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  2. That's one leap in logic I'm struggling to comprehend. What are the Sikh contributions that are currently making society a fairer place? How are we any different to any other in demographic in practice as opposed to theory? Facts, please, not emotionally driven rhetoric.
  3. Its paap like these that india still has the misfortune of 2 nasty neighbors china and pak , and also now nepal . and a corrupt political system which hinders its growth while china due to its one party system grows leap and bounds and now china threatens india's takht by intrusion at LAC.
  4. She is a well known agent provocateur who goes to Sikh protests and uses carefully cut footage to show Sikhs as extremists. She is a Hindu Punjabi so that should tell us a lot. She is full of hatred for Sikhs. She went and took photos of one of the Gurdwaras in Slough which display Khalistan slogans and complained to the charity commission about them. This is a video from a few years ago and it shows here being handed back her backside by Sikhs. You can see that she has some handlers with her one of whom tries to call out the Singhs claiming 'Main vi Sardar hain, Main Jat hain' what a total wally, a cut hair midget claiming to be a Sikh and a Jat! The Singhs really gave her an experience none of these sell out fascist Hindu journalists ever get because they are used to being shown respect even though they just spread anti-Sikh propaganda. She and her handlers were shoved out and even the police joined in shoving her out. It's funny when one of the protestors shouts out " She's a terrorist!" Enjoy
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  6. Honestly if this stops the disgraceful scenes that we saw in 2014 and a few years later when videos of Sikhs fighting each other with kirpans and knocking of dastars are avoided then taking away their kirpans is probably a good thing. What a massive publicity coup the id.iots of Mann Dal and Dal Khalsa and the other paper tigers provided for the Indian govt. This was a occasion when Sikhs should have been solemnly commemorating the murder by the India states of Sikh men, women and children but all the world saw was some hotheads fighting among themselves. Honestly, what would any sensible non-Sikh around the world have thought, would they not think that these Sikhs are just troublemakers and maybe the GOI was right that they had to go in in 1984 to take out terrorists? in the battle for world opinion, those scenes were a massive own goal. I know that lots of people deride the protests and the candle lit vigils of the west but if you look at twitter recently and how lots of non-Sikhs, even Hindus have been showing support of Sikhs of what we suffered in 1984, this is what gives the GOI sleepless nights, not some hotheads fighting among themselves every year in June.
  7. SGPC was supposedly created to manage sikh religious affairs especially taking care of gurdwara sahibs and giving out sikhi parchar. However what it has become is controlled opposite to the desires and wishes of the Sikh kaum and protocols. The sri akal takht is the religious spiritual Sikh parliament where Sikhs come together during a convention where the community's panthic committee then collectively elects an akal takht jathedar to be the spokesman and leader of the panth. And now since the 90s sgpc has been electing its own unknown akal takht jathedhar's against Sikhi protocols and wishes of the community. It's obviously been under the control of the indian state because every-time Sikhs elect their own religious leader there's conflict as delhi is unwilling to concede to the political aspirations of the Sikhs since 1947. So until SGPC isnt disbanded, reformed or something else created in its place as rival and competition to be the authentic voice of the community then this situation will not change.
  8. They are frustrated and hoped the Sikhs would have forgotten 1984 and the whole period 36 years ago already by now. What the indian establishment miscalculated by taking on the Sikhs is that we never forget we add it to our Sikh history as a way to inspire future generations to overcome the enemy who oppressed, attacked and brutalised our people. The more the hindu extremists and indian media talks about Sikhs in anti-sikh manor and degrades our martyrs as terrorists the more we will celebrate them and fight against their sikhphobia and anti-sikh narrative. If they kept their mouths shut let Sikhs commemorate their dead and celebrate their lives then eventually the wounds of 80s would have healed already. But these low IQ dumb hindians dont seem to understand the more they pour fuel of hatred to the embers the more the fire eventually reignites the memories of oppression and passions of the Sikhs
  9. Got this quote from Manglacharan, definitely check his page out. He also does an English podcast on Suraj Parkash.
  10. So when you see the likes of badals, captain amrinder singh, sgpc, indian establishment, british estaliblishment, abrahamic missionaries, international financiers, bankers, vatican church, royal families, cooperation tycoons, military intelligence agencies, terrorist group leaders. All connected and covering up for each other and helping each other in their wicked schemes it ultimately comes down to money. All racial, economic, social inequality stems from the loot these people amassed and the riches of other peoples labour and other nations they stole off and now hoarded and hidden away in bank vaults. They have the wealth they have the weapons they have the power to dictate how society is to run and this is why racism and discrimination exists in society it's not in their interests to change the status quo they don't want to share the wealth like Sikhi says, they dont want to see people united like sikhi says they want people divided and conquered. This is why they want Sikhs and Sikhi oppressed as it will make societies a more fairer place and free people out of mental, physical and financial slavery Here's a little insight below how the elites of the former british empire cover up their international crimes and indulge in off shore tax evasion.
