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  1. Either is ok ! as long as its not: 1. happy sikh festival 2. happy sikh new year 3. happy sikh harvest
  2. respectfully, annulement is common in the Sikh community in the UK. One common theme arises in many of these type of cases, one party does not 'desire/ love/ want/ long/ give' to the other. In a community where many girls have (secret) relations before marriage, they use every excuse possible not to consummate. In this example, singh and kaur appear to be reasonable adults. they both know what is needed/ required. My conclusion is kaur has more baggage than heathrow airport and should be dumped. Singh needs to move on. Bloody pathetic waiting 9 months like a twit ! I bet kaur avoids singh
  3. It is an inappropriate music video. No Singh drives a mercedes SLK -its such a handbag motor !
  4. it was deliberately put on 11.20pm as to ensure the BBC had the maximum Sikh audience -this decision was based on the 2010 UK census of the Punjabi-Sikh group and their eating habits (in which 83% of this group eat at 10pm and sleep at mdnight). Incidently, only the muslims eat later than the Sikh group. But they have a higher protien diet and less figuratevely round as comparred to their neighbouring Sikh group.
  5. jpsingh2, we brits are loving, loyal, legal citizens of this lovely country of our queen. we darent do anything illegal. please goto the bbc.co.uk -iplayer and stream it. trust you have computer with internet connection. much love, your anglez bro.
  6. The distaar and beard make the suit/ shirt/ tie ! Make sure the distaar is proportional to your head/ body (not to fashionably small). Beard if tied up should be neat (not pressed as if as though you have ironed it nor applied 1 ton of hair gel).
  7. ALWAYS wear a white (clean) shirt and weddings, parties -it is not work !
  8. west landan singh i agree with your sentiments.... Its one thing being camera shy. But after 9 months of marriage she doesnt want to do it then, I say her heart/ love is not for this singh (perhaps for another guy). Something doesnt seem right in her head. Appears this singh is doing all the right (sensitive) things. Annul (as the marriage has not been consummated) the marriage and move on ! Where is your self respect Singh -get the F out !
  9. I also saw the interview. It was interesting (and perhaps refreshing) to get another Sikh locale (ie. Delhi region) perspective. Its not politics. Its not even addressing issues. A lot of the content was countering the negative jibes Sarna had received -it was good to hear their perspective. They are a very powerful/ influencial outfit (SGPC/ Badal are not exclusive to the Sikh cause. In any case, we should let the Badals and Sarna's be ! Our biggest issue is how do we make Punjab better -economically, reduce alcoholism and drugs, educate the Sikh youth and have proper health facilities for
  10. Agree with west landan singh. Labour traditionally had the Sikh vote. Did very little other than attend Gurdwarae for votes, whilst our elders skipped around them with their broken english. Tories have not made an obvious attempt to get the general Sikh vote. However, they have listened to the Sikh voice and nowadays more receptive to Sikh issues. Blair/ Brown where publically pro-muslim -Sikhs hardly got any airtime with them !
  11. Good show. Needed to show: 1. Spiritual context of the dastar 2. Mistaken identity with muslims 3. Airport screening issue 4. Dastar wearers in sports, construction, media, etc PS: love Lord Singh (he the daddy !)
  12. Southall sangat needs to let the committee know that Park Avenue Gurdwara is not for sale. IT CANNOT BE SOLD WITHOUT THE SANGATS APPROVAL. Mr Bindi the Bander Sohi (unemployed (and unemployable) son of the pradhan -please respond ?
  13. This was sohis (current president of Singh Sabha) niece
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