at all. For the sake of clarity, I don't have any ties to any of the personalities in this issue. I'm an impartial observer.
    • whose agenda does it serve to sideline Deepa and the other sewadars of sikh youth uk?? GOI - no mention of Jaggi will remain WMP - valuable scalps to present 'traditional' sikh organisations - can let diaspora fall back to sleep We may not like the thuggish soch but truth is if they even encourage a handful of youth to look up history, sikhi  etc it may be a positive thing.
    • Nice brov, never seen sun emblem with a moustache though lol
    • I'm QA test manager,  so if you need testing can help, I tested mvc/angular currently working with php. Used selenium and other testing technologies.  But can help punjabi translations with testing in codeceptjs, c# and tutorials with postman.
    • Wow nobody else did childish acts in their teens, I dont know these people, get the children to apologise,  why you making a mountain out of mole hill. We have more serious issues to give our energy too.

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