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    Empires are not brought down by external threats, but internal weaknesses. Before we begin some holy crusade against the missionaries (Christian missionaries in this case lol), let's stop and think for a second. Why are they able to target these Sikhs? And what have we (sangat, leaders) done to help them? Our people do nothing to help our brothers and sisters who have a hard life, and yet have the gaul to complain when others come along, help them and convert them to their religion! We first gotta get our house in order. And once we do, these type of missionaries will be easily handled.
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    Rakhri must truly be Valentine's day for these types.
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    I completed grade 9 in punjab. I was there a year and I learned it. Reading and writing Gurmukhi is actually easy Its not a hard language. But understanding Gurbani was difficult for me. I use to read the translations but now I'm learning from basics of sikhi channel on YouTube. I also brushed up on my Gurmukhi from the basics of sikhi channel as well. I recommend anyone who wants to learn check then out on YouTube
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    Do you know how many girls have been abducted, converted, groomed, raped by people from these 'great' neighbours'? Are you really THAT simple?
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    Hi daas ki benti is that your nitnem should look like this. You may ask why so much path it is because we are in the deepest time of kaljug and we need to get out of this. Not by arguing over what path is real but coming together to do path. I recommend you also learn santhiya. And after covid we need to do lots of parchar. Wake up at 2 am after shower and everything probably is 2 20 Ardas 2 20 to 3 00 naam simrin (this should be 24/7) Japji sahib Shabad hazare Jaap Sahib Shabad hazare pt 10 Tav parsad savyie 33 savyie Bent choupi sahib (long) Anand Sahib Khalsa mool mantar (this is a must for amridhars) Naam simrin Akal ustat (Somedays do bachitar natak insted of akal ustat) Chandi di vaar Ugardanti Shastar naam mala Naam simrin Anand Sahib Hukamnama Asa di vaar kirtan Sukhmani Sahib Anand sahib Salok mehla 9 dhora mehla 10 Sidh ghost Anand sahib Naam simrin Reharas sahib Anand sahib Ardas Japji sahib Jaap sahib Arti arta Anand Sahib Dukh banjnee sahib Kirtan sohila Naam simrin Daas is trying his best to follow this. You may add bani or remove bani. For cahndi di vaar shastar naam mala and ugardanti maryda read my other post.
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    I am honestly not sure what is going to happen I just see destruction. I think it is a earthquake based on my experiences.The only thing we can do is have Faith in Vaheguru,accept whatever happens as Will and do Naam simran.Btw I am not here to scare anyone.I had these experiences that all indicate to destruction around the world.Even at my place I see it being hit by a tsunami and the water being about 3 to 4 stories high.I am only here to tell the sangat to do naam simran and read their banis.If the destruction happens then this naam simran will help us.If a Mahapurakh helps us and postpones it then this path will still help us as Kamaai. Bhul Chuk Maf
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    It's not really about focus it's more about desires.Its like if even on our death bed instead of desiring union of our soul with God, we desire money at our deathbed then we become a snake.Some of such stories are believable but you need to make sure it's from a trusting source.You can read about such stories from Guru Granth Sahib ji Maharaj.If someone passes away it is because his karam has been cleared for this life and his number of swaas is up. No karam is not made based on how many people dislike you.It is based on your actions and deeds. As to how to escape from this reincarnation, Gurbani gives a simple answer. Raam Naam Simar Tu Jeeve Fir Na Kae Maha Kaal Meditate in remembrance of the Lord's name,you shall live and the great death shall never consume you again. Rehatvaan means a Gursikh who follows Guru Sahib's Rehat Maryada Bhul Chuk Maf
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    If someone is Amritdhari but did not do much simran or did not have humiity or something like that,he gets born as a human being again into an amritdhari family.But it's best to just be rehatvaan in this life so that we can get mukti and just not come back.Unless if Guru Sahib sends us from Sachkhand again to bring order and justice Bhul Chuk Maf
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    Not sure of that.Based on what I know,it depends on a person's Paap.If he is someone like Vazir Khan he could be thrown into hell or 8.4 million lives before being human.But if someone did a little extra wrong,he could just be in 1 animal life and then come back to human. Bhul Chuk Maf
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    They don't call it Commiefornia for nothing.
