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  1. That was so funny. What is it with our people their odd fascination with the English language.
  2. Khalistani uncles in the west are real traitors to Sant Jarnail Singh Jee's ideology. From the outside they look like Singhs, but from the inside they are Manmukhs. Any of these Khalistani uncles promoting and supporting heretic Kala Afghanis is a traitor to the movement. It is best to not associate with these Khalistani uncles because they can always report you to their masters in the Indian consulate. The Sikh Panth has some really good people but it is equally true that we have even more turncoat Dhian Singh Dogras amongst us ready to betray us. These Kala Afghanis are the Dhian Singh Dogras of today. Never ever trust them. A real Khalistani is one who supports the ideology of Sant Jarnail Singh Bhindranwalay and the thousands of Shaheeds of the movement. Do not trust these fat Khalistani politicians in the west who are all supportive of Kala Afghana. If you tell them the truth of Kala Afghana like the fact that he was a life long communist, worked in the Punjab police, sexually molested a women and very suspiciously wrote volumes of books when he himself is uneducated they will ignore these facts and continue to support him. This shows that they have sold themselves out.
  3. Unlike Ghagha and Darshan Lal, this Dhunda has not been exposed for the heretic he is. People still think he is a great Panthic parcharak. He needs to be exposed. Plus, most Khalistani uncles in the west have now become Kala Afghanis anyway so it is not even a matter of being a Khalistani or non Khalistani anymore. It is not a matter of being a Kala afghani or a non Kala Afghani. And in these two categories you will find Sikhs who are both Khalistanis and non Khalistanis. That is the game the GOI wanted to play. They wanted to divide Khalistanis and they did this through the Kala Afghani movement.
  4. Water jee, this topic is about Dhunda. Please do not try to hijack this thread. It is not about Sant Hari Singh Randavewalay or sant samaj it is about Kala Afghanis and in particular the Naastik parcharak Dhunda. If you want how ever, you can start a new thread about Sant Hari Singh Randavewalay.
  5. Exactly, like all movements that start off good with great ideals. The idea of Khalistan is a Nobal one. All the Shaheeds who sacrificed their all for this movement are our heroes. But over time, the Khalistani movement being hijacked by these now Kala Afghani Chelas has corrupted this Nobal cause. It is no longer about the Gurmat oriented thoughts of Sant Jarnail Singh Bhindranwala, it is now all about the thoughts of Kala Afghana. Khalistani uncles in the west, Dal Khalsa have all become Kala Afghanis even though they all pretend to follow Sant Jarnail Singh Bhindranwalay. Right now some thing very strange is happening in this point in time of Sikh history. While all Sikh Jathabandhis/Sampradhahs/organizations which may now be to some extent corrupted but originally they were founded by great Mahapursh of the past. But this Kala Afghani movement is founded by completely Anti Sikh personalities with very questionable lives so it is founded on very rotten ideals. For example: -Gurbaksh Singh Kala Afghana was a life long communist with no interest in Sikhism. He was in the Punjabi police. He came to the west as a Granthi and sexually assaulted a woman in BC canada. Then mysteriously he writes volumes within a span of few years(which I suspect he did not write) explaining his anti Gurmat philosophy which today is known as Kala Afghani philosophy. -Ghagha also a life long communist. Did a correspondent course on Sikhism. But remained a village preacher just by chance got a job teaching mainly due to his good speaking skills. Came to Canada with full hankaar challenging people to debate with him and was very badly beaten by Singhs twice. -Darshan Lal Ragi who is a mere Raagi, trained as Raagi not as a Kathakar. During the 80s Kharkoos did not trust him and accused him of being a government agent. Strangely he sang Dasam bani for years making a lot of money off it only to now deny it. He made his wife run away from home before marrying her yet he can only see Gandhki and Kaam in Dasam Granth completely forgetting his own past. -Dilgeer another very questionable man. This man wrote xome great historic works in the past. In it he himself writes how Ragi Darshan Lal is a government agent. In his original works he writes Chaupi Sahib, Jaap Sahib are all Baanis but only to now deny them and also coincidentally becoming a big supporter of Raagi Darshan Lal whom he had previously accused of being a GOI agent. People like Hansra are not bad people. They are Khalistani uncles who had little or no knowledge of Sikhism to begin with but were die hard Khalistanis. When Kala Afghana came out with his very Hindu phobic philosophy they were very impressed not seeing how his philosophy also discarded many authentic Sikh beliefs and traditions and so they all became Kala Afghanis.
  6. Now that Dhundha and his Kala Afghani supporters are selling him to the general Sangat with great intensity, it is also the duty of the average Panthic Sikh who feels some dard for the Panth do also do his part in exposing this Naastik. Unlike the Kala Afghanis we cannot use lies and dirty propaganda in this But what we can do is inform people who we know and who are impressed by him. Printing fliers also showing what his views are should also be distributed in Gurdwaras. If the Gurdwara does not allow this then we can always put fliers on people's wind shield wipers. Singhs here who are knowleagable should make youtube videos. He should also be confronted with a video camera or some recording device so you cannot deny his Naastic views. While Ghagha, Darshan Raagi have been exposed but this Dhunda needs to be exposed. Also we should pressure our Gurdwara committees to bring real Kathakars like Giani Sher Singh Jee and promote him once they are here doing Sikhi Parchar.
  7. Great uprala brother wish you all the success. May I suggest that you also start making comics on Sikh history. We have so many great Sikh warriors in our history that they were no less then super heroes. That is what amar chitra katha comics did.
