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  1. With Maharaj kirpa Ji the following jathas are confirmed during the Simran Jaap Smagam. Bhai Onkar singh Una Sahib wale Bhai Tajinder Singh Khannewale Bhai Hari Singh Bhai Sukhvinder Singh -Sukhi Baba Bibi Mandeep Kaur Bhai Sukhjinder Singh Jatha Bhai Amandeep Singh Ji Smethwick Acapella Jatha Bhai Piara Singh Ji Hazoori Jatha Bhai Ram Singh Ji Hazoori Jatha Gobind Sarvar students
  2. In Memory of Shahibzadey Shaheedi, Naam Simran Smagam is happening at Darbar Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji, Walsall, West-Midlands. Sangat Ji, We are fast approaching the 'festive season' again this year, but what does this time of the year really mean for Sikhs? This is the time of the year that one of the biggest sacrifices in history was given by our father Dhan Guru Gobind Singh Ji Maharaj. In the month of Poh Maharaj sacrificed his four sons, his mother and countless Sikhs in the name of dharam. This was the fulfilment of a promise Guru Gobind Singh Ji made in 1699 when he, as Guru, kne
  3. Dhan Dhan Sahib Sri Guru Gobind Singh Ji has told us to do sangat twice a day. To obtain something, it is very essential to do sangat atleast once a day. Maharaj sits hajar najar waiting for his child everyday, but his child is so busy that he hardly comes once a week just for 2 hours, more likely it looks like that his child just comes for formality. Therefore how can the child gain spiritual wisdom from his beloved. This is just an example, it does not apply to everyone, I know many gursikhs who do sangat everyday so do many on this forum. Singh Ji, I respect and bow down to your kamai and
  4. Kojath Kojath sunee eih soe, Saadh sangat bin tareyoh n koee By searching and seeking, I have heard this news. That without doing the sangat of sadhu, the company of the holy, no one swims across.
  5. You can buy Aloe Vera propolis cream, it is very effective. Plus if you buy the cream, 60 days money back guarantee come with it. It onlys cost around 10pound. Link to purchase for the cream: http://myflpbiz.com/esuite/home/ancientaloevera/ http://myflpbiz.com/esuite/home/amritpalsingh/
  6. Definition Of a Sant: Jina Saas Giraas Na Vesareh, Har Nama Man Mant Dhan Seh Seyi Nanaka Puran Soe Sant
  7. Once Baba Nand Singh Ji visited a Gurudwara in a village. Sahib Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji’s parkash was done in the open and the “palkan” were covered with sand and Guru Sahib’s (angs) were also covered with sand. Baba Ji was greatly upset at this. He at once called Granthi Singh and scolded him and said, “If I put sand in your eyes, then how would you feel?” Then Baba Ji himself took a clean rumala and removed all the sand from the pages (angs) himself. Baba Ji always said, “These are not the letters but eyes of Guru Nanak.” And the palkan are the eye lids of Guru Nanak’s eyes. Where ever Baba
  8. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Kyi4bswwAXM Check this video out, if you haven't seen it before.....
  9. You can read Sant jagjit Singh Ji Books @ http://www.gurmatveechar.com/literature?browse=Punjabi_Books/Sant_Jagjit_Singh_Harkhowalae
  10. The Resurrection of the Akal Takhat http://www.sikhdharma.org/content/resurrection-akal-takhat http://www.sikhdharma.org/content/prayer-akal-takhat
  11. Yogi Harbhajan Singh Praising Sant Jarnail Singh Ji http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Kyi4bswwAXM Waheguruu...
  12. Bhai Sahib Ji you shouldn't be this rude, I personally respect white sikhs and teaching of yogi harbhajan... Instead of looking how much sikhnet has done for the community we look at their avguns.. Think twice before you slander someone, guru sahib didn't teach us to slander although they teach us to love everyone.. Sikhs have gone to far from the teachings of guru sahib and with their own intellect they're telling others that they are wrong, and i mean it.. However, if you got problem with sikhnet, contact them personally.....Once, a great gursikh said if you slander someone, 100 people w
  13. This site may be helpful: http://www.headlice.co.uk/detection/default.aspx
  14. May maharaj give the strength and ahtmac bal to wipe the dusht
  15. Pooran Mahapursh Baba Sadhu Singh Ji Nanaksar Wale Baba Sadhu Singh nanaksar wale has done Baba Nand Singh Nanaksar kaleran wale seva for 8 years and baba ji was hazoori sevadaar known as garvehi of baba isher singh ji nanaksar kaleran wale... Baba ji used to speak very little and always stay connected with simran and they would listen to gurbani from sevadaar like baba takur singh ji damdami taksal wale were... As baba ji said to badal, 'you're ticket to narak(hell) has already been cut', he should read gurbani as much as possible. I think Badal should do 101 chaupai sahib de path everyday
  16. Eh jag meeth Nah Dekheyo Koee

  17. Thank you for sharing, very nice veechar of jathedar ranjit singh ji...
  18. Bulandpuri sahib is known as: Nawa Nanaksar Thath Bulandpuri Sahib Rohani Chanan Munahra Any way Baba Baldev Singh Bulandpuri Wale are in the UK for few weeks time..
  19. Yes, They are from nanaksar samparda...
  20. Sadh Sangat Ji, I've heard from one singh's lecture regarding red clothes.... In Baba Banda Bahudar Singh Ji's Jeevan.. If we read our history, at the time of baba banda singh bahadur... When Baba Banda Singh and other singhs were arrested by mughul after long time, the mughuls changed the ''Guru Da Bana'' of Singhs and on purpose they put red clothes on Baba Banda Singh Bahudar and other singh and were laughed upon by mughul.... There must be a kaaran WHY on purpose mughuls only choose red colour and do basti and laugh on gursikhs..... Singho Red Colour has many meaning which gursikhs s
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