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  2. I listen to paat more than reading. But most times my nitnem is: --morning-- Japji (also occasionally might listen to Asa Di Vaar beforehand) Shabad Hazare Jaap Shabad Hazare patshahi 10 Tav Prasad Swaiye Tav Prasad Swaiye (Deenan ki Pratipal) Tav Prasad Chaupai (Akal Ustat) Chaupai Sahib (Mahakal and including Arril) Anand Sahib Chandi Charitar Ustat Chandi Di Vaar Ugardanti ShastarNaamMala (1) --evening-- Sodar Rehras (Hazoor Sahib or Budha Dal) Aarti Aarta (Normally Budha Dal/Tarna Dal starting Lop Chandika, and in the end including last pauri of Chandi Di Vaar, and a pauri from Salok Mahalla 9 but sometimes listen to Hazoor Sahib Waddi and Chotti Aarti) Keertan Sohila and Rakhiya De Shabad
  3. how can you tell if someone is gursikh just by seeing if they are wearing bana? Sorry I don't understand what you mean by caveats?
  4. I think try biphasic sleep, or try taking naps.
  5. To be honest, I would prefer more panthic sikhs to run the forum and less of those that are protective of jathas.BAsically, something more representative of the sikhsangat, and also more representative of the Dal Khalsa we read in our sikh history instead of closing threads which relate to dal khalsa maryada but disagree with these "jathas". Seriously why do people follow "jathas"?
  6. now here's the problem. Pre-marital sex is what the abrahamics look at as a sin. For apney dharmik people, we know that these non-marital girlfriend/boyfriend partnerships usually have stuff like sex. For us the non-marital partnership is already bad enough, we don't even need to go into it being sexual or not. That is why it was not clear what you meant...
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  8. Theres a person who is curious and does something wrong and regrets it, and then there is another person who commits the same sin again and again without actually trying to conquer their vices/temptations. Doing something wrong and not feeling any shame or regret after doing it is possibly the worst state one can be in. There are people openly engaging in adultery and feeling absolutely no shame or regret at all. There are "Sikhs" making money out of fraud, using fraud on their own people to make money, abusing the trust of their own people. There are people out there who are really envious of other peoples success and in their hearts wish for something bad to happen to them. Some people have such a huge ego! So many different ways of sinning ... The sakhi of Bhai Bachittar Singh starts of with Guru Ji asking which Singh is going to tackle the Mughals and some Singh, forgot his name, egoistically said he can face the Mughals, he was huge, really tall man. He went boasting around taking pride in his size/strength that he can defeat the Mughal army. When the Mughals sent a intoxicated elephant charging towards the Sikhs, that same Singh was the first one to do a runner! everyone was like wheres he gone! and then Bhai Bachittar Singh who actually was a very short Singh and skinny volunteered to tackle the elephant. Once Guru ji hugged and praised a young Singh who was a teenager, one of the Singhs who was a little older than him got jealous and hit the young Singh on the face and sent him crying. That's jealousy and anger ... Everyone has a weakness, whether if it is greed, jealousy, lust etc ...
  9. But its still the same stuff though if you think about it. s3x with prostitute and premartial s3x with your gf, either way its still a sin lol. So Sikhs committing sins today is nothing new because even during the times of the gurus they were committing sins. But that obviously doesn't mean its Ok to do wrong stuff. Self restrain is very important.
  10. it's a good panthic forum. pro dasam granth pro sarbloh granth
  11. kodhra (Paspalum scrobiculatum) is a millet. bhai lalo ji gave kodhre di roti to Guru Nanak Dev ji.
  12. Keep control of the forum Admin ji. But maybe you can give some younger ones admin duties
  13. Agreed with Kaur , all you need is younger admin to deal with day to day side of running the site
  14. Just was watching this, apparently these western philosophers, think we shouldn't take the Guru Granth Shahib Ji as an authority skip to 41st-43 min. What are they reading? Makes you wonder or do they just make it up ?
  15. yeh, but then anyone who doesn't understand is just being ignorant as well!
  16. It's consumed either way. True, it's not puffed. I'm not knocking them because I kind of get it, but when trying to explain to the average person who doesn't have the ability to process nuance, they won't see the difference between a Nihang's use of bhang, and a normie Punjabi's use of sheesha.
  17. Sorry, that's a big ignorant that they do weed. You know they don't smoke and instead do Shaheedi degh and Shardai. In the sakhi, Joga Singh wasn't doing any of that stuff though, he was just getting horny due to being attracted to a dancer/kotha girl. Basically his Kaam vikaar was getting the best of him, which is not exactly boyfriend/girlfriend stuff lol but more like a one-night stand or using a prostitute!!
  18. You could still run sikhsangat but have a person from the younger generation as well running it. That way you have control as well and make sure it still runs as well.
  19. those are the 4 of the 5 Hahay, or the 5Hs. I keep forgetting them, do you know the names of all 5?
  20. lol I don't understand, why ban people from a forum just for downvoting?
  21. This is really upsetting.. I hope the girl is okay.. I don't appreciate the Pakistani Government. These crimes will take place again and again of there are no serious actions agaisnt these kind of crimes. I really hope this time they will return the girl ASAP..Waheguru Mehar Karey..
  22. Hello dear, I would say try to get up one hour before your normal wake up time... try to meditate for 15-20 mins.. We, Sikhs have Guru Mantar, Mool Mantar.. you can try those or simply chanting OM will help. The point is to detach yourself from all the worries, anxities and connect with OM. Therefore, it doesn't matter what mantra you will choose, you just need your complete focus on it.. Have faith and it will start working soon.. you will feel better.. every individual is different.. but I am sure it will make a big difference.. Then go for a long walk or jogging.. mornings are best but evenings are good too.. And yes, healthy diet will help.. Maybe you have something on your mind that bothers you a lot... Mostly we get these dreams if we keep thinking about something constantly.. Try to tell yourself...it is okay not to be okay all the times.. things are not always in our control.. Learn to accept more..let go of things that you can't control.. Everything is temporary ...bad or good...it will keep changing. Don't give your power to those things, ppl or dreams.. The Universe/Nature/that Magical energy/God.. what you want to call it.. It has the power to change things in an instant..It is there to take care of everyone's needs.. Before you go to sleep..listen or chant your fav mantra...it will help.. Have faith
  23. Thank you for the beautiful sakhi.. Beautiful reminder..
  24. And I was just writing about this shabad in my post :)
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