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    • What will it take for some Sikhs to realise that muslims hate us. There isn't always some conspiracy behind everything.
    • So it seems like the seeds for conflict are being planted. Sikhs need to keep an open mind who or which groups are trying to provoke a clash. Though these type of attacks do fit into the pattern of behavior by global jihad islamist groups and radicalised muslim extremists. There's plenty of videos on youtube which show their mindset in seeing all non-muslims as enemies of islam. So its not too difficult for them to hate on innocent Sikhs over kashmir they dont really need an excuse to do what they do.
    • Interesting! the agencies work in a very subtle manner. tough to understand wats really going on!
    • Now I am wondering who's actually behind this attack ? muslims, or someone who wants sikhs to hate muslims ?!!
    • I've tried all my strength but I can't get in contact with him as he's blocked all ways. I have to honestly put my hands up and say I do not know what else I can physically do. I have no option but to surrender to guru sahib. I do believe that ardas and benti Can make the impossible possible because at the end of the day we're all God's Children's.  I know waheguru ji has given us free will but I believe that in this era we're surrounded by kalyug and sometimes when your bani/meditation lacks kalyug gets to your mind. I know I can't force my hubby to change his mind however I can pray for him and ask maharaj to protect him from kalyug infecting his mind so that he can realise his mistakes. Laavan are very powerful and two people who are connected with laavan do have some sort of spiritual connection/authority over each other. Similarly a parent and child are closely connected too, my parents have been praying for my brother and I have seen a drastic change in him. I remember a while back when everything was going good, we did parshada for 5 Singh's, one Singh mentioned how his daughter has took amrit but her husband wouldn't change his path. She began doing ardas for him at Amrit vela to protect him from kalyugs influences and she was successful.  Guru sahib says 'Jo mange Takhur apne te soee soee deve' they also say 'har har Tera naam hai dukh metanhaara'..... So my ardas is 'har ju rakh leo patt meri' .... I know for a fact waheguru jis words cannot be lies so the lack is in me, I hope with the sangats blessings and waheguru jis mercy my prayer will be fulfilled. 
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