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  1. Have you had sex before marriage then aborted your baby to cover it up! Whats wrong with you? Shocking!
  2. She told her boyfriend that she might be pregnant it was a lie he got worried which makes me believe that she is not a virgin anymore. I'm not summarizing no more waste of time grow up girl!!! Get your head out of the sand! And stop fantasising about Romeo And Juliet lifestyle! There are bigger problems our community are facing like IMPORTANT issues of Beadbi of Guru Granth Sahib Ji. Wake up!
  3. Let me summarise it... She is in a relationship, with her boyfriend. She refers to him as her 'baby' She has said or done something to upset him and now he won't talk to her. She went to her sister for help on this issues and this 'baby' didn't like that. She said it was just everyday talk nothing to do with the guy in question. He felt neglected lol when she spoke to her sister. He doesn't like her sister what a superise. They met in March happiest day of her life apparently. she gave her mobile to him the next day, he is possesive he wants to control her (urm why she going out with him?) Turn away everyone the 'baby' got angry because her brother in law called on her mobile and he was drunk and shouted why are they always talkingto you? You not talking to me? :o her sisters husband loves her I believe this girl is an illegal immigrant or her sister is.
  4. OMG! I FOUND THIS REALLY HARD TO UNDERSTAND Not another Romeo and Juliet I had enough of this in English lessons. I'm sorry you should have just pointed key points out on the problems your facing. Read Gurbani do naam simran help to clean your soul. Love is just an illusion!!
  5. People choose their own path sometimes in situations no matter how hard one tries they don't want help they want a boyfriend pathetic really. We already have other issues such as beadbi of Guru Granth Sahib Ji again carried out by our own people not all but most, what we doing to tackle this issue? There are already groups set up to help victims such as sikh helpline, maybe we are investing too much time in other aspects and less time in others and nothing gets done because we are just words. Who can change the world except waheguru,but we have a right to help people in need, we can't help every Sikh girl in the world likewise we can't stop corruption everywhere so whats the solution?
  6. These interfaith mariages happening in the gurdwara, aren't our OWN people to blame here for carrying out such marriages that are against Sikh principles? Sometimes people don't want help, they would rather turn a blind a eye to whats happening. It's the gurdwara responsbility to be strict on such issues otherwise we ail have incidents where Sikhs will marry Muslims in a gurdwara I mean there was a case I think a few years back at ramgharia gurdwara in Birmingham for allowing this marriage! It's not anyones fault but our OWN people. How does anyone expect the younger generation like us to believe this act is right if we have granthi,reallly religious people who we look up to for guidence and more knowledge of sikhsim to perfrom anand karaj not Sikhs marrying Sikhs but Muslims/Hindus/gore etc? What is the young generation going to think? This is our own errors within our own communties, we are so tied up in work and money that it becomes a greed, we are out all hours earning while our children are out earning a different agenda mixing around with peope they shouldn't, let's face it everyone knows whats right and whats wrong. Education does partly come into it but this is not always the case if we don't care about whats happning on our doorstep how we going teach a whole generation? Things like this happen because now we care more about money than promoting a true way of life of Sikhism. We have no fear, everything is too easy in this world we see we get regardless of who gets hurt in the process. It's like people lose self respect for parents/family because they don't put fear into girls/boys hence they get away with anything. Who needs enemies when our Sikhs are turning against our OWN people?
  7. Never heard anything like this before... Why should the sangat pay for anti Sikh activities? It's more like a business promoting bad things and earning money in dishonest ways, using it dishonestly through promoting meat and alochol on gurdwara owned halls how can it get any worse? There are people starving in third world counties and here in the UK we have so much corruption that we have turned blind to see whats going on...
  8. Having loads of gfs and braggin about it on here is wrong and not a action of a SIKH, Maybe we need to have a re check on what our brothers are doing out there and think I have a sister at home and think I should see this girl I meet I look her in the eye as a sister and nothing else. I get what your saying and not every girl is like that but it's all about education at home not letting girls out for all hours without questioning where or who they have been. Maybe you could start some group on tackling this issue to help 'sikh girls' instead of going out with 'girlfriends'.
  9. m4ndy

    Facial Hair

    Girls face more Fear comes from ignorance we need to change our way of thinking in our minds and forget that other people in this western society don't own us. It's all about confidence you need to believe in yourself that other people don't matter, I don't need to please them, I need to please waheguru. People will have opinions it's human nature but you go out with your head held high and say these opinions don't matter to me because it's a part of me. I'm not going to cut off my ear or my nose so why should I take my facial hair off? The thinking needs to change in your mind see and believe in yourself that I'm strong, I'm unique and I can do this. You will slowly be able to feel the power as you walk down the street no one wouldn't even dareto say anything to you. Remember that beauty lies in the eye of the beholder you don't need to live up to other peoples expectations you do what you feel in your heart and you will know what feels right and you will implement that and show everyone that you can do it despite negative thoughts and opinions of other people. If you did get negative opinions from people, educate them on importance of hair they will learn to see you as a human being who has feelings, who has guts because she does what guru ji wants and what he expects from his Sikhs. Keep smiling what ever you decide :D
  10. By reading what you wrote, I had a little trouble understanding what you mean! I'm confused! Are you married? Is he your blood brother or A another you call a brother who you found from the Internet? From the information you entered, I understand that you are not married to the guy, you say he has a anger problem, you went on the Internet to search for a friend to help you in your situation. He found out about this friend and broke off the relation you had with him? I guess he found something on chat he shouldn't of. Since your not married, why is this a big issue? Honesty is always the best policy in any situation truth comes out in the end, be truthful and explain that's all you can do.