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    Loving your Path doesn't mean you have to hate the Khel it's painted in. That person too walks according to Hukam and has a beautiful ending someday. But of course you're repulsed by the Kaljug behavior you see from where you stand because it's disgusting. Just be thankful you are blessed enough to be repulsed instead of enticed.
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    Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh, im a female. I am very very much inspired by anyone who ties a dastaar. I really want to tie a dastaar. So, during the covid lockdown, I started practicing to tie a dastaar. My kes is very very thick and long. You can't even tie a bun on my hair. My Bunga is very big despite me making it like a jalebi shape.Im still practicing how to tie a dastaar but it's not coming in my hands. I really don't know how to tie a dastaar despite seeing so many videos, despite seeing someone else tie theirs in front of my eyes. I know that I will continue to practice everyday until I get it. Sometimes I really feel like crying because i love dastaar so so much but it's just not coming to my head. So yeah, I wanted to just express this. Anyways, I'm very curious, when you sangat started to tie a dastaar, was it like one time magic, and how long did you all practice until you finally got a dastaar on your head. While writing this, there are so many mistakes that I've made, please forgive me and I have hope that Maharaj will definitely do his kirpa upon all.
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    I dont know man. Mixed race kids face many issues. From identity issues to language barriers to having a hodge podge religion. And the kids will be part of globalixation and culture will erode over time. White and black ppl have undergone this in america and it has terrible consequences. Only if 1 culture/religion/language is allowed to be dominant will it work.
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    Just posting this up to make it easier for sikhs to find out about how we are meant to celebrate Navratri and Dusshera. There is actually something similar for Diwali as well where Dasvin 10th Patshah actually uses the word 'Diwali'! Hopefully I will find it before Diwali. https://www.facebook.com/652447751445011/photos/navratri-and-dushera-are-days-to-do-shastra-puja-the-nine-nights-of-naurate-star/995158367173946/ Since this post contains content objectionable to some jathe, I guess you will need to lock this. However please at least leave this post up so sikhs know how to celebrate Navratri and Dusshera, and can see the historical quotes.
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    Just out of curiosity, if your rishta does happen through sikhsangat.com, does that mean the rest of the sangat here are your vichola/vicholan?
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    You say you think you are lying by keeping hair. Who do you think you should be if you have hair? And why do you think this? Would you really ever be satisfied with you who you are to be worthy of being called a gursikh? The fact is we are all supposed to consider ourselves unworthy. So if you are thinking you don't match up to being a gursikh with the appearance, you are actually being a perfect Sikh because guru sahib wants us to be humble. That person who thinks they are not a gursikh is the most worthy to have the appearance of a Sikh because they are focusing on their demerits and not feeling boastful about the good they do. That person who thinks they are worthy of Sikhi is the one who is destined to fall. Breaking Amrit now will cause you more turmoil as you are not aware of the spiritual disruptance it will cause inside you. *DELETED* Just be a basic Sikh, I assure you it is fine. The guru says keep your hair, following the guru can never lead to unhappiness. However, not following the guru, i.e. leaving Amrit will definitely cause you unhappiness. Guru sahib has already told is this in gurbani to save us the misery of trying it out ourselves. Trust what the guru says. Only what the guru says can lead to happiness and everything else leads to misery. ਆਪਸ ਕਉ ਜੋ ਜਾਣੈ ਨੀਚਾ ॥ aapas kau jo jaanai neechaa || ਸੋਊ ਗਨੀਐ ਸਭ ਤੇ ਊਚਾ ॥ souoo ganeeaai sabh te uoochaa ||
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    If there was ever any doubt that the Christian missionary movement has a active Sikh conversion policy they've kicked into higher gear, this should dispel all doubts.
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    More importantly they never considered the mental trauma that boy might have faced.
