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  2. I thak everyone for the replies and time taken for there in put. raj academy is un practical imo, as they charge and the model that is in place for a beginner needs to have a disposable flow of funding to be taught. I am just becoming upset and disheartened in all honesty as the search for how to learn, play and for free authentic instrumental kirtan is basically non existent . I will keep on trying but I just fear that eventually if I don't find anything then I will just have to be forced to but walk away from the whole wish and desire, until I have a disposable income to pay a teacher.
  3. Big_Tera

    Which countries can Sikhi look to expand in?

    Im sure we can convince the Japanese we are are similar to them in some ways. ie our views and cultural dress sence. Ie This guy could be mistaken for a japanese samarai warrior if you did not take a double look.
  4. Yesterday
  5. I'm really gd at reading people, i just some how can easily read people and their intentions. I find it really easy to figure out snakes. Im always right. But it's interesting to watch documentaries about how others live. I watched this bbc series about women working in a area called hallbeck I think, it's the first legalised red light area in the UK. The camera followed the women everywhere and they all were crack heads. They all became prostitutes because of drug addiction. One woman even had a successful beauty salon before she became a prostitute. The customers are weird. One guy wanted the prostitute to take a sh1t on his chest and he payed her £100s so he gave her lots of curry to eat LMAO This one really gd looking black girl worked in retail but then ended up taking drugs and then became a prostitute to pay for her drug habits.
  6. You see this kind of sh1t in the news a lot. No different to the stories from charitropakhyan. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.indiatoday.in/amp/crime/story/wife-kills-husband-poison-affair-punjab-1572436-2019-07-23
  7. share it let everyone knw
  8. dallysingh101

    Which countries can Sikhi look to expand in?

    You know one thing that strikes me about Japanese culture is their attention to style. They are brilliant at it. They have a natural aesthetic flair. I mean look at their architecture. Swords. How they traditionally dress. Check out those awesome meditation gardens! I would imagine they would see us as scruffy, savage underdeveloped pendus in comparison?
  9. You talking about me or the people in the documentaries? I like hard hitting documentaries
  10. I studied Psychology years ago. It's made me interested in the subject. Plus trying to understand why people behave like they do.
  11. I watch all sorts of documentaries. It's interesting haha really good one on BBC iPlayer called voices in my head, it's about schizophrenia. But I watch absolutely anything just to see how other people live documentaries about prostitutes, crack heads, pornstars, mental health, serial killers I watch anything haha! But yeah this woman who wanted to become a bloke had a man private part attached to her and it had a pump which blows air into it whenever she wanted to use it LMAO
  12. LMAO that is so funny. Kusre look scary. I remember after my cousins wedding this kusra came to dance LMAO we told him that he doesn't have to but he was like no he wants to dance and he told us to call all our neighbours haha! And then he started doing giddha LMAO all the men got up and left but the aunties sat there and watched him dance HAHA!
  13. Guest

    Our sikh youth

    WGJKK WGJKF Whilst going through college and university, I have noticed a huge divide in our Sikh youth. I've seen many young Sikh men either go full cultural or full Sikhi. Women on the other hand, I rarely see any that truly follow Sikhi. I know one woman, 21 now who is dating an amrit shuk man in his 20s. She got personal and told me that they've had intimate relations and that it only took 4 days of them speaking for her to give him that intimacy (intercourse.. ). And she really shows interest in Sikhi but didn't truly see how wrong this was. And for the man, he said he was forced to shuk amrit, so that's pretty bad in itself as he has had various gfs and other stuff whilst amritdhari. Now if this woman is someone who goes gurdwara every weekend and shows genuine interest in Sikhi but still does panga like this, I am losing faith in humanity. The rest of the sikh women that i have met in my life, 95% of them are fully cultural with a drinking, clubbing and sexual lifestyle. Smoking, getting many tattoo's etc. Why aren't women going towards sikhi? Many men that I've met, although there's a lot of messed ones out there, I've met quite a few that took deep steps towards guruji and sikhi. Can't say the same about women. What can be done as a Panth? A lot of women don't even care or have any respect if you point things out like them posting stuff like smoking weed but having a khanda in their bio. Etc.
  14. GuestSingh

    Arzul alfaaz

    is this it? https://www.punjabi-kavita.com/ArzUlAlfaaz.php if not maybe u can buy it here in one of these? http://www.jsks.biz/index.php?route=product/search&search=bhai+nand+lal&limit=100
  15. thnx for sharin tht found this http://www.bsrangila.com/contact.html hope it helps
  16. MisterrSingh

    Which countries can Sikhi look to expand in?

    I would've had to pull the old blackboard and chalk out to really get into the details of who we are and where we came from, lol. But, yes, they asked me why there's a visible difference in appearance of the people living in the South and the people of the North, etc., and I briefly covered the topic of invasions and trading throughout the centuries prior to Islamic encroachment. Ultimately, there is a sense of a unified Indian archetype in the eyes of such people, and the image they have of that type isn't entirely accurate.
  17. GuestSingh

    Which countries can Sikhi look to expand in?

    do they consider sikhs as 'indian' and as a weak ppl too in regards to panjab along with the agitation bein the first to rise n last to fall etc? how about the sikh raj? n the fight for our land, language n faith etc since then? or r we still jus seen as brown n one the same?
  18. GuestSingh

    Nishan Sahib, when did we start using the Khanda

    some of first few posts myt help a bit more wiv this
  19. did BBC asian network mention it?
  20. GuestSingh

    Looking to Move to Canada/ Sikh Schools

    more open land/space but wud tht mean less sangat around u? prefer bein on my own myself but sometimes its nice to have folk around u especially if theyre gd sangat which isnt easy to find.
  21. Guest


    Maybe you shouldn't? When I used to watch horror movies they used to scare me to the point where I felt the need to sleep with the lights on. When you're in a vulnerable psychological state, negative movies can effect you for the worse.
  22. I don't agree with a lot of Icke's more outlandish stuff, but this is interesting: Sikhs should keep aware because it might help explain the establishment's persistent covering up of grooming, that our own community has experienced.
  23. dallysingh101


    And what did the therapist say to you about that?
  24. dallysingh101

    Here's why I am permanently boycotting this forum ...

    Why don't you share your knowledge then?
  25. ooooookaaaaaaaay........ So that's the type of documentaries you like to watch......................... hhhmmm..............
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