  11. Respect comes first... The key is never to get into any situation like this, one must see everyone as brothers and sisters, arrange marriages are not a bad thing it's much safer. In your case you found someone, and you say you love him but don't do anything more because you will get found out if you marry some other guy. I think respect of parents comes first even though your parents believe in the caste system you should just respect what they want for you. don't forget everything in life is a risk but one of the biggest risk is when a girl goes out with a guy and develops a relationship if this is to happen both families need to know about it. What happens if both of you were caught in the street by a relative and it got back to your parents? Is it not better that they know from you rather than that person? If you know that caste is an issue in your family you should never seek some guy who is out of your caste because if you know your parents won't allow it how are you going to get married? Just to add what caste does he belong to? I think you answered your own question in your statement my parents will never agree, I don't want to hurt my parents. If your parents are really strict I don't think it's worth the risk. you will be married one day does it really matter if it's him or A another? You need to think is this guy worth the risk and effort? Think about it in your mind, it's a case of honer you shouldn't be kissing, because you are hiding from your family, but remember you cant hide from god. if you think he is worth it then sit your family down and tell them you found someone you think is suitable, however he is from a different caste background and see what they say. if they say no then you got no option but to respect your parents wishes, they know best. This is why arrange marriages are there, they serve a purpose!
  12. This is very upsetting, I don't think the world will ever change this act. Girls are always looked down upon but without girls the world wouldn't even exist. At this rate the world will become all male what will happen then can anyone imagine? Its a perception of cost especially in Asian communties girls are considered expensive, but we should ask ourselves whose demanding the cost males until this tradition dies, girls will continue to die... a girl can be anything she wants to be and only god can be the judge of death, no other human being has the right to kill, those that do will face the consequences in time karma has a way of coming around. If we don't see god in all, we don't see god at all.
  13. More channels will lack funding, I read what your saying but from what I have seen nearly all 3 channels have been showing some anti Sikh programmes do we really need more channels that the sangat won't even watch? Waste of money. This will create greed and more people to copy and set up. We should focus upon what we have and how we can improve it that's why the channel is going off air even Sikh channel maybe the wider Sikh community would rather drop direct debits because they are not agreeing with whats going on in the channels. When Sikhism began Guru Nanak didn't need any media to promote Sikhism. A channel can be good but if the people behind aren't good and don't have Sikh interests at heart then obviously we are going to have a problem regardless of having one channel or numerous channels. We already have other types of media to spread sikh news such as panthic.org YouTube for videos, this forum. Most of the time the channels are not meeting the needs of the Sikh community by promoting anti Sikh stuff, bringing in people who don't have a interest in Sikhism at all. Lack of direct debits, the channel going off air (Sikh channel and Sikh tv) shows it all, tells it all. Plus the repeats are not good, showing the same stuff over again espcially the kabaddi programme how boring is that?Zzzzzzzzzz.
  14. There are weaknesses in ALL 3 channels, but by far Sikh TV has to be the weaker one because of some of the programming it broadcasts. Is it not better to have ONE channel? Why do we need 3 it becomes competition all for the wrong reasons. Then they all ask for direct debits but if one person supports one channel how do you expect that same person to pay for the other 2? So it's better to have ONE channel overall because then problems like this arise, going off air etc.