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    Modi keeps labelling Khalistanis as terrorists. Whilst he is a Hindu nationalist. He banned a Khalistani website. Now even America is on our side. The more support we have the better.
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    I was just going to say this, but it seems most Sikhs when it comes to political or religious strategy have an IQ unenviable by a rock. We're foolish if we think a religion which sees everyone else as kaafirs and gives second class treatment to Sikhs in pakistan will have any good interests of Sikhs. Hindus made RSS more than 100 yrs back because their visionary brahmin leaders knew the cunning ways to get political power and after more than 100 yrs we see it's results. Meanwhile our baabey who should have guided the panth were busy eating kara prasad
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    The Jews approached the Muslims saying you’re one of us. But the Muslims declined and the Jews went away (they had the common sense). On the other hand the Hindus never leave us alone. To them we’re a sect of Hinduism.
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    If these types want to get names from bani, there are more suitable names to suit their character and personalities : -Paap Singh -Krodh Singh -Ahankaar Kaur "Moh"inder Kaur
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    You people can't shape sikhi the way you want it to be like. It's not a piece of clay. So many Sikhs became shaheed for sikhi and now we have people like youse today. It's disgusting to see how much we've fallen.
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    You are prob same ones who believe 'AlL RelIgIonS arE EqUAL'...and Gurus are just teachers..and view Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji as a holy book...and its all just about rainbows and unicorns and loving each other ...vegans diets, Langar = communism.......and its all just hippy hoppy ........ Sorry time to get a reality check and go and learn Sikhi and our history. Stop polluting it with your far- leftist marxism bs.......have some audacity and respect for your Gurus and go and learn Sikhi... If you and likewise were running the Khalsa Raaj, Sikhi would have been extinct long time ago..... If only we had Sant Ji today with us..
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    Another Simran rears her head... Sikh GenX parents must've been off their rockers in the 90s to name their daughters such a wonderful Sikh name especially now that their Simrans' kartoota are proving to contradict the definition of their names.
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    You are right, Maharaj ji always takes care of his children. I guess it’s just the hype around this topic, that’s causing people like me to want to know what’s going to happen. Then, we start to worry, and all the what if’s get us all anxious. But a true bhagat doesn’t worry because they know that whatever happens is in Guru sahib’s bhana. Maharaj ji will keep his bhagat in his cool hands while the world burns. Just as Bhagat Prahlad Ji was saved while Holika burned.
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    If it is between you and a bunch of nihangs who have such long nitnems. I think I will go with them. Listen to Giani Thunkar Singh ji any true nihang Sant baba harman singh even sant giani gurbachn singh ji bhindranwale agreed with thsi Maryada. And they all have so much gian. They are mahapurukhs.
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    If you want to truly learn you don't say that what i put forth is fake. You litterly said it was fake. Up there you say there is no maryada like that. So your are saying it is fake. You lie are hypocritical and talk in ego. You also am calling me a liar and all baba that believe in fake. Everyone in budha dal taught me this. So they are not gursikhs? They wake up at 12 am to do path and do path all day. Are they gursikhs? You say they are not. Guru ji says the one who slanders his sikh commits a huge sin. Think before you speak. I am sorry I hurt your ego. You need to learn. I recommend you to read path and realize the truth. If I am liying does that mean all of the nihangs are liying. Lots of taksali sikh amd true sikh know of this and follow it. If you don't follow the rehat guru ji won't be happy. Let go of your panj chore. It seems as if you don't believe in dasam granth. (Not saying you don't. It just seems like that) Let go of your ego and stop living in your bubble where no one agrees with you.
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    Whenever someone is teaching you something you always start a debate and argue. Every post you make is to start an argument.
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    Ok what even.Welcome to Kalyug I guess.
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    If she was in front of me I would've slapped her right acrossed the face. These hindus didn't suffer half as much as us. They did nothing and got their land back and are free to do whatever. We Sikhs put the most effort it and suffered the most. These hindus take so much for granted.
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    Too much social media use is a bad sign.
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    If u cannot take Amrit now, then the least we can do is follow the Rehat Maryada of Guru Gobind Singh ji Maharaj.
