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  1. there is only one Guru, the Guru Granth Sahib, and anyone claiming to be a Guru of the Sikhs will be dealt with accordingly, as has happened in Vienna
  2. if you work hard then you have earned luxuries such as cars, remember Sikhs are not Yogis who sit in the mountains without any belongings
  3. http://www.sikhunit.co.uk/audio.html download and distribute these tracks, real tunes about real issues. try listening to this instead of the usual gangster rap about money and women http://www.sikhunit.co.uk/audio.html
  4. Discussion on meat is against the rules <banned word filter activated>, read before you post If you are insecure about your beliefs in meat turn to Guru Ji and find out by studying Gurbani and seeing what the Hukam of Waheguru is concerning eating corpses
  5. This guy is a role model to the Sikh youth, much better than any celebrity or sports star, we can easily relate to him. I suggest everyone download the Sikh unit Legacy and the new album and listen to the meanings of his songs instead of the regular gangster rap about money and women and all of that idiocy. Big respect to Killa and his crew for the massive seva they have done for the community
  6. Waheguru is true everything, the whole world is false only God is true everything you see, hear, touch and love will all be dust one day, it is all false only Waheguru is true that is the truth
  7. following the Sikh way of life and holding socialist values is a good combination. however the first loyalty of a Sikh is to the Khalsa and the betterment of the Khalsa and not to any marxist revolutions
  8. stop referring to this mortal"ram singh" as Guru, the Guru is now and forever will be the Guru Granth Sahib, and the namdhari cult is basically a glorified dera just like all the other stupid deras with babeh. namdharis are not Sikhs for they do not take Guru Granth Sahib as tehir Guru, they take some random man. by definition namdharis are not Sikhs
  9. Nehmat Phaji is has written a much more accurate and respectable answer than mine, mine is watered down to a level that i think western kids could relate to.
  10. to get back to the question and not focus on the what ifs, examples of so called "true Sikhs" would include Baba Deep Singh, Baba Buddha Ji, the panj pyare, and the Sahibzade. i dont think that this "prime minister" is worthy of being included as one of them. respect must be earned.
  11. it is degradation of Sikhi but it is a minor issue, there are much bigger threats currently to the sanctity of the Panth than dirty ladles.
  12. it is all in the will of God. people may suffer and die but this is the way of the world. do not fear death, and do not fear pain. Jaap the Naam and carry on as normal, pray for those who are suffering and who have lost loved ones
  13. if we wont get it through democracy are you suggesting we get it through some sort of dominion? and india a democracy, don't make me laugh it the biggest human rights violator in the world, clearly not ruled by the demos, the people, but by a select few idiots at the top. the PM is just their figurehead they run everything in the background. this means that admittedly he does have little power, but still enough to make those changes I stated. he however does not have the power to assert a free Khalistan, and even if he did have the power I doubt that this man would exercise it.
  14. the man is merely a puppet, and if he really did love his Guru he would use the little power that he has to punish ram rahim for a start. secondaly he should release all those Singhs still locked up, put in prison for joining the Dharam Yudh. he should punish those who killed innocent Sikhs in delhi and make an example of jagdish tyler ,sajjan kumar, and expose amitab bhachan as one of the mob leaders during the 4 days of slaughter. next he should return all of the lands stolen in 1966 if he wants punjab to stay unified with hindustan. he should change the laws to make Sikhs a separate entity
  15. for children try some of these maybe 1- Sikhs believe that there is one God who is the father of everyone, and so everyone are brothers and sisters 2- Sikh people believe that when you die, if you were a good person you go to live with God, but if not then you will come back here and try again 3- Sikhs do not cut their hair because it is a gift from their father God and it is their for the same reason that we have arms and legs from God. 4- as part of the Sikh religion, Sikhs learn about the world, nature and other people to help them to understand the world and live in peace 5- Sikhs hav
  16. Great Sikh freedom fighters? Guru Arjan Dev Ji, Guru Hargobind Ji, Guru Har Rai Ji, Guru Tegh Bahadur Ji, Guru Gobind Singh Ji Baba Ajit Singh Baba Jujhar Singh Baba Zorawar Singh Baba Fateh Singh Baba Deep Singh Bhai Daya Singh Bhai Dharam Singh Bhai Himmat Singh Bhai Mukham Singh Bhai Sahib Singh Banda Singh Bahadur, Mai Bhago Master Tara Singh Bhai Fauja Singh Sukhdev Singh Babbar Sukha+Jinda Sant Jarnail Singh Khalsa "Bhindranwale" Bhai Beant Singh Bhai Satwant Singh All countless others who have sacrificed their lives for the Khalsa Panth
  17. Paran-Singh


    take it easy bro it takes time to perfect your dumalla, when you are tying don't rush it. as for the"mashed" larrs, it is not a problem, just remember where you made the mistake when retying, making mistakes is how you learn
  18. ਵਾਹਿਗੁਰੂ ਜੀ ਕਾ ਖਾਲਸਾ ਵਾਹਿਗੁਰੂ ਜੀ ਕੀ ਫਤਹ ਜੀ. very good questions 1 - as Sikhs we know that the first humans or "homo sapiens sapiens" were those creatures who adapted from the single celled microbes with the guidance of Waheguru. they evolved into apes, and then with the care and help of Waheguru grew into the pre - humans or homo sapiens, and then into what we are today, homo sapiens sapiens. we do not revere the idea that Waheguru created two humans from dirt at the same time as everything else, but instead at his chosen time created us over time, and gave us our current form/saroop which u
  19. Paran-Singh


    For a deeper understanding of the word “Vaheguru”, we can look at its four syllables individually. These four syllables (in Gurmukhi) are "Vaavaa", "Haahaa", "Gaggaa", and "Raaraa". Guru Granth Sahib Ji reveals to us on ang (respected word for page) that these four syllables represent the Names of the One Creator Supreme Being. For example, Vaavaa represents ‘Vaasudev’, Haahaa represents ‘Hari’, Gaggaa represents ‘Gobind’, and Raaraa represents ‘Raam’. All these are different names of the same One Timeless Reality, which have been repeatedly used throughout the Gurbani; which suggests that thi
  20. A good question, Pajji, Waheguru is present in everything, he is the vibration that gives life to all entities from the mighty elephant to the smallest ant. He is present within every human being, every Sikh, and within you. You have embraced his will through Sikhi, and even though others may not, Waheguru will always reside in them, and maybe one day their cocoon of maya will open and they may become a beautiful butterfly like you have done. hope this helped
  21. there is an internet company that ships to the US and Canada: http://www.replicadungeon.com/medieval-cha...il-hauberk.html ^for the whole suit http://www.replicadungeon.com/premium-butt...-mail-coif.html ^just the coif beware though bro these are made from aluminum so dont try to stop any bullets :v2:
  22. iv been a long time reader of that website and it is aimed to make fun at making fun of everything and anyone. the only religion talked about with respect on that website is Sikhi. like everyone has said just read their articles on other faith and compare them for yourself. the only joke that they put on Sikhi is replacing one of the Kakkars with Kiwifruit, or something like that, only a bit of light hearted fun after they have carefully explained the misssion of Guru Nanak Dev Ji and the belief in one od and such you should read more joke articles on that website they always make me smile
  23. yesssssss i have always wanted to meet these guys, i luv them :1singh1:
  24. trueness, but which party would u say is completely free from corruption. i really dont think that any Sikh leader should have ties to the BJP though
  25. yesssss, im glad that we are starting this morcha in a peaceful manner as Guru Gobind Singh Sahib Ji instructed us. now just to get our message around the world...
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