  8. That's just the thing. Most of these Khalistani uncles in the west have become Kala Afghanis. The GOI wanted to divide the Khalistanis and they created Gurbaksh Kala Afghana to do that. Ragi Darshan Lal, Dilgeer, Ghagha are the sellouts. Khalistani Uncles like Hansra unknowingly are playing into the hands of the GOI. Fools don't realize that if you doubt Dasam Granth then how can Amrit be created? because during Amrit ceremony 3 banis of Dasam Granth are read. If no Amrit Sinchaar then there can be no Amritdharis. If no Amritdharis then Sikhism is finished, or at least the militant strain of the Sikhs is finished. These foolish Khalistani uncles need to realize this because they are knowingly or unknowingly playing into the hands of the GOI. Personally I don't have much faith in these Khalistani uncles in the west who have largely become Kala Afghanis. The uncles who have remained true to Sant Jarnail Singh Bhindranwalay's ideology are respect worthy.
  9. That guy Hansra is a Kala Afghani. He is a big supporter of Ragi Darshan Lal.
  10. Local Singhs need to do their part. Please inform the Gurdwara exposing this heretic. He should not get a platform to do his koor parchar. His views on Dasam Granth should be recorded especially what his views are on Jaap Sahib, Choupi Sahib, Svaiya as these are in our Nitnem and he pretends to follow the Rehet Maryadha of Akal Takht which recognizes these Banis.
  11. The thing about these missionary Kathakars is that they will never directly reveal what their true intentions are when doing Katha. They will always say something indirectly so to plant a seed in your thinking. So their Parchar is like slow poison which will make the listener into a naastik slowly. Even though the modern missionary is hand in glove with the Kala Afghanis. They are one and the same. No difference. Dundha always does Parchar making a lot of sense. The listener will get very impressed with his Katha thinking "this man makes so much sense and says the truth". But then in his 1 hr long Katha he will indirectly say something when is usually in accordance to this real Kala Afghani beliefs. And it is usually that one thing which plants the seed of turning the listener into a Naastic. It is better that we should expose this Naastik before he gets any bigger. He is already very big. It's just too bad we found him out so late. But it's better late then never. Whenever he is on a tour to the west in your local Gurdwara he should be confronted especially on what his views are on Jaap Sahib and other Nitnemi Baanis that are from Dasam Granth, and his answer should be video taped or recorded so he cannot deny it afterward because these Kala Afghanis/missionaries are very good at lying. They will say one thing to your face but deny it afterward.
  12. Ron Banerjee is a joke. His organisation the Hindu Advocacy is a one man show. No Hindu supports him. He is extremely anti Sikh and anti Muslim. Check out this video showing this lalloo and his one man show:
  13. She has made the whole panth proud of her. May she have a bright future, she is an inspiration for all young and old who have lost their sense of honour and have taken the easy way of simply bowing down to badal.
  14. Giani jee is a true Khalsa. Armed with his knowledge of Dasam Granth no Kala Afghani can face him. Singhs like him should establish Dasam granth study circles to spread knowledge of Dasam Guru's bani.
  15. election system is not part of our tradition. Selection system based on ones rehet and jeevan is. SGPC should be based on selection system not election system. Our leaders in SGPC or even Gurdwaras in the west should only be based on selection system. Democracy sucks in religious matters.
  16. Vaheguru!!! this is pure evil. I have never heard of such an evil act in my life. A baby is pure innocence and to do this to a baby those bastards deserve death!
  17. This is a very good thread. This is not nindya or chugli. But the people who are blindly following Kala Afghana need to know his reality. Kala Afghana and the so called leaders associated with this movement do not deserve they respect they are getting
  18. Generally from what I have seen is that AKJ world wide do support Dasam Granth. But I have met UK akj members that have stated to me that they do not beleive in Charito Pakhyaan part while they beleive in all the rest. Even though those Singhs were pretty good Singhs. But from what I have seen is that people who do not believe in part or whole of dasam granth have never even read the granth. A lot of ignorance is spread about this granth.
  19. Rawel Singh's name should also be mentioned amongst this list of heretics. He is a Kala Afghani. A self proclaimed scholar. http://www.blogger.com/profile/11312164762361985083
  20. These Kala Afghanis have done so much koor parchar that it is unbelievable. Within 10 years they have made Dasam Granth into a very controversial subject for the first time in 300 years. All premis with pyar for Dasam Guru's bani need to do something about this situation. The situation now is so very critical that a Gursikh needs to think twice before singing a shabad of Dasam Pathshah. All veers and sisters need to find a solution for this. We need to write and distribute books/pamphlets for free in Punjab and else where. Dasam Bani study circles need to be created all over the world just to spread awareness of Dasam Granth. Only then can the Manmukhi Kala Afghani influence be lessened. Right now these Kala Afghanis are doing the things we Dasam Bani premis are not doing. They writing and distribution literature for free. They have established their own study circles all over the world where they spread their koor parchar. Sadly we on the other hand are writing books and put a price tag on it so the general public does not get access to this critical information.
  21. A lot of you may not agree with me here, but I think that the only Quam in the world that has not lost it's masculinity are the Muslims. It's true. Within the family the Muslim man is supreme. Even in love marriages where a western born and raised Gori will marry a Muslim man the Muslim man will not lose his masculinity and act western. He will still act like a Mard. There was a time when the Sikh man was made of the same metal but unfortunately that time has passed. Sikhs have emulated the western role model of the feminine man and have turned girly/gayish themselves.
  22. Why only Amitabh Bachan's movies? a Sikh should not watch bollywood period! the way they make jokes about Sardars is disgusting to say the least. The Gandh on those movies is not something that one can or should watch with one's family.
  23. That is yet another reason for us to support Sri Dasam Granth. That Bani is full of courage and Bir Rass. No wonder the Indian government backed Kala Afghanis are trying to get rid of this granth. They want Sikhs to lose their martial spirit and turn Buzdil.
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