  15. Thank you for the response it's helped I understand much better now about these issues :D Thank you all :D
  16. I live in the UK, and I know a lot of what you said is true even in my family background I hear relatives saying we need a 'clean shaven guy' etc it's pathetic. I get so angry and think why don't you all just look for Muslim guys. The thing is people are so stuck in culture and tradition that they forget about religion altogether. Punjabi people listen to bhangra music, lustful songs, watch Bollywood movies, Indian dramas, the whole concept changes in girls mind, they see that on TV and automatically percieve that person to be 'attractive' but in reality who is attractive? A person who is bad, who drinks, smokes eats filthy food but is clean shaven is he attractive? No a person who has respect for their religion who abides by the code of conduct is beautiful you know they are the ones who will lead a good life and will be well respected in the Sikh community as well as other religions around them. The Sikh girls that think clean shaven is beautiful nothing lasts looks fade everyone ages we all get old. it's just society has changed we are now in the so called 'west' where people have adpated to this culture, I blame the parents who don't keep their childrens hair and lack of sikhi knowledge that leads to situations like this. if the whole world was amritdhari we would never even have topics posted on this. Sometimes I wonder whether some peope are Sikhs at all.. Don't worry about it, YOU are unique people are just jealous that you get noticed! You wear the jewel of what Guru Gobind Singh Ji has given be proud of it and spread the message and if some people don't want that their loss somones gain! :D
  17. First of all I apologise if I have put this in the wrong section, as I thought it was suited here. I'm not judging anyone it's not my place, also I'm not talking about particular individuals I'm just talking about society overall. particlarly the MALE society, (I'm not discriminating) just stating opinions forgive me if I say anythig wrong. Over the years you hear bad things happen to others or bad things that happen in the Gurdwara and beadbi to Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji and the more I realised that most of the crimes are committed by MEN. Yet I know religion sees men and women equal, why then do we still have issues within our community that men are inferior, when it's men who commit crimes, start fights over money etc? Wouldn't the world be a better place if women could be committee members rather than men? Why don't women have a say on how the gurdwara is run why has the power got to go to a man? wouldn't the world be a better place if there were more women around to carry out tasks rather than men? The recent beadbi of Sri Guru Granth Sahib Jis saroops thrown into a well, were not these actions carried out by MEN? why is it that the seva done by women in gurdware gets unoticed yet MEN get rewarded are we not discriminating WOMEN even inside a gurdwara? Why are we killing girls before they are born? Why becuse MEN are greedy is it true or not? I was wondering if I can get peoples opinions on the matter Thank you :D Sorry for some errors i'm using my iPod!
  18. The census will never give an accurate account for the Sikh population as the world has a lot of illegal Sikh immigrants residing in the UK.
  19. That's not the job of sangat tv to do, live funeral programme should be aired on Muslim channels not a SIKH channel (sangat TV) the whole purpose of the channel should be to promote SIKHISM only. They are getting ridiculous now, why should we have Sikh channels anyway all they do is abuse it either by money or trust of the Sikh community. There doesn't need to be Sikh channels, bad in the day even the gurus were sucessful in promoting Sikhism they never had no help from any media. All the channels show is either repeats or talks among the older generation it doesn't really engage the younger viewers to watch it. They seem to be close with the Muslim community now than with their own Sikh sangat, how can it get any worse? It needs to stop or the Muslims will start to take control. They already have on facebook pages trying to mix Sikhism and Islam together.
  20. Well il try and answer them by order: 1. If you had a rishta and this bibi told you that she can't have children or a very slim chance, I would not automatically say no, because don't forget she was honest about it in the first place, she could have easily hidden her problem and married you anyway. Times have changed, technology has advanced to have children. 2. If it was me and I was going to marry someone and they had a problem, I would want to know about it, after all you are going to spend a whole lifetime with one person, so problems need to be out in the open if not those problems will arise in married life and they are not small problems that's life changing. Dishonesty is if she didn't tell you in the first place, not only is her life ruined but yours would be too. 3. If would be heartbreaking to know that, to know that you won't have a child of your own wouldn't be the same for you or the child because it would create problems later on in life with the real birth parents of that child you bring up, not to mention some children treat adoptive parents differently but not in all cases this is rare. You need to think can I live a future without having my OWN children? 4. I think parents wouldn't be happy about it since why else to people get married to have children. If you get married and you can't have children it becomes (lust) a need for sexual desire Which is wrong. in Sikhism family life is important relationships between families grow and when you get old at least you would have children to look after you. I think overall parents would be upset and angry because having children brings happiness and bliss into the household. Some people don't even get married and rather live a life of pure devotion to god, it's a personal experience for each individual to find that out. You have a choice to haw children or don't have any on the case of ONE individual rishta, is this person worth you not having children? Don't forget it just won't be you affected by this it would be yur family too, it would be like a generation has been lost before it even got started. There are many people out there who can't have children, this one couple had their first child 12 years later. It does happen sometimes, you got to have faith and do ardas and ask god to bless you with a child. If it's scientific and there is no way around then adoption can only be considered, unless in your family somone is willing to give a child to you. My opinion I wouldn't want to marry someone who can't have children, simply because that's why I would be getting married for to have children and lead a family life. I hope I was of some help to you, I hope it goes all well for you in what ever you decide.
  21. I don't think it's wrong but don't forget everything in life is an illusion everything fades and what remains?
  22. Its finished now but you can watch it online. http://www.channel4.com/programmes/street-riots-the-live-debate/episode-guide/series-1/episode-1
  23. Proud Sikh actually lovely people: upinder response! The same Sikh who said hair doesn't matter for a Sikh!
  24. Talked about engagig funding incentive Gangs youths young people, not just them all walks of life politions are in the wrong I do have sympathy we are one of the best countries in the world for opportunity why ain't cities in Asia burning down buildings? Since they are poor. Actions speak louder than words, although those singhs spoke very well and made great comments! :D
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