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Ardas Karan Dian 13 Jugtian - Book By Bhai Guriqbal Singh  

Anyone know where I can find a PDF for this- possibly English but if not Punjabi will do.

Thank u :)

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    • That is pretty crazy...but in reality its peanuts around $160 million...whereas check out the Christian Vatican, Muslim Jewish Hindus lobby therio in the BILLIONS....we need panthic Billionaires.. But the SGPC can still do alot even if they used a fraction of that in Punjab, help the shaheed families, pay for lawyers those stuck Sikhs Jail. the farmers an..end the Christian missionaries and list goes on...but they'll all corrupt ...even better if we had better leaders create a investment fund where we can multiply the money and use it for panthic causes..like Khalsa Investment etc Either way, we should focus does in West become financially successful and creating a  lobby like rest have..money talks!
    • oh yes, and also I remember there was unification of Jathas under Nawab Kapur Singh, unification in Dal Khalsa and then split under Budha Dal and Tarna Dal. Do we need another reunification, maybe absorb some of the colonial era jathas into the dals? If there was a sarbat Khalsa held by dal Khalsa to do this, if we are able to  get the Budha Dal leader to be respected again like Nawab Kapur Singh, Jassa Singh Ahluwalia and Akali Phoola Singh, then these jathe could be absorbed into Dal Khalsa and keep the anti-dasam views and corrupted maryadas in-check. Anyone unwilling to join  would be treated like maybe the Phulkian states, they were the ones who kept out of Dal Khalsa right? might have got the states wrong but I am sure there were some Singhs who didn't join Dal Khalsa during Misl era and Ranjit Singh kingdom era.
    • I know a guy who makes a lot of money who’s in samadhi continuously. Doesn’t matter what you do
    • The first part of that is good. You should mass send this out to everyone you know on Facebook etc 
    • Vaheguru ji ka khalsa Vaheguru ji ki fateh Oh no.Thats a mistake to let them in your house.They probably had bad intentions for you.For example they are jealous or something and by letting them in your house it's like giving them permission to do black magic on you.I think you mentioned before that you get scared to go to a room to do Amritvela?If this is the case please do not fear it.If you let it stop you from going to do Amritvela,then it will stay longer.If you do your 5 banis during Amritvela, it wont be able to live in that environment. You also mentioned that you drank something from them?Honestly,not to scare you but they could have done black magic to the drink.So I would give 2 solutions based on my experience.Firstly, as soon as you get the chance take amrit with your daughter.Secondly do about 5 Chaupai Sahib a day.I will give you an example as to why you should do 5 Chaupai Sahib.Something like that has happened to me before.It went to an extent where when I am in a room,something would start knocking the door and the door would kinda move.So I did 2 Chaupai sahib for only 1 day and then did ardas to Guru ji for protection.After just that 1 day of 2 Chaupai sahib  I have never experienced it again.So if you do 5 Chaupai Sahib for awhile,the spirit will leave your house.Chaupai Sahib is very powerful.Why I'm telling you to do 5 Chaupai Sahib is because in your case it's a slightly bigger problem since it tried to come for you but it will go away.Dont worry and just have faith in the Creator.He will protect his Gursikhs. Edit:You also mentioned "This specific spirit".Does this mean that theres more than 1 spirit in your house? Bhul Chuk Maf🙏
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