  11. Just had a question regarding this specific passage within Suraj Parkash regarding Banda Singh. Now I know we have to read Suraj Parkash with a pinch of salt, however take note of the fact that Kavi Santokh Singh noted that they placed 3 things before Banda Singh Bahadur. First he was to wear the blue bana, consume meat, and then alcohol. My main concern is regarding the alcohol bit. If anyone could try to explain the importance of this, or try to explain why the Singhs offered alcohol. Please let me know.
  12. The Indian government names airports and monuments after Indira Gandhi and her wretched son Rajiv and then have the gall to complain about things like this.
  13. The best fat loss method is a lower calorie diet. Put those paronthe down. You can skip or run for half an hour, burn 300 calories, have an aloo parontha and all that hard work is wasted. I recommend a lower calorie diet and some resistance training. As the saying goes - abs are made in the kitchen. More calories burned than calories eaten will result in fat loss. Even eating large quantities of healthy food will result in fat gain.
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  15. Who's reputation is worse? Travelers or the british empire?
  16. Black people have an excellent reputation in my community. Slavery wasn't a result of their "bad reputation". You're victim blaming bro.
  17. Yes it's wrong and in no way am I condoning it. When a racial group builds up a bad reputation in society then you will be treated in a certain way by other racial groups. Stereotypes exist for a reason, there is always some element of truth behind them. The police would not do this to a Chinese American because they would not consider him to be a threat based on averages. It's all well and good saying that everyone should be treated as an individual but nearly all people are prejudiced in some way and that cannot be denied. The black americans need to get away from crime and build up their reputations and then such things would stop occurring and they would get more sympathy from other racial groups. Irish gypsies have a bad reputation here in the UK and that is based on their high crime rates.
  18. Colin Kaepernik peacefully refused to stand for the american anthem, but rather kneel to honor the soldiers. World couldn't stand that either. I've yet to see a single type of protest that black folk use that the world doesn't find intolerable. Kaepernik now says ... When civility leads to death, revolting is the only logical reaction.
  19. A lot of apne parents are like this. Mine weren't at this level but they did used to compare me a lot to others. Having fun was considered almost a bad thing. They did used to take us out quite a lot though but were too much on the strict side. Melodrama and emotional blackmail are common. It's the culture in India that is to blamed. It's a culture in which things are not discussed, whatever the elder says is just accepted as the ultimate truth. There is no introspection and that is why it is a third world place.
  20. It doesn't matter who they are. Racially motivated extra judicial killing is just that. It's unconstitutional and a violation of human rights. Lynette Squeeky Fromme shot a president of the United States and was arrested. Arrested and sentenced. Not strangled on camera for her skin color. These cops don't know who they're killing, if they have a record etc. And if they have a record? Arrest them for breaking the law then as a civilized country does. Nobody is rioting for the latest victim, they're rioting for every victim.
  21. I have this one in my house. The bull was most likely edited out due to Hindu links and likewise the man with the Guru Granth Sahib sitting outside, it's too similar to what a Pandit does. It's the same case with Guru Nanak's seli topi. Some Sikhs cannot fathom the idea that the first 6 Gurus wore a seli topi instead of a dastaar.
  22. You have to be careful. Sometimes the doctors will pressure your family into donating your organs/switching your life support machine off even if there is a slight chance that you can recover. There have been incidents like this and the patient has gone on to make a full or partial recovery. It would be best to discuss this with your family to instruct them in what should happen if such an incident arose, but you know how melodramatic apne families can get, they would most likely scold you for even mentioning such things. If there was 100% no chance of recovery or if I was already confirmed dead then I would donate.
  23. It's sad how black people are treated in America but this latest guy, Rodney King and Mark Duggan were scumbags, serial offenders, career criminals. They should not be mourned and their deaths should not trigger riots where innocent businesses are looted and destroyed. If the police killed Bindy Johal I would be happy, one less scumbag on the streets. Black Americans and Carribeans have several advantages over other minorities, they speak English as a first language, have anglo names but are still overtaken by immigrant groups including Africans who have migrated to America and the UK. Is having absent fathers due to racism? Without fathers, boys will always struggle with discipline. My father always kept me in check, it's easy for boys to run rings around their mothers. Black Americans and UK Carribeans have the highest amount of absent fathers and that is the root cause of their problems. If it keeps on being denied then they will never move forward. Rap music and thug culture will not get you anywhere, it destroys societies. It's no coincidence that since rap music has become popular in Punjab that drug abuse and crass materialism has increased.
  24. e sgpc isnt good. they r weaking sikhi. we are supposed to be keeping modern weapons, and they dont even let singhs wear kirpans????
  25. yeh i agree. Theres so many sikhs that sticked to their maryada instead of living. that is just sikhi. not "hardcore sikhi" like wat even is that
  26. They could be payed or they are just very brainwashed that sant ji was a terrorist. Many people use one reason why sant ji is bad. people say that sant ji butchered and killed many innocent hindus. but in many photos u can see sant ji happily welcoming hindus to akal takht. He welcomed subramanian swamy. he wasnt killed. theres no prove that sant ji killed hindus himself. Many hindus even have stories of meeting sant ji and they say that they were openly welcomed.
  27. Sant Giani Gurbachan Singh ji katha of of Ajamal
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