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  1. Its not working for me. Anyone know when it will be bak up to speed?
  2. Hey we got singhs in california. Anyone here going to go, but to protest against the protest? Hopefully someone goes to quiten him down, please do so.
  3. Any examples of this please? Ie. perhaps a saint that served to be a messenger for a saints' letters in older times, perhaps a saint that kept their avastha gupt and served langar at Gurdwarey, perhaps a saint that after being blessed countinued to serve the saint that had blessed him, etc. PLEASE and THANKS!
  4. Veer , can you specify which Vaar? I'm interested.
  5. i saw someone message that juggy gill guy, the guy licking his upper lip, with something like ``watch wat u call a pindu mentailty, it is a Gurus Hukamnama` and he replied back ``its a stupid mentailty``. it comes down to the parents imo...
  6. http://www.london24.com/news/court/sikh_gang_guilty_of_attacking_indian_general_1_2309777 just seems they recieved little support. also, warning, biased article
  7. WJK WJF The story of Bhai Manjh Singh is a beautiful one. They were put through a lot of tests, and even spoken to disrespectfully (for testing purposes) but they showed great Nimartha and never wavered, their love for the Guru still going strong. Link: http://www.panthic.org/articles/5093 I was hoping for some inspiration trough other stories like this. Sometimes saints may swear at a disciple on purpose to test them, but the disciple is still unwavering in their love. Any stories from the jeevans of hose such as Bhai Nand Lal Ji, Bhai Gurdas Ji, Baba Isher Singh Ji? Another example is
  8. Question in the title, hoping for some tales that will put our small problems into perspective.
  9. best thing ull read since reading that http://satguru.weebly.com/satguru-nanak-sahib-in-bamunanikauganda.html ^compilation of Guru Ji's traveel. some evidece he even came to North Amerca!!
  10. Not from that, either from the brar attack or the attack on that Muslim store. Edit: " Today 6 young Sikh men were imprisoned for 2 years each at Leicester Court : Their " crime " was to smash a nasty paedo ring and smashed a few faces in the process." T'was that then I guess.
  11. Yup, heard about him,great man. But I'm looking for more pro-active actions. Like Bhai Mardana Ji, Himself was a Muslim.
  12. Just anything to do with them. I know Sant Mian Mir Ji laid the foundation of Harimandir Sahib, Sri Guru Ram Das Ji (I think) also showed great reverance for Sri Chand Ji, and many Muslims and Hindus fought for Khalistan in 84. Any other examples? And also, how did these great souls stay true to their own faiths and not feel as if they were abandoning their own faiths by pledging their head to the Guru as well?
  13. What country are you from? Sometimes they have slightly diffferent styles, you from Canada, UK, the States?
  14. or were they just brainwashed? \I was watching a movie where a guy killed a soldier on the opposing army as he was surrendering, and I though that was justice done until I thought that the guy was probably just brainwashed by his ruler to attack them. It then got me thinking of our history, and how we fought the Mughals. Were their soldiers inherently evil, or just brainwashed? Would they do the things they did if they knew the real story? Cuz im guessing they wouldn;t had they known of the Guru's greatness. OR was it more like the police in 1984 where they knew what they were doing, where th
  15. A collection of his writings are in a book, and some of the English translations say this (they're accurate): "i saw nothing in chanting Ram, and i saw nothing in books" "If there were another God besides You, what would it be? If it were that way, then what would it be? If it were this way, then what would it be?" "My lips wont utter Ram, My Ram recites me, I have found peace, Kabira!" These are poems of Bhagat Kabir Ji translated to English. I'm really looking for help in understanding them. Thanks! For more of an idea of where its from, this is the book http://www.google.ca/imgres?
  16. that auto spray bathroom fragrance placed right next to guru sahib
  17. Sometimes maya and love can feel like one another. Ask yourself this: If she says something like "Oh, I don't like people who support Khalistan" or "I like to drink every now and then", will you still feel that love? Getting into relationships can be distracting, IMO, it can focus your heart away from God. THOUGH if its the right person, another spiritually-oriented person, it can help you both get further along your journey to God
  18. WJK WJF, in the title, if you were to meet a Saint, what things would you say that would be pleasing to them, how would you show your love for them, how would you speak?
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