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waheguru ji ka khalsa waheguru ji kee fateh ^_^

here is a poem on abortion

mumee jee keep me safe,

mumee jee keep me warm,

& with all your love mumee jee help me form.

im 6weeks old today & two birthday gifts

for me are a pair of bright brown eyes so that

one day i will see.

i've already got my hands & a pudgie little nose

and at the end of my feet are those little things

called toes.

oh where are we going today, on a bus in a boat

or far away.

mumee jee why are you lying down, being pushed on

those four wheels, this doesnt usually happen

how fuuny it does feel.

bang through the doors, men all dressed in gree. #if they hurt you mumee jee, run away & scream.

there hurting me mumee jee, there pulling me apart,

my legs, my arms & now its my heart.

gur fateh mumee jee.

thank you for trying, but i will never see the

sky or the birds or the trees, or taste ice cream,

or feel a cool breeze.

i loved you mumee jee, i really did do, but i wished

mumme jee that you could have loved me too.

by the way i didnt write that poem, i dont know who did but it made me cry. i think abortion is wrong

what ever the reason. sngat jee could you give some feed back please.


manee kaur. rolleyes.gifrolleyes.gif

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I LOVE KIDS.soo much..especially the really lil babies,,, rolleyes.gif

i think abortion is wrong...

y take away a life??...

you don't have the right to do that.. only waheguru ji does...

.. btu in a way.. i'm a lil confused on this part.. what if someone gets an abortion becasue they know that they're not gona be able to raise the child and give him/her proper facilities?.. i dunno .. i need a lil assistance on this part... tongue.gif :

bhul chuk di khima...

waheguru ji ka KHALSA

waheguru ji ki FATEH... ^_^

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Guest balwinderkaur

the poem is so heart wrenching. :'( *sob sob* but in my viewpoint, im gonna stick to my stand that if a foetus is detected to have abnormalities like down's syndrome or any other severe deformities which have LITTLE/ZERO chance of being cured once born..then i think abortion is the best choice cuz its no point being born and not being able to lead a normal life. its quite pitiful in fact...the child is dependent on someone else for nearly the rest of his/her life.(i know there are programmes encouraging disabled people to be self-sufficient but they still dont get to lead as normal a life as we do..unless circumstances are exceptional)

furthermore, if the girl is pregnant thru rape, surely u dont expect her to carry the foetus all the way to term and raise the child of someone soooooooooooooooooooo heartless and cruel and maybe even irresponsible????have some heart for the poor mom....no girl WANTS to be raped and its just her misfortune if that ever happens. *god forbid* the child will also suffer cuz he/she will be illegitimate...given our conservative society...i shudder to think of what trauma the poor child will undergo once he/she realises that he/she is a product of an event as horrendous and contemptible as rape. one might also argue that the child could be given up for adoption once born, well fair enough.

I think its only fair that abortion be allowed for such cases. In all other cases e.g. unplanned pregnancies , then i think it should not be performed.

my views may sound extreme but im onl

y concerned for the welfare of the child. i apologise if ive said anything offending and reiterate that no offense whatsoever was intended. Bhool chook di khima.

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Guest SikhForLife

yes i seem to agree with you

we can control the life of that child.. even though science says theres no life in it for the 120 day period in which abortion is performed

but either way there are arguements and this debate is endless

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Waheguroo Jee Ka Khalsa!

Waheguroo Jee Kee Fateh!!

this poem is soooooooo touching whoever wrote it is really talented !!

abortion is a really controversial topic, most people's gut instict is that abortion is wrong but when other things such as rape etc come into it the subject becomes even more complicated.

i agree wid balwinder kaur in saying that whether or not abortion is a good or bad thing depends on the individual situation. However, in response tothe rape dillema if a girl got pregnat by rape isnt that waheguru's hukam ??? and shud the stupidity of the man thant raped the women be taken out on an innocent child ????

Waheguroo Jee Ka Khalsa!

Waheguroo Jee Kee Fateh!!

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WJKF ^_^^_^

I kinda agree with both of you there. but if you were to think about in sikhi, it is wrong to have an abortion no matter what the reason. there is a reason for every thing. i know your probably thinkin, yeh but what if the girl has been raped, she aint gonna wanna keep the baby. if you thinkin, abortion is okay in this case, i kinda think it aint, cos if u think about it, yeh, your only able to achieve salvation by takin amrit, the only time u have an oppurunity to meet the eternal true guru is when your a human being. the poor soul would have to go through many life forms, god knows how lon it would take to become a human being again. by having a termination, the poor child wouldnt even get a chance. and plus what ever happens is gods hukam, so your supposed to accept it, ven if its good or bad. anway thats my point of view. sorry if i offended anbody.

if i have please forgive me. :D

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Waheguroo Jee Ka Khalsa!

Waheguroo Jee Kee Fateh!!

i was reading a post about abortion on sikhnet and i came across the following written by one of the moderators:

I'm afraid that you have been misinformed. As Sikhs, we believe that the soul enters the body at the 120th day of pregnancy. Therefore it is perfectly fine to have an abortion before the 120th day or 4th month...in the first trimester of pregnancy

i've never heard of this before, is it true? does anyone have any qoutes from the sggs ji to back this statement up ??

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Guest SikhForLife
"As Sikhs, we believe that the soul enters the body at the 120th day of pregnancy"

i dont kno about that..!!!!

science says the child doesnt become 'alive' untill the 120th or so day

i dont think that has anything to do with sikhi..

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waheguru ji ka khalsa

waheguru ji ki fateh...

I was talking to my mum ji about this...

a topic came up...

sometimes .. when ppl find out if the child is a female they tend to get an abortion... One of my mums freinds did this.. because her husband wanted a boy who could keep the family going..

After that lil talk.. i seriously went into deep thoughts...

i felt really bad.... i don get it.. why would ppl do that..

infact my question is.. how exactly do you expect the guy to keep the family going.. it takes two.. and the mom goes through a tougher time then the dad...

waheguru ji forgive me if i said anything wrong...

i just can't control my emotions when something like this comes up... :D

bhul chuk muaaf...

waheguru ji ka khalsa

waheguru ji ki fateh

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