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  1. This is ridicilous, standing in a park buring the Indian flag, WHILST YOUR FACES ARE COVERED, lol, so that when you go to India the same people you claim are weak, dont beat u up? lol I support the Sikh call for justice for 1984, but that was the fault of the Congress govt and the scum bags wihtin it. Why are u hating on the country the land of your ancestors and 1 billion people who live there? Cowardly actions like this is what turns otherwise SYMPATHETIC people away from your OTHERWISE just cause. kHALISTAN = land of the pure ( pure minded/souls) not people like the cowards in this video
  2. Unfortunately Gurssingh, its true. there was a tiem back in the 70's and 80's during the Smokes and Nung era that Pakistani muslims couldnt mess with the Indians especially in Southall, and Birmingham, after the formation of the Shere Punjab in the late 80's early 90's. even the Black Yardies had to think twice. However the rules have changed, adn so have the demographics of London and the country in general. Hindus/Sikhs ( apart from Hindu Tamil gangs in East, and South London, where they have a respected presence, and were claled upon by teh Ealing hindu tamil mandir for protection duri
  3. Hey e singh, according to the link you have listed I was correctly stated : 80 per cent of ALL the SOMALIS in UK live on HOUSING benefits, 49 per cent of all Turks on HOUSING benefit Yes its 41 per cent of ALL Bangladeshis on Housing Benefit not Pakistanis Having said that I am dubious about it stating only 15 per cent of Paksitanis are on Housing benefit as I dare say the figure should be higher, dont forget MANY Pakistanis declared themselves as Afghani,when they took advantage of the 9/11 situation and claimed asylum here between 2001 - 2008, ( estimated 450,000) pretending to be
  4. People love to paint the EDL with the same brush as the BNP but this is incorrect. The EDL having nothing against coloured people or even moderate muslims, they are VEHEMENTLY opposed to extremist Islam, just like many Hindus, Jews and Christians are. Gurmit Singh, Amrit Singh, Elderly chap called Rajinder SIngh and a MUSLIM guy called Abdul from Scotland are ALL proud members of EDL. There are more mosques in the UK than churches, the system is being bled dry by gross over population PREDOMINANTLY MUSLIM and these muslim communities having 10 kids and claiming benefits whilst not working,
  5. SAD but true the Pakistani muslim were TRADITIONALLY known as COWARDLY kaum, but since the arrical of more Pakistnais since 9/11 together with Afghans, Albanians, Somailis, Iranians adan Iraqis they have got STRONGER under the banner of ISLAM. London is dominated by the Albanian MUSLIM mafia, and to a lesser extent the Turkish, Bangladeshi, Pakistani muslim gangs, The Russian Christian mafia,Hindu Tamil adn Chinese gangs also have a strong presence and Old School English gangsters adn Yardies have slowly been pushed aside. Up North arouns Leeds, Sheffield Bradford - Muslim gangs consistin
  6. point taken, I will edit it. apologies
  7. Sarabhpanjab said : Yo why don't you ask so called india's dharmic channel "astha tv" to do the same.. considering the Sikhs are responsible for any dharam being left in india. at the moment they deliberately only show dehdhari pakhandis, dashan dass, narakdharis - that's how hindus thank the Shaheedi of Sri guru Teg Bahadhaur ji Maharaaj. Nice to know we're highly appreciated ------------------------------------------- Listen Sarabh I dont know what you problem is with me? I been ignoring u but now ur begining to annoy me. Obviously its the fact that Im Hindu. Dont go leaving me ur si
  8. Lucifer, I DIDNT tell YOU to call Dasm Bani GURU, I asked an open question so get ur head out of ur backside and dont hurl insults. whats with the racism? Who am I ? well these is a free forum and I can ask whatever questiosn I want, just cause I aint sikh you think I got no right too? pathetic
  9. I must say I am TOTALLY impressed with this thread for the following reasons : DOGRA - His excellent knoweldge of the Vedas, form which I have been able to learn JASSA, Gurdssingh and Khalistani gunman - for the RESPECT and non hateful attitude, adn sense of fairness and reason Jassa, u r so right when u said : 1811 - I have spend 20 years learning and studying some thing now i feel i am ready for discussion 1911 - I have spend 5 years learning something i feel i am masters of the subject let me write a book on it 2011 - Opening google write "women in vedas" click search ... Ok I am no
  10. This is truly sad, and the perpertrators will be punished, as karma wil catch up with them. as a Hindu punjabi, the granth sahib is something I myself adn my family respect very much
  11. A muslim funeral in a Sikh religous channel? Shouldnt they be using PRECIOUS airtime for SIKH parchaar and reciting gurbani or kathas from the dasm Granth instead?
  12. Whose Darshan? The SGGS is the siksh living guru, and the Dasm Granth is the WORDS of the 10th Guru, so in a sense shudnt it also be observed as the guru? PS: Mods why am I under quality control. as I have not offended ur relgion in anyway, or had any posts deleted/amended, so is it because Im Hindu?
  13. Shri Dasm Granth, which i believe is a masterpiece written by the Guru Govind Singh himself. As a Hindu I can not fathom WHY it is not read out in EVERY gurdwara and kept alongside the Guru Granth itself? Dasm Granth is so inspiriational and the parts I read inspired me. I hope EVERY sikh makes time to read it. From a HIndu perspective, I really enjoyed the way theGuru wirtes an in depth biographical account about the life of Shri Krishna and how he killed the evil Kansa, and the 24 avtars of Shri Vishnu. I wish more Hindus read this GREAT GREAT WORK!!! The Dasma Granth inspires Spiri
  14. Great post Gurddsingh! very eloquently put.
  15. Inqlabi, 1. I feel Us Hindus and Sikhs, as religious labels go, are today further apart in practice than we have ver been, however our goals remain the same, being one with god, as with most religions. 2. whether you want relations with Hindu punjbais, Hindu tamils or no Hindus at all, is a matter for you, your democratic CHOICE 3. Hindu punjabis from all over India visit Harmndir sahib, and I was there in April 2009, my family in punjab and uk, go there. I dont know ANY HINDU PUNJABIS that celebrated after operation bluestar as harmandir is SACRED TO US. Dont say Hindus celebrated operati
  16. Ok Singhsabha, you GOT ME! You must be related to James Bond in some way, well done! 1. I was sent here by the RSS BJP wing in India, contacted last night via payphone, (they reversed the charges - DAMN) and ordered to infiltrate this site and turn everyone here against the Congress govt, so that all the sikhs on sikhsangat would get there relatives to vote for BJP, and hence secure a NEW HINDU right wing govt in India, CONVERT all sikhs muslims and christians in India to Hindu and once done, take over the world, and rename it HINDUWORLD. 2. Yes i get paid 500 rupees to monitor sikh forums
  17. S1ingh said : Agreed that not all hindus were part of anti-sikh movement in 70's or 80s BUT why it is taking Hindu majority government to punish guilty and bring hope of justice? If killing 9 police official can bring swift justice by giving death penality to ahfzal guru then why not give justice to the family members of 10,000 sings of delhi? Neither congress nor bjp interested in that because they don't have any value for sikhs. It is not your or common hindus fault, u guys are too being fed lies and false history by central government. Bad guys are in power because they manipulate everyt
  18. Kalyug, the key word as you say is 'SOME'. ...and even if I accept that some of the people who committed these attrocities were from a Hindu background, then as a HINDU, I do not accept them as HINDU, To me and any decent HINDU they would be regarded as scum. I was only 11 yrs old, at the time of the delhi riots but trust me, the perpertrators were NOT the typical Hindu Shopkeeper or business man. Ask yourself 1 question, could you start killing your neigbour if he shared the same religion as someone who killed your politicl leader? I recall my whole area was on lockdown with people regar
  19. West London Singh : Whats all this YOU business? I AM ONLY RESPONSIBLE FOR MY ACTIONS AND TO A LESSER EXTENT MY FAMILY, AND ONLY ANSWERABLE TO GOD You say : My friend you can't slap someone, rape his wife, pee on his head, kill his kids, burn his house down and then ask him with a sad voice "Aaaaaaaaaa.....why don't you like me ?......Please like me" Thats 200,000 murders done in YOUR name, supposedly for YOUR benefit. How does that make you feel ? Lets get 1 thing clear: 1. The killers of 1984, were NOT Hindu. They may even have been born HINDU but their actions in killing innocent
  20. Hey Kalyug Singh, I support the sikh campaign for justice Sajjan Kumar, Jagdish Singh Tytler and other Congress thugs. What disgusts me is how some people here are hating on cool water for preaching peace and standing up against hate. Why people here hate US HINDUS who have not done anything to you Sikhs. You war should be against the congress criminals of 1984, NOT 900,000,000 Hindus. Why are people here wanting to aleinate millions of hindus or otherwise support the sikh fight for justice, albeit quietly like many sikhs too.
  21. 1. Having read some of your posts, West london Singh, you seem to hate Hindus but love muslims, - thats your choice and your entitled to it. 2. I havent asked anyone to celebrate IndIan independance, thats a CHOICE of every individual. 3. From your posts it seems you hate Hindus, you dont know me, you seem like an educated indiviual so why do you hate me? 4. Your telling me to LEAVE YOUR land? You live in the UK, not punjab. Anyways, I am HINDU PUNJABI, and can trace my roots ( through Jathereh, which is a family tree kept by pandits in Chintpoorni Punjab back 12 generations in Punjab, to l
  22. Paneer, I understand your points and why you feel hurt, I hope you realise and understand my point of view. If I can do anything to help ur cause ( I as a Proud Hindu support the Sikh fight for justice against the attrocities of 1984, and the criminals of 1984, who I repeat were brought in by Rajiv Ghandi Khan, from outside Delhi, mainly Yaadav criminals gangs, and prisoners let out of jail - paid to kill anyone with a turban - THESE WERE NOT HINDUS - THESE WERE CRIMINAL DOGS - who have no faith or dharm) let me know how I can help, thanks for your apology. PM me, Jai mata di respect
  23. Cool water, I dont know if you read my post on the other thread, if you didnt, THANK YOU for welcoming me on this site. You seem like a good guy and I hope the majority of sikhs here are like you. No matter if you get shouted down continue your sewa, as people like you show what sikhi is. Avtar95 - thanks for the welcome Paneer, If I can do anything to help ur cause let me know, thanks for your apology I dont care what the HATERS say, hindus and sikhs are brothers and sisters. I will continue to give respect to both gurdwaras and MANDIRS, and just like the Hindu Punjabis and Hindu Tamil
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