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  1. Welcome to quality control you troll.
  2. I think criticizing India is okay and so is criticizing Britain. I do agree with the rest if your sentiments to make a more Sikh friendly environment. Please use the report feature when possible, but also be the change you want to see.
  3. I missed that. That seems totally fair. Good looks. How easy is it to not curse fellow members of the forum guys. ?
  4. Sarcasm isn't a bad thing ? Shoutout to Killa from Sikh Unit. Still putting respect on his name in 2019
  5. I'll look up your posting history soon too bro. I don't recall you ever being abrasive/actively rule breaking.
  6. I vote for mahandulai to not be under quality control. Although mahandulai does seem like a troll, i've looked into it and he doesn't seem like a troll. Just misunderstood and discovering himself. Half of the reason he's in QC is because other members will take it the wrong way I'm assuming. We all start somewhere.
  7. Thought of an idea of getting all the quality control members on SikhSangat to make a reply to this thread making a formal appeal as to why they should be removed from the quality control mask and become a functioning member of SikhSangat society again!
  8. I have removed you off quality control as you seem to have been good lately, please don't make me regret this brother.
  9. Look, I am personally against PC culture and SJWs hijacking the narrative, but this is a public Sikh forum. If you use this kind of language at a Gurdwara Langar Hall and there are Chardikala Singhs around they will likely ask you to stop. You just received a warning which is nothing compared to a QC mask or a suspension. Doesn't matter if you use a slur against a guy or a girl, just keep it off SikhSangat. A LOT of people frequent these forums and a negative impression can reflect the forum as being 'anti women'. How we are perceived is important. I am strictly against interfaith anand karaj and agree with your criticisms of our next generation, but that doesn't mean I'll use abusive language to further polarization of people who may not be as informed. The warning is final and may be lifted in the future, rules won't change based on how long people have been on the forum.
  10. Majority of the users on this forum are Singhs anyways. If you see something, you're welcome to tell an Admin or Mod using report feature and someone will eventually address it. Likely will get the individual put under Quality Control or a suspension/warning. Using slurs is against the rules. Period. If you've had any formal education you'll know how to formulate your own perspective. If you can't, then perhaps you should enroll in a University or in an adult education course on critical thinking, writing and speech. If Mods/Admins do their work, there will be crying, if they don't then there still be crying. This is a Sikh forum, not a place bound by rule of law but instead what the Admin dictates as being the rules.
  11. Using abusive language or anti-women language won't be allowed on the forum. To create a healthy environment for discussion Mods/Admins will be issuing strict suspensions and quality control masks over offenders. Remember: Sometimes it's not what you're talking about, but how you say it.
  12. Vaheguru Ji Ka Khalsa Vaheguru Ji Ki Fateh Numerous members have been given hefty suspensions and some members have been permanently banned for contributing to toxicity and hateful comments on the forum. This is a reminder this is a Sikh forum and thus you should post as such. Just a heads up to rest of Sangat that mods and admins do watch posts and will take action, even if not right away. Vaheguru Ji Ka Khalsa Vaheguru Ji Ki Fateh
  13. MOD

    When did i spam?

    You're suspended for participating in hate against other members. Some members have been permanently banned and will be banned if they re-register new accounts. You've had plenty of warnings, this is final. Just wait out your suspension and be glad you aren't permanently banned for participating in a ton of toxicity in the forum. Doesn't matter whose fault it is or who instigates it after the fact.
  14. Please do not take any medical advice from anyone on this thread or with a grain of salt. Only consult with your doctor for a final say. Many of these newer supplements are unresearched/untested. ALWAYS consult with your doctor first.
  15. Please do not post links from other websites, especially if they're specifically targeting an individual.
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