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what I was gonna ask went wrong forgive me I dont know what I have wrote I dont know where it came form sorry In advance if you read this or thinking now just ignore it


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BRO, I'm not gonna lie you cant spell or write ,

but what you have said its true 100 percent , I sort of agree with you I really wanted to learn rabbab as a kid but my dreams were shattered as my local gurdwara had no classes for kirtan. I once heard in Katha when the rabbab was played the birds used to sit and listen, waheguru please bring this time back.

I dont really think committee care about what we think. its too late we will never get our gurdwara how they should be too much corruption 

I wish you was the president of all the gurdwaras in the uk , im guessing every Sikh child would becoming a ragi , and the generation to come would make Khalistan 

I think your heart has spoken instead of words dont be sorry  


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