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  1. I'm due to stay in Delhi for a night on 2 occasions in a couple of months time. Does anyone have any recommendations for safe hotels etc which are family friendly? Thank you in advance for your help/advice.
  2. Hazoor


    Why is it desired that information like this is kept gupt? I'm not for or against the notion, just intrigued. To be honest, over the last few years I've been 'busy' with work, family and children. Though my absolute faith lies in Maharaaj, spiritually I've been doing what I do and things have been ticking along. Reading this topic alone has inspired me more anything over the last few years. As I mentioned at the start of this post, I'm just intregued as to why some things should remain gupt. :-)
  3. Being discussed on the BBC Asian Network NOW, on Nihals show.
  4. Interesting response. I work in the food industry, more specifically in the bio analysis of food. I've always been intrigued regarding where things stand from a Sikh point of view.
  5. Being discussed on Nihals show right now (BBC Asian Network)
  6. Last time I checked this was Sikh Sangat, how people think its ok to be justifying anything to do with caste I'll never understand especially on this platform. Yes we have a history but that's stands for nothing against the word of Guru Sahib, which states 'recognise the human race as one'. I couldn't give two hoots if you're a Jatt, Lohar or more relevantly a pharmacist or accountant. I don't care if the people of the past were amazing and make up the 'Heer Ranje' kisse we still hear today. All I know is the Sikhi I know and believe doesn't have time for these labels and divisions. It's not who you are that defines you (or the trade of your ancestors), its your actions that are more important.
  7. Agree with the poster above. For me, the tree is not along the lines of a moorti of a deity. In the eyes of some it may be but it comes down to the person. I am not trying to take part in some ritual, if I was I'd just be straight forward and do it and not beat round a bush (maybe you see it and I don't). Maybe I'm not at your level Only Five, a tree is currently not affecting my avasta (or lack of it). Years of exposure to elements of other faiths has not chipped away at my faith, it has cemented it over time. As far as how a tree will effect my children, having been exposed to this all my life and still being sent to Punjabi classes before I started state education, being sent to Santhia classes, attending camps as a camper and then organiser for around 2 decades; I think I can confidently say my folks ensured we knew who we are alongside being exposed to the traditions of the country I was born and growing up in. I hope to emulate what they did, I mean what's the worst that's happened?! I have a tree, it could be a lot worse! (I could be at the Gurdwara lighting candles/divas on Bandi Chor Diwas!) Jesting aside, I do get your point (Only Five) but don't agree that some tree worship ritual is taking place at my house.
  8. We have a tree in our house and it doesn't make a difference to us that it's there. It's not stopping us doing our Nitnem, it's not enticing us towards the panj chor and in no way is it turning us into Christans or to idol worship. It's no different to the other plants in my house. Yes, it makes an appearance at this time of year and then disappears again for the rest if the year, we don't become honorary Christians for 2 weeks because of a tree - if it did, I'd be questioning the strength of my faith, not the tree.
  9. Hazoor

    Problems with wife

    Maybe because juice just doesn't taste the same?
  10. This act does not sit well with me either. It comes across as violent on the whole. I must add though that the ending was impact full with the scenes/shots from history, as someone who appreciates what they referred to I think it's amazing they got that to a large audience worldwide though someone who doesn't know the history may just see the gruesome aspect of it.l
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