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  1. What sort of person would do keertan there. Places like that wouldn't exist if we all stuck to our faith.
  2. i dont think that terminating your life is a good thing to do. think of it this way, it would be better to spend more time alive, doing bhagti and seva then dying. if your leading a gursikh lifestyle, by living longer you are erasing more and more sins. once you die, the only things that shall go with you are your sins both good and bad. then once you are ready, god shall terminate you himself.
  3. if the gurus lost, we would not be here. we are living proof of the maharaj's victory. also read about the shaheedi of dhan dhan guru arjan dev ji maharaj. the gods were prepared to protect them, however they did not want any interference
  4. im pretty sure that vivaz isnt a smart phone, its selling point is the HD camera but x10 does use the android operating system. if your wanting to upgrade to the iphone i dont think that you will be able to negotiate any better deal then whats already on offer. the prices arent set by the providers but by apple themselves unless you get a reconditioned one. thats where its been sent back within the two week cooling off period, so its considered second hand. bear in mind that some of the reconditioned ones may have just been refused delivery at the door, so they wont have been opened. but becau
  5. take a look at the nexus one from google. its an android phone that has got some good reviews. also HTC, they have some decent smart phones. i think that apple set the prices for the iphone, so you might notice that all of the major networks have very very similar deals. i think that they packages differ based on internet usage and wifi, some offering unlimited etc, but no real differences in tariff and price in terms of minutes and texts. if you want a few deals to quote, go check out your local phones4u, they appear to have the best deals. the salesmen in their are quite sale centred so yo
  6. i was thinking this exact thing as i just became aware of one such case local to me.
  7. This is becoming a widespread issue in the uk. The thing is like you said the people in power cant read or write english. this is because the people who can most probably work, and cant devote much time to giving full attention to the gurdwara sahib.
  8. singh.. when you emailed them did they acknowledge receipt or have they responded in any way?
  9. it seems like the channel is being run as a business, rather then a community channel. if the person is charge is a multi millionaire etc, he must be a business man by nature. all he would care about would be the bottom line figures. iv watched the channel a few times and the programmes to me seem shabbily produced, indicating that the money they are collecting through direct debits is not being put back into programming.
  10. Drogba

    Feel Like Dying

    Have you considered doing any charity work? or maybe you could work for free and try to get some experience and exposure, it will help you get a job with some experience under your belt. and on your other problem, thats not really your fault, its the hindu mindset people have, youve done nothing wrong.
  11. Listen, read, watch more bani. Find out the true meaning of bani by looking at english translations if your understanding is poor, thats what i do. the more bani you listen to the stronger the persons character will become, and it will help the person deal with what has happened.
  12. your right, but its still bad publicity. Kohli appears to be a sikh just the same as all the rest of us in the public eye, he wears a dastaar just like you or me. If he questions wearing a kirpan then it might spark off further scrutiny about whether sikhs should be allowed to wear kirpans. If a sikh is saying its not necessary publicly then why would a law making gora believe sikhs need to wear a kirpan as part of their maryada. In that sense we should care what they think about sikhi
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