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    So true when you listening or read Sukhmani ji, all your previous wrong doings 'mehl' rise to the top and you deal with them.
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    please get out of these veham (superstition) and either try and do your nitnem, or at least put it on audio to listen. Don't be scared, read or listen to Chaupai Sahib and Chandi Di Vaar. It is your own mind which is limiting you! .... also why are you eating in restaurant during Coronavirus Pandemic???!!!
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    It means someones who follows the sikh rehat / way of life We have to do simran, a lot of it. You have to get to the stage of naam and see sach Khand on earth before liberation. It’s not easy, it’s hard as your mind and kaljug take over but hopefully it’s possible with Maharajs kirpa. Sorry that you lost your mum at a young age- our time and number of breaths are predetermined. We travel in soul families yes.
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    BC and Canada is as messed up as California.
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    Blood related or not it's still disturbing, wrong and disgusting.
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    Vaheguru ji ka khalsa Vaheguru ji ki fateh I understand what you mean veerji.Too much Beadbi going on.You are talking of 1 soorma? . Guru Sahib has sent thousands,but yes until the things don't start happening.We all need to do simran so we can prepare ourselves spiritually for that time. Bhul Chuk Maf
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    I don't think there is a word for gays/lesbians in Punjabi. Gandoo is like a slang word that is used as an insult rather than an actual word for gays. Older punjabis here call gays kusre. In Pubjabi gays and trans are kusre.
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    I'm kidding, before anyone reports me for a hate crime.
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    As Gursikhs say Sher naal SHerani phubdi bandari nahin....you want a steady brave lioness by your side or a gossipy/fashionpitti bandari? well if you turn your back on Guru ji be sure he will keep his word and withdraw his blessings and protection in full. When you look in the mirror you are looking at the reflection of Guru pita ji's son if you consider that ugly I feel sorry for you
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    Being gay is a mental disorder, just like perverts who are attracted to kids. You guys need help, but instead you keep forcing your perverted acts on everyone acting like little rainbow fairies running around begging for attention. It’s disgusting, go and get married in a court, leave sikhi alone with your pervertedness!
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    We don't have the kind of money that can buy politicians and influence journalists, which is what truly changes the course of history. The bull5hit narratives peddled in popular culture are designed to placate gullible people into believing that life is a fair and level playing field determined by integrity and binary input values on an ethical and moral basis. The outlook of our wealthy people is very insular and not very expansive. Our money is either wasted on frivolities or generally invested in places and causes that yield immediate physical benefits, when it should be ploughed into areas that get things done for the collective in ways that are not immediately tangible and observable. A wealthy Sikh businessman wouldn't think twice about dropping £50,000 on a car for his spoilt daughter, but the same guy would baulk at passing a brown envelope containing the same amount of cash to a newspaper editor in order to combat the Indian state's propaganda efforts. That's the difference between those who rise to be leaders, and those who remain as slaves. We don't have abstract imagination that can formulate a long term vision that sees such investment through to the end. Schools and such aren't applicable in this sense, because ultimately the investment I'm referring to is beyond grassroots education, and more to do with greasing the wheels of day-to-day bureaucracy. Our mentality is also still shaped by our rural and carefree roots if that makes sense. A simple life of freedom, joy, hard graft, and enjoying the fruits of one's labour is the pinnacle of what our people consider to be perfection no matter how far we've moved from those rural environs in a literal and figurative sense. If we could somehow shift our fatal habit of knocking each other down and instead transfer that ruthlessness when dealing with out-groups, this would start to strengthen us. Instead we crave the favour and endorsement of the outsider as we hilariously remember our religious teachings and ethics when dealing with hostile outsiders. I don't think you can change this attitude on a widespread basis to the point where an entire group of millions such as ours can collectively kick into another gear.
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    So basically gay marriage AND chairs whilst in maharaj's hajoori? This so called marriage doesn't count. It's between a male and a female. How are they going to do the part where the father of the daughter gives the palla to the son? What is wrong with these people?

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