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  2. Yes, these days we call them thots lol Every1 sees them as easy maal. Even communities that's have no link with punjabis. Sometimes at work they used to have a shortage of security so the managers used to ask me to be security and stand by the door. Within our store we used to have a cafe. I was standing there with one of the paki security guys and this Turkish man from Turkey who used to be a regular at the cafe came over to us and started chatting. While chatting to us some pakistani girl walked past and he pointed her out to the paki guy I was standing with and said how shes been with every black man in town. He then was like how hes noticed asian women love black men, he then looked at me and said theres a sikh girl who goes to the shisha lounge he goes to and that shes really light skinned and pretty and shes with a black man, he also pointed out how she wears a "sikh bangle" and he pointed at mine. he then said a asian guy went up to her once and asked her out and she whacked the shisha pipe at him etc I just stood there listening, what more can you do ... Even the odd Turkish chaps in town know about their behaviour. Kanjria
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  4. it's a good time to learn cooking since everyone is on lockdown....
  5. @Guest Jigsaw_Puzzled by the way, since you are a write, you definitely need to start posting your stuff on sikh Subreddit. You will get more exposure to sangat on there as opposed to this forum. It's a site much better suited to writers. And it's for more intellectual people compared to the Facebooks and Twitters, lol nevermind Instagram. many knowledgeable sikhs on there!
  6. I think sikhs need to start a self sufficient lifestyle, instead of relying on the economy for food. If we're growing our own food instead of working 8 or more hours a day to be able to buy food then we can improve our sikhi, I am sure! Also theres a Facebook page run by some Birmingham East Africa sikh Nihangs who also promote growing onw food and post lots of photos from their alotments and organic sabjis. Oh yes there Facebook is called Khalsa ethics. Please post your blog!
  7. Thanks brother but not enough and very generic information.
  8. Punjabi women collapsed long back. No one takes them seriously nomore, and we all know what men of other communities think of them. Only matter of time when we gnna see lots of men starting to marry outside the community dnt blame them.
  9. The OP has exposed some good points, that today's modern feminist would never agree with. Unfortunately we have come to such a low point in our community that asking for just the basics from a women is considered subjecting them to slavery. A mothers/wife's first duty is to provide nourishment. That's why they are born to provide milk to their offspring and not the father. Now just because they are a little stressed with dealing babies why does that have to effect the way they cook. How hard is it to make a simple sabji taste good, especially when they live with the same person for many years and know their needs. We want to promote Dietary Vivek; how will our panth to follow rehit if their mother/wife can't provide them with simple tasty food. This will lead them to wanting to eat from restaurants and away from Sikhi. Just whatever you do, make sure you do it with Pyaar. If you have to get a little upset that is fine but don't do it with anger in your heart rather as a way for her to take you seriously. Tell her how important her duty is and explain how stressed you yourself are with work or other worldly duties. If they still don't understand then do Ardas until Guru Sahib gives her the ability to perform her household duties diligently
  10. Puzzled are you the moderator? If so can you please check email sent? Or how let me know how i can dm you pls ji? Admin Note: He is not ji and he would be a great choice to be one. Guestkaur, Email one more time to sikhsangat@live.com
  11. Selfless Sikh volunteers set up a free food home delivery service Help for people self-isolating during coronavirus crisis A group of Sikh volunteers have established a coronavirus food delivery service They will deliver free food to self-isolated people around south-east Melbourne Heroes worked with business owners to provide free food during bushfire crisis Coronavirus symptoms: what are they and should you see a doctor? A group of Sikh volunteers have started a free home delivery service amid the coronavirus crisis. The volunteers announced that they would be delivering free food to self-isolated people in Melbourne’s south-east for the next two weeks. One of the charity’s founders, Jaswinder Singh, said they were expecting 300 orders for their first round of deliveries tonight. A volunteer group of Sikhs (pictured) have established a coronavirus food delivery service that will provide self-isolated people in Melbourne’s south-east with free meals The non-profit organisation was founded in 2017 and has a team of 103 members who work regular jobs alongside their volunteering. ‘We provide free food normally for suburbs in the area twice a week. Last time we extended our regular service for the bushfires and we’re doing it again now for the virus,’ Mr Singh explained. He said that the Facebook notice for the service had amassed over 200 orders since it was posted yesterday. ‘Some of those ordering are sick or disabled and we have had a few messages from people who are stressed and have quarantined themselves,’ Mr Singh said. Mr Singh noted the service provided vegetarian food and that customers could ‘decide whatever they need from the menu on our Facebook page.’ The Facebook advertisement said that deliveries would be made between 6pm and 8pm and that orders must be placed by 12pm. ‘Some of those ordering are sick or disabled and we have had a few messages from people who are stressed and have quarantined themselves,’ Mr Signh said. The service announcement (pictured) was posted to the Sikh volunteer group’s Facebook page and they expected to hand out 300 orders on their first round of deliveries tonight The Sikh volunteers are already renowned in the community for their selfless actions co-operating with a local business owner during the bushfire crisis in Victoria. Mr Singh said the volunteer group worked alongside a Sikh couple who owned an Indian restaurant, Kanwaljit Singh and his wife Kamaljit Kaur, to provide free meals to impacted people. ‘We went down to Bairnsdale the first day and as we didn’t have established site they give us their restaurant backyard,’ he explained. The Sikh volunteer group then handed out thousands of curry and rice dishes to Victorians who were living in temporary shelters. Grateful community members shared their praise for the services provided by the group. One person wrote: ‘They are such amazing people these Sikh volunteers! Thank-you for all you do for others.’ ‘Great kindness in troubled times from wonderful people. Thank you,’ said another.
  12. Yrs ago my "friend" at work asked me if I would consider converting to islam. He was a Moroccan low life thug that had been jail with serious anger issues I wouldn't be surprised if hes behind bars again. He then was like inshaallah and this bengali girl standing there said inshaallah aswell I knew nothing about sikhi then but that was a wakeup call They are not your friends they just wanna convert you. They get brownie point from Allah in jannah if they bring som1 to islam and women to bang. That's why all these terrorist are blowing themselves up they all wanna go and queue up in jannah and claim their rivers of wine and unlimited sex with virgins that allah has promised them. Islamic heaven is a brothel I'm sure hugh Hefner is somewhere there aswell
  13. Yh I agree he was the perfect leader. Problem is after him there was no one unifying leader. A lot of angry young men who without a doubt were very brave but no plan or direction. They were a product of their times, it's only a matter of time before you can no longer see your people being tortured and suppressed and they took up arms and went on a killing spree and they really did push the Indian gov to the edge. Their biggest legacy, is when sikhs nxt decide to pick up arms its these kharkus that will be the inspiration. Biggest victory is when the inspiration continues to live on something the Indian gov couldn't erase
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  16. I would disagree with that. One of the reasons I never EVER put myself out there is because I strongly believe that attention craving people that do - and they do so in order to get praise - deserve critique also. Nearly all the photos on this thread are of people that love themselves so much they signed up with modelling agencies so they can have their faces and bodies shown all over the world. If they're s1lly enough to do that why should they not deserve a little light-hearted ridicule ?
  17. u are right mate!
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