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Guest gurbani Vaheguru

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Guest gurbani Vaheguru

dhan dhan vaheguru satguru sri guru granth sahib ji. 


A Sikhs goal is to hear, see and meet Vaheguru before death.


A Sikhs Duty is to do Simran with each and every breath.

We should not only read gurbani, we should and we are supposed to do read it, do vichaar of it, study it, live it, and do Simran to come to the state to hear see and meet Vaheguru. 

What's mean by "hearing" Vaheguru?

Naam=Vahegurus Voice.  In the first stadium of the marag, the way to Vaheguru, Naam is the gurmantar ("Vaheguru ") .

So Vaheguru spoke, made a sound  and then started the establishment of this universe. That sound which Vaheguru made is called Naam. That Naam is everything,is Vahegurus voice, is in each and every living being, and everywhere. And that sound, which was made by Vaheguru can be listened. This is not a theory. It's true .

Gurbani says:(search this pankti by yourself Ji) ਸਘਰਬਰਬ  ।। ਰਬਕਬਰ ।। Sabhai ghatt raam bolai RAAMA BOLAI raam bina ko bolai re 


to become a true Khalsa and real Sant we need to reach doing Simran 24/7/365/366.


gurbani clearly says

Now search please  for these panktia in a gurbani search app (for example learn shudh Gurbani or igurbani ) start doing khoj of gurbani and dont stay only reading it.



Aath peher salahi srijanhaar tu


ਜਸਗਧਮਹਹ ਸਗਗਮਭ  

jo saas giraas dheae mera har har  so gursikh guru man bhavai                         sas giras means with breathing in and breathing out 

                                                                                                                             saas giraas is the first technique of doing naam simran abhyaas.


ਭਪਮਦ ਗਮਕੲਤਬ

bhaee parapt manukh dehuria gobind miln ki eh teri baria


ਅਗਅਜਜਗਨ ਨਸਪਸਸਗਨ

antar gur aradhna jihva jap gur nao netri satgur pekhna srawni sunna gur nao

come to the state of doing simran antargat , jap the gurmantar with your tongue,  see vaheguru with your eyes, and hear Naam (=Vahegurus Voice) with your ears antargat.



then and only then we will have a place, find a place and get to the place in dargah, nijh ghar sahkhand 


So there are many Sikhs who do abhyaas, but they do it how they think it's right, they use their own Mat/techniques

But a Gurmukh is supposed to leave the own Mat, and only follow gurmat - guru Di mat - Gurbani.



why cant/dont we listen to Vahegurus voice currently?

because of our thoughts/vichaar/phurne in our minds. the panj chor talk,argue , and trick our mind, they make us forget vaheguru,make us drunk in maya. our mind has to be pure (means to have no phurne/thoughts in mind) to hear naam.

forgetting Vaheguru,having thoughts is also a paap. 

andar di mail kahde naal bandi? = phurnea naal, vichaara nal, te paapaa naal. 


So how does one do real Abhyaas, naam Simran?

Saas giraas is the first technique of doing Simran. Gurbani (search by yourself for thes panktia, do khoj of Gurbani!) : ਸਦਰਸਗ ang 177 simrao din rain saas giraas

Saas giraas means with our breaths. Saas =breathing in Giraas=breathing out.

When we breath in /or shortly after breathing in we say Wahe.  and then while breathing out we say Guru.

We are supposed to do Simran with the gurmantar ("Vaheguru") only. Gurbani:    ਕਨਗਚ। Kahu nanak gur mantar chitaar. Ang 186 

ਸੳਸਕਸਨਗਦ , ਵਗਹਜਹਖ (these panktia are from Bhai Gurdaas Ji) 

when you do Simran the most IMPORTANT thing is to LISTEN TO YOUR OWN VOICE while speaking the gurmantar.

gurbani pankti: ਸਸਰਗਹਧਸ ang 611 

reading gurbani is NOT simran. gurbani says: ਪਮਨੳਪਗਜ    , ਪਪਥਸਨਅ   , ਪਨਭਬਪ।   search for these panktia. theres nothing to discuss, as satguru ji clearly varify. 


read gurbani to learn that giaan and DO VICHAAR of it. Start doing gurbani khoj, look for the way to Vaheguru.  Searching panktia is so much fun. 


Ask these questions to yourself:

Where do I wanna go after death? To Vaheguru or back to this world where everything gets worse as we can see day by day everyday?

Why I don't do Simran? Why  don't I feel vairaag?  How can I find Vaheguru? 

I have become that old, why haven't I seen and met Vaheguru yet? 

What's my purpose asa Sikh in life? What's my duty? Why don't I ask my guru?

Does the sangat I am with, help me to reach my goal? Is that sangat only sangat or is it Satsangat?

do Simran to get above the giaan through abhyaas di kmai.

While walking that marag do Simran, Satsangat and Seva. 


Read gurbani to learn/gain the giaan, DO SIMRAN saas giraas to implement the giaan,guru Di mat. Do Simran to fullfil your ACTUAL DUTY asa Sikh.


Naam=Vahegurus voice. (The precursor of naam is the Gurmantar) 

When i any pankti in gurbani  theres the word "Shabad" , Baani" "anhat Shabad" or "Naam" they all refer to Vahegurus voice/the sound/sounds which  Vaheguru makes, which resides in our hearts.

simran= remembering/meditating on Naam through/with the gurmantar., washing your mind, learning how to die while being alive 

Sangat= group of people        Satsangat= being with a gurmukh or in a group where simran is done, where its only talked about how to meet vaheguru and Naam. 


gurbani pankti about satsangat : ਸਕਜ।।    ਜੲਨਵ।। satsangat kaisi jaaniai jithai eko naam vakhaniai.  ang 71 

gurbani pankti about dying while alive: ਰਰਤਪਜਪਤਜ।  raam rattan tab payai jou pehle tajahai sareer . raam rattan =Naam , tajhai sareer = leaving the body.


how do you leave the body 

firstly you need a lot of simran abhyaas, listen to your own voice while doing simran,then you will come to the state where you have NO thoughts/phurne in your mind, then you will fall "asleep" , you must have literally no any kind of thought in your mind, and then, by vahegurus grace, you may llisten to shabad/Naam (Vahegurus Voice) which then lead you to Vaheguru. you first hear and then see Vaheguru (mostly...but everything is in Vahegurus hands, Vaheguru can do and change everything and anything.)

gurbani pankti about dying while alive: ਰਰਤਪਜਪਤਜ।  raam rattan tab payai jou pehle tajahai sareer . raam rattan =Naam , tajhai sareer = leaving the body.




stages of simran (techniques) : saas giraas, saas saas, rom rom, ajapa jap/antargat.


im telling you, your life will definetly change to the good when you start doing simran on routine and regulary basis.

there is more to Sikhi than the most sikhs even amritdhaari sikhs, famous katha vachiks know. there is far more than everything we have heard yet. vaheguru.

start by doing simran at least 5 minutes a day and slowly slowly increase day by day or weekly as you like. but DO simran. its not what i am telling you, its what Gurbani, our guru tells us to do every single day.

these are piecses from more giaan, which vaheguru blessed me with. but these are very important. dont underestimate the things written above. its all true, written in gurbani.

through vahegurus grace i got connected with gurmukhs from gurdwara prabh milne ka chao moga, vaheguru taught me this through the roop of gurbani and the gurmukhs.

i reccomend to listen to the kathas of gurdwara prabh milne ka chao, visit that gurdwara youll definetly get laha, i also sometimes listen to bhai sukha singh ji uks and basics of sikhi katha. also, what i reccomend is to completely shut off using instagram,snapchat etc.. another tip is, whenever you listen to kathas of anyone, look if the things which are being told in the katha also written in gurbani, does Gurbani verify it? is there a pankti on it? does that katha help me to reach the goal, does it help me increase my simran abhyaas? are the things being told from his/her own mat, manmat or gurmat? do they make sense spiritually?

I ask for maafi , if i have written something wrong or hurtful. I will not reply to any replies to this post.

Wishing everyone good health,safety, naam di daat and satsangat. Dhan Vaheguru Sahib jio :)


Waheguru ji ka khalsa Vaheguru ji ki Fateh.

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