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  1. Something valuable i've learnt from watching movies.... "assumption is the mother of all ****-ups" :-)
  2. braveheart the patriot indiana jones and the last crusade amerian ninja (that must show how old i am lol) national treasure (gotta love the adventure) almost forgot - the goonies lol
  3. can someone post what Bhai balwant singh Rajoana said about resham singh and Bhai jagtar singh hawara exact letters with english translations would be good if you can get them just wondering why only certain letters are being published, translated etc ??? also why does it matter that bhai sahib cut his hair, he took amrit after right which means everything before was maaf, who are we to question what happend before if Maharaj Guru Gobind Singh Ji accepted him when giving amrit?
  4. Im not a hardcore follower of baba mann singh but have to say it was their parchar that got me into sikhi I used to be a mona, used to drink, smoke and mess around with girls and i remember going with my mum to a diwaan and from that week of going onwards i felt so ashamed everytime i went to the gurdwara. I decided it was my repsonsibility to get into sikhi, kept my kesh and started learning to read paat, the next time baba mann singh came to uk i took amrit and to be honest i've never looked back. It hurts when i hear or read stuff about them because they changed a paapi like me, which i
  5. WLS ... Point 1....up until a few months ago pakistan was natos (west) puppy dog...why worry about a buffer zone wen uv got the country surrounded....afghan bases to the left...india to the right..pakistan aren't about to do anything rash...theyl be blown out of the window in no time and india will always listen to the usa like they always do Point 2..... Belgium cant agree on a goverment therefore the idea of them breaking up seems a reality in the near future...you wont have that problem in punjab because of 2 things...parkash badal and the heir sukhbir badal...those who dont agree either
  6. The only reason Israel even came into existence was beacause it was benefical for the west to have a foot hold in the region, the only way ur theory could work is if neighbouring countries/ states were threatening to the worlds power elite and therefore Punjab be an asset.......with india being allies with the west....the middle east eating out of western hands (bar Iran) and countless bases in nearby countries....it doesn't seem likely it could gain the support it deserves Based on history ..it's a nice theory but honestly with the greatest respect ...it's not going to happen!
  7. I'm a full 100% khalistani but I say one thing....and have always said....no point in shouting abroad....on the Internet....newspaper articles etc ........go to delhi and say it there We can curse those "brainwashed" in Punjab all day but until we get ourselves over there and make a fuss....whats the point? Our homeland? We live in the UK with sky sports and espn mate!!!
  8. west london singh......they might have built our roads, railways etc......but with sikhs being well versed in the art of war....don't for a second think they would have helped us if we wern't such a threat and also so handy to them....we fought 2 world wars for them remember!!
  9. phone the college 020 7473 4110 ....and complain about these 2 girls......Samira and Idiil just called the college and they are not even aware of this yet also school email is wrong in original post, use these instead - info@newvic.ac.uk complaints@newvic.ac.uk
  10. how many times does it say in bani...we should bow to those true humble saints....we've been here countless times in the past on sikhsangat.....when bani quotes get thrown in the faces of those that think different...they just seem to ignore it and think they are still right.....i can see that about to happen here im sorry to say this......but those that think you shudn't bow to sants......either dont read bani or if they do they dont understand it bhul chuk maaf
  11. very vaild question....certain paats are done at certain times to maximise the phal kpull - why do you think we do nitnem preferably in the morning at amrit vela? i do reharaas when the sun starts to set...thats the way I’ve always done it.
  12. Firstly want to say i dont support india and am full supporter of a sikh homeland khalistan But just wanted everyone to think of one thing....british have done as bad if not worse to sikhs in the times of the raaj......but i dont see british born sikhs not supporting england at the football world cup....majority of sikhs esp amritdharis supported england football team! Maybe these indian immigrants hav a connection with where they were born/grew up like we hav with england! Dnt want to get blasted for saying this...but jus something to think about
  13. I have to agree with sarabha punjab on this one, i dont know about how long some of the forum members have been around but iv been around long enough to know there are some dodgy characters on this council With some of their track records i wouldnt be surprised if there are a few hidden agendas under the table and before anyone slams me for "not giving them a chance" or saying "why dont you do something yourself" just be cautious about these people, they're alot smarter than you think
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