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  1. This my seem alien 2some on heire. But. Hav U thort of talkin 2her. Sum ppl R just nice . Talkin helps . We R made 2talk . Talkin can make U feel good on inside
  2. Kissing wher tho. Is important2 no
  3. Everything i eva got 4m india fell apart after 2months . I.e . Dhol h! Tumbi. Book on sikhh! Its build quality
  4. The least offensive gift 4me would be a xbox Kinect . Also chocolat is good and anything in between . No alcohol tho we is good. We giv whisky 2the bin men
  5. Have you thort of gettin marrid ?
  6. I'm confuzed on the next thred it says it is ok 4 AH. I bin playin cod solid since
  7. Look at Wiki def. It is mor info on it. Sory no can paste link
  8. COD RULEZ. Find me onlin we link it up . It helps u in life it artificcal happyness so it good. 2much is bad to
  9. Who dun this ulets go get them they realise wo they doin ? Who they R?
  10. The sikh channely murdered the AMRITbani it was the 1 good station after sukhsagr and desi radio and punjabi radio. If i was a millonair i wud buy it back. But givin money 2Sky after wo they donne to all the Phone hackin ppl was bad. So i'd probably kp then money etc maybe buy a house in Jamaica...
  11. Mm m m m i like her 2 much. But it is bad 2liv in a dream world! wot a dream it wud B . So much
  12. innergear


    Oh i did nut know that it is minral based.
  13. Clear varnish is nice, it smells ok 2. Joot means impure so r u impure 2 yor body has lots in it . Like sugar into alcohol ha ha ha !
  14. Artifical happinings are good for you ? Is this tru ? Like playin with my COD.Can tell my mom this pleas is it proofed in science?
  15. This guy prof dhunda is very popular @ the mo many ppl come 4m far away 2do darsham of him . He is on Ju Tube
  16. Its to fun. But i watch it 4 the family she the one with the burkha i want to marry her so much lookss good
  17. I not sure on the full Black side . But i can tell you 2 that black with large white dots shud not be warn. It is a crime on fashion.
  18. Do 2 ardas . One for the billy and one for the family to be strong in this time
  19. Any one know where to buy a nice looking kirpan nacklace ?
  20. innergear


    Hi protein in you diet will make yor hair feel good . Go shopping for hi protein food its like this :-) for yor hair rub dabar amla its 2good
  21. Ther some good shopping @ westfields and you can go to the Gurudwarar in shepherd bush also :-) K . I went to see the swords in wallace collection 2. Is nice, made me want a 3footer
  22. I think they prob giv u the thought they R like all this to put U off liking . Them . This is becaus from yor post U sound like a D:(K . Hope this helps U in yor life
  23. ther is a report out today that says to many pakistani men are in to child molestating . Can any one put link on it on it here.? I hurd it on radio just em now
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