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  1. whoah whoah SRK RULES!!!

  2. Hey my messenger has got full! I need to delete some messages. lol. Anyways thanks for the compliment. I've enjoyed reading your posts too!

  3. just thot i wud add - best place to contact me is on facebook...but then again I am trying to get rid of my addictions!

  4. hey my lovely thanks for checking on me. I am all well now. Email address works but since I check my emails after 2 months etc - I activated vacation reply :)

  5. nah bhenji I am not at uni yet. i should start soon though. Its not only cough. I got an infection. Fever has gone now and my eyes hav stopped being watery. Just need a few more days rest!

  6. aww thanks bhenji. health is the same. I am not getting better yet but I shud recover slowly. Hows everything with you? Are you back at work or are u still chilling around...

  7. hey bhenji. hope ure well. fb is sorted now...:D

  8. lol glad to know I am not the only one. hope all things are going well with u! x

  9. AKAAAAAAAAAAAL.........how is summer school? I feel so ill. Just sleeping all the time :(

  10. Doctor saab what are u doing? have u got the Job sorted? My sister is gonna be on radio 2mro- make sure u listen to her on Saty's show!!

  11. The comment box is not enuf so my babble got cut...basically 2 yrs ago he replied to me in 5 hours and now he is not replying to me. I don't think I will ever be able to log back in again....:(

  12. I got Dc on msn again! I forgot to tell u tht I got logged out of my facebook account. i emailed the owned Matt and he is not replying to me. I really wanna login cos thts how I keep track of birthday invites. I'm all confused now....and I don't think matt is gonna alllow me to log in...its been a week and he is not replying to me...last time I emailed him 2 yrs ago he replied in 5 hou

  13. Hey penji. Sorry I got the wrong person. Haven't spoken to you in ages so got the wrong user name. I hope all is well and ure both my fav so I will deffo invite both of u!! xx

  14. Detective A I am leaving!!!! I asked them to ban me from the forum...Hope they do it. We'll still be friends tho. I just have alot of negative energy i need to sort out!

  15. I'm leaving. I asked them to ban me. I hope they do it. So much negative energy around...its not good for my karma!

  16. 'Some Say Marry Money But My Brother Says Big Boobs Matter More' Cranial Nerves. S for sensory. M for Motor and B for Both. Also the B's also give Brancial arch nerves in order:

    But (CN 5): 1st arch Brother (CN7): 2nd arch

    Big (CN9): 3rd arch Boobs (CN 10): 4th arch

  17. Stop Letting Those People Touch That Cadaver's Hand

    (Scaphoid, Lunate, Triquetrum, Pisiform, Trapezium, Trapezoid, Capitate, Hammate)

    Carpal bones, bottom row first from radial to ulnar side

  18. Doctor Sahib hor ki haal ha?. Do u read ure comment box? lol...:P

  19. Munna Bhai MBBS....lol...

  20. Hey detective number 2. :D

  21. Ure so right. Dunno whats wrong with me. I'm going and not coming back till I finish. Lets hope it works!!

  22. I cannot believe u went out and rented the movie. I wasn't recommending that! But am glad u liked it anyway. A movie I think u shud deffo rent is called Provoked. So amazing. Here is the trailer

    Polics station scene

    THIS IS A Good Movie make sure u watch this one!! Anyways back to work!! x
  23. But the actual fight scene is good yea...my friend saw it and thort the girl was sikh just cos she had long hair and a turban...lol...anyways me deffo getting back to work. Wasted so much time today!!

  24. I'm so sorry. I posted the wrong video!!! I take full responsibility cos its all my fault...

  25. I posted the wrong video!!! I meant